Capturing the small adventures in life with a photo book

Life is all about adventure, no matter how big or small that adventure may be. In honour of my favourite adventures, I created an adventure photo book with TruPrint.


Life is all about adventure. Whether that adventure be a grand life-changing trip or simply just getting up in the morning, it’s your adventure nonetheless. Sure, life has its ups and downs but it’s all about the memories you make along the way. It can be easy to forget those small moments. But sometimes it’s the small things that can make the biggest impact.

When getting a new phone a few months ago, I realised just how many memories I have just sat on my phone. So as I cleared over 2,000 photos from my phone, I made a vow to myself to print more memories out. I didn’t want them to just be little digital bytes trapped in a phone or stuck on the cloud… (wherever that is).


The past few months, I’ve done my fair share of exploring. From a snowy day climbing Helvellyn to a sunny day exploring Brimham Rocks and even a rainy day abseiling down Devil’s Gorge. Whenever I’m exploring somewhere new or doing something fun in a familiar haunt, I always try to capture those moments in photos.

Lately, I’ve been making the effort to take as many photos as possible just so I have something to look back on. Yet despite taking more photos, I found I was simply clogging my phone up with photos. Let’s be honest, when you’re staring at a photo on a tiny screen, you can’t really appreciate the photo in all it’s glory.


So, what a better way to remember those adventures in life than with a photo book. Creating a photo book with TruPrint was actually really fun. I loved adding in my photos, piecing them together and remembering all of the happy moments captured at the time each and every photo was taken.

The page layout, background design and embellishments are all super configurable which makes creating your dream photo book a total breeze! Because I don’t own a coffee table or have much ‘decorative’ space in my house, I wanted to keep my photobook cute and dainty. Something that’s small enough to tidily tuck away, yet always in reach for those moments when you just want to flick through some photos with a cup of tea.

The book was also amazingly priced. I’m already planning to create more as I build even more adventures and memories over the next few months. You can no doubt expect to see an Adventures 2.0 photo book in the near future…


Alongside a photobook dedicated to some of the heartwarming UK adventures I’ve been on these past few months, I also printed a stack of photos from various little happy moments in life. Even the simplest of times like cosily sat reading a book one Winter’s night or a snapshot captured of me relaxing in the Shropshire hills with my dogs. Just having those little moments in a photograph instantly transports me back to that very second. It warms my heart and fills me with an appreciate for those small seconds in life.

Plus, when you have a terrible memory like I do, those photographs are the perfect way of jogging your memory and looking back at amazing moments that, sadly, may have otherwise gone hazy in your mind. Ah I really ought to do some brain training to improve my memory but for now, I’ll stick with using photographs.

Are you a photo-printer or are you guilty of keeping all your memories trapped inside a phone? I’d love to know which one you are… Fingers crossed, I will no longer be guilty of the latter now that I’ve seen how easy and fun it can be to print those memories out!

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