What to Wear to a Music Festival

Music festivals are somewhat of a rite of passage. Every year, millions of people flock to festivals across the UK and even worldwide. In the…


Music festivals are somewhat of a rite of passage. Every year, millions of people flock to festivals across the UK and even worldwide. In the year of 2012, I spent an entire summer working at music festivals and will always remember the carefree, happy memories of festival season. My love of music festivals has been strong ever since I first stepped foot on the muddy festival grounds of my very first festival.

Festivals are an opportunity to let your hair down and have some fun. Few things come close to that carefree feeling of skipping around a festival dancing from act to act (with many delicious food stops in between of course) before finally collapsing in your tent at then end of the night, head spinning with all the buzz of the festival.


If you’re on the fence about heading to a festival, then take it from me when I say – book the tickets! Festivals may not be the cheapest but they are well worth the money. So, buy the ticket and spend your money on an unforgettable experience.

If you ask me, I’d much prefer to spend my money on experiences, such as festivals, and creating new memories than just throwing my money at material possesions. More likely than not, those materialistic things will lose value, get damaged or be forgotten about other time.


But the happiness and value you gain from experiences will last a heck of a lot longer…if not, for a lifetime. Sorry to get all heavy and soppy on you, but it’s true. So, what are you waiting? Get planning a summer full of new experiences.

These days, festivals are so much more than just music. At mainstream festivals you can find experiential activities alongside the music stages whilst at other boutique festivals the activities are endless from yoga to archery to cinemas, skiing and so much more. With all that on offer, along with the opportunity to see amazing live music and knowing that you don’t need to pay for accommodation, it’s a lot cheaper than you think.

If you’re trying to decide whether to go to a festival or go on holiday this summer, why not roll the two into one big adventure? There’s an array of amazing festivals happening all over the world, meaning you can easily head abroad to soak in the sun and tick a festival off your summer bucket-list at the same time.


So, you’ve decided to head to a music festival… but what do you wear? The carefree, fun nature of festivals extends to festival fashion. When it comes to festival fashion, you make your own rules and anything goes. Whilst running wild with your imagination sounds like fun, it helps to reserve some level of practicality.

My festival wardrobe must-haves include a band tee, denim shorts, cute skirt, sequin-everything, a rain mac (if you’re heading to a UK festival) and some comfy trainers, boots or wellies! Thinking of packing your favourite jumpsuit or playsuit? You might want to think again! Festival toilets are the thing of nightmares and nobody wants to be stuck in a portaloo trying to wiggle out of a jumpsuit. Save the playsuit for when you’re home from the festival and don’t need to worry about any portaloo horror stories.

Whether you’re looking for something wild and fun to wear or want to keep it casual and chic, Pretty Little Thing offer a whole range of incredible festival outfits. Pretty Little Thing kindly sent me some clothes to feature in this post so I could show you my top festival-picks.


You can never go wrong with a band tee and camo combo so I just knew I had to make this Nirvana tee and stretch-denim camo mini skirt my top festival outfit. Dressing for comfort is my main priority so this comfy yet chic outfit was a no brainer. The camo mini skirt is seriously cute with an edge of grunge. The best part is, this outfit doesn’t have to be saved for festival season. You can wear this outfit all summer long or mix-and-match it with other pieces, making it a perfect addition to your wardrobe whether you’re heading to a festival or not.

Denim is always a safe bet for a festival and will keep you feeling happy and comfortable, no matter what the weather. Want to know the best part though? Pockets! Nothing will ever be as good as realising your dress or skirt has actual funcitoning pocket. Seriously. It’s especially handing during festivals when you want to keep your phone and money close to you so you know it’s safe.


Sticking with the theme of band tees and cute skirts brings me to my second favourite festival outfit. If the’res one place you can get away with wearing the brightest clothes on Earth, it’s at a festival!


I simply fell in love with this fuschia pink biker skirt. The fact that it’s stretchy means it’s super comfy and the belt is a sweet touch… especially when you likely won’t have room for accessories in your festival backpack. I paired this biker skirt with a band-style tee to add to that rock-chic style. The white chunky trainers with neon pink accents were the perfect finishing touch to the outfit.

Chunky trainers are a must-have for this summer and would look perfect at a festival (granted that it’s not too muddy of course!). If it is muddy, simply swap your chunky trainers for a pair of Dr Martens or wellies and you’re on to a winner!


Heading to a festival in the UK? Chances are, it’ll probably rain. Make sure you’re prepared for any sudden downpours with a practical yet stylish rain mac such as this holographic gold raincoat with pink tones.


This mac will keep you sheltered from the rain, without ruining your outfit.


Looking for an outfit that’s a bit more ‘Festival Glam’ than ‘Festival Caj’? Then rock a two piece!

Pretty Little Thing offer an array of amazing co-ords for the festival season. So, if you’re bored of playing it safe and want to have some fun with your festival outfit, PLT will have you covered.

This printed velvet co-ord just screams festival and will be perfect whether you’re heading to a festival in the UK or abroad. The bandeau top will also look amazing all summer round paired with your favourite shorts or underneath a baggy, open shirt for that off-the-beach vibe.

The flared trousers make this a serious statement outfit, whilst still being comfy – perfect for dancing from stage to stage! The trousers are quite long though, so pair it with chunky trainers or flatforms!


Recently, I’ve been doing my part to try and shop sustainably when buying new clothes. Fast-fashion is historically known for not being the most environmentally or sustainable form of fashion. Sometimes, if you’re shopping for a certain style, a particular occasion or if you only have a limited budget, fast-fashion may be your only option. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still be sustainable and you shouldn’t feel ashamed if you haven’t fully transioned to a 100% sustainable wardrobe… it’s bound to be a long and slow process so making small changes here and there is the best way to go about it!


Pretty Little Thing has started taking steps to help encourage sustainability. They joined forces with ReGAIN to offer shoppers vouchers/discounts in return for recycling their old and unwanted clothes and more recently, they have also developed their own line of clothing made from recycled materials.


Fast-fashion may still have a long way to go when it comes to sustainability but it’s good to see brands, like PLT, starting to act more responsibility and hopefully start paving the way for other brands to act responsbily too.

When shopping for new festival looks, you can also help contribute to sustainability by making sure you choose outfits that you’re bound to get tons of use out of. Instead of opting for pieces that you likely won’t wear again once the festival is over and done with.

Personally, I can’t wait to spend my summer mixing and matching these cute new pieces with other items in my wardrobe to create all kinds of new summer styles.

Are you heading to a festival this summer? If so, I would love to hear all about your usual go-to festival style! Are you more festival-chic, glam or casual?

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