Yoga and Spa Day with Escape with Ocean

Last Sunday was International Yoga Day. Most Sundays I dream of spending my day doing the savasana in bed with a giant stack of banana…


Last Sunday was International
Yoga Day. Most Sundays I dream of spending my day doing the savasana in bed
with a giant stack of banana pancakes….not that it ever happens, but a girl can
dream! Last Sunday my dreams of banana pancakes were far away, as the Escape
with Ocean event was calling my name, beckoning me to indulge in a relaxing,
spa and yoga day at Victoria Warehouse.

We’re all guilty of never switching
off and having some much needed down time. We’re set to ‘Go’ from the second we
wake up until the second we fall asleep. As well as blogging, I also work a
full-time office job. My daily schedule is a hectic blend of early morning gym
sessions, work, blogging, food prepping and caring for my pooch. It might not
sound that hectic but trust me, it is. Even when I promise to relax, I find
myself reaching for my notepad to jot down ideas, grabbing my camera to snap
blog photos or glued to my phone reading blogs, joining in blogger twitter
chats, or checking stats. It’s fair to say that I rarely take a break from the
chaos that is my life. So, my day at the Eastern Spa in Victoria Warehouse was
a blessing.

When I arrived outside Victoria
Warehouse, I was faced with a colossal, red-brick warehouse. I stepped inside
and made my way towards the Spa and Yoga Center. As I pushed open the door to
the spa, I immediately felt as though I had stepped into a different world. The
industrious exposed brick work still oozed the original warehouse character, but
the atmosphere was tranquil. As for the smell, the aromatic essential oils are
enough to calm your mind- A luxurious blend of lemongrass, cinnamon and cloves
that just soothes your soul.
During the event, we were treated
to some of the holistic treatments offered at the spa. I opted for an Indian
Head Massage – though I was hugely torn between that, the Reiki and the back
massage. I have such an indecisive nature! Katey Roberts perfomed my Indian
Head Massage and sent me to a world of relaxation. This energizing head massage
focused on my head, face, neck and shoulders. The indian head massage released
stress that I wasn’t appear had built up in my muscles. My shoulders are so
tight that I could do with a few extra sessions. The head massage increased my
energy flow and left me feeling light headed at the end. It was an odd but
enjoyable experience. At the end of the treatment, we had a little chat and
Katey offered insight into my approach to life and how this can affect my
energy. She was so warming and trustworthy, I would feel 100% comfortable
booking in for future sessions with her.
After our treatments and some
chatting, it was time to get the energies flowing again with a spot of yoga.
The lovely Nikki Hambrook led the yoga session, walking us through the
practices and helping us to open up. I was pretty nervous for the yoga, but
Nikki was a wonderful instructor and my worries quickly melted away. It
was a stimulating session that left my body feeling amazing afterwards. I hadn’t
realised how much I needed it. All those hours spent hunched over a computer or
laptop do no good for my alignment.  The
yoga center itself
was blissful. It was grand in size, with industrial
architecture and sunbeams spilling through the large window.
After our yoga, we had Rachel
Watson, from Complete Harmony, offer us some advice for switching off, setting
stress aside and improving sleep. I studied Mindfulness at University and saw
aspects of this in the breathing exercises she taught us. It had slipped my
mind how something as simple as breathing can have such an effect on your life.
Her chat has definitely reminded me to go tech-free every now and again,
breathe and to be kind to myself.
All this relaxation and self-love
had really worked up my appetite. We made our ways to the food hall where we
feasted on Thai green curry with tofu and sticky jasmine rice. It was heavenly,
despite my sensitive (or rather wimpy) taste buds burning up at the mild
spices. After a full day of zen, it was time to make the long journey back
Once I arrived home, I had a
nosey in the goody bag to find it filled with health luxuries. I’m a sucker for
healthy treats so this was my ideal goody bag. Some of the lovely treats
included: Metcalfe’s popcorn, Itsu crispy seaweed, artisan chocolate, a complimentary
barrecore class (how fab does that sound?!), kiss the moon facial oil, a
handful of miracle matcha samples and a sweet handmade card by Hannah Kokoschka.
It’s such a thoughtful goody bag.
A huge thank you to the girls at
Ocean Finance for putting such a lovely day together. It’s now made me want to
make relaxing spa weekends a weekly thing! I’ll definitely be paying more
attention to the needs of my mind and body from now on.


  1. Victoria Warehouse is so cool isn't it! I went to a blogging workshop there and it's such an interesting building. The Yoga day sounds so fun! Barrecore sounds fab too, I so want to try it 😛
    lily x

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