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 Short holidays and city breaks are exciting. They’re filled with adventure and fun. Usually, mini breaks also mean mini case. If you’re going for a short…


 Short holidays and city breaks are exciting. They’re filled with adventure and fun. Usually, mini breaks also mean mini case. If you’re going for a short trip then chances are you’ll stick to taking only hand luggage. Unless you’re a pro at being minimalistic, fitting your life’s worth of belongings into a tiny case can seem near impossible. Especially when it comes to make-up. Ah, airport regulations aren’t exactly in favour of us beauty lovers, are they? So, I plan to put your beauty travel worries at ease with these tips for creating a cabin-bag friendly beauty kit.

1. Size restrictions:
First of all, let’s talk size. Every girl knows that size really does matter. But, when it comes to beauty products and liquid allowances at the airport, they’re really lacking in that department. The general rule is that liquid items should be stored in clear bottles/containers that are 100ml or less. This doesn’t sound too bad for a short getaway. Well, that is until you realise they want you to squeeze that into a 20x20cm clear fastening bag. That’s the tricky part. Just think of all the different creams, lotions and potions you use on a daily basis. I bet it’s a lot more than you can fit in such a tiny bag (good job you have this blog post to read, hmm)…

2. Complimentary toiletries:
My first advice would be to find out if the hotel offers complimentary toiletries. Though, the products they offer may not be top-of-the-range or luxurious. I’m sure, they’ll suffice for a few days. This means you won’t have to worry about shampoo, conditioner or body wash. That’s 3 items crossed of your list. Perfect!

3. Samples:
The next tricky product is foundation. Those large, bulky glass bottles aren’t exactly travel friendly. Taking the whole thing will be taking up a huge amount of space in that precious 20x20cm bag. You could depot the foundation into a smaller bottle or pot. Or, do as I did and grab some samples! Samples will be your best friend when it comes to travel beauty. My nearest YSL consultant gave me a teeny-tiny bottle of their Fusion Ink foundation. It is seriously miniature, but I’ve been assured that it will give you 7-days worth. So, it’ll be just perfect for my 3-day getaway.

I also stuck to samples for my mascara and highlighter. These benefit ones are so petite. Their adorable sizes means they’re great for popping in my bag. I’m also taking my MAC Lustre Drops. I’m still not over the fact that this product has been discontinued. It’s one of my favourites and amazingly sized for snugly fitting into my travel beauty bag.

4. Clear bag:
The clear bag that I’m using is from Primark, it was a total bargain at £1 and came with a variety of clear bottles and screw top containers. It’s the perfect size for liquid allowances. I actually bought two of these and swapped the 100ml bottle for another small one and used the other small pot. I’ve decided to take my Shampoo with me (going against my own advice, oops). In the other two bottles you’ll find toner and moisturiser with an SPF content. In the small pots, I have cleanser and coconut oil. These are my stripped back, skincare essentials. The cleanser I’m using is the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser. It does an amazing job, so I highly recommend it! Also, the coconut oil is a perfect multi-purpose product. It’s great for stubborn eye make-up, dry patches, frizzy hair or as a lip-balm, amongst many other things!

5. Lipsticks:
Until recently, I didn’t realise that your liquid allowances also includes lipsticks! So, for that reason I’ll also be stripping back on the lipsticks. I’ve stuck to two classic colours: red and nude. I’m taking the Maybelline Colour Drama chubby sticks along with a couple of co-ordinating lip-liners. These are more slender than lipstick cases so can be easily slipped into the cosmetic bag for travelling. They’re perfect for a speedy lipstick touch-up whilst you’re on the go.

6. Powdered cosmetics:
Another great tip for travel beauty is swapping your liquid products for powders. For contouring, I’m sticking with the Sleek contour palette. It’s slim enough to slip in my bag and does a lovely job at highlighting those cheekbones. I’m also taking a powdered blusher and just a single eye shadow pot. As you can see, even with powdered cosmetics, I’m still travelling pretty light. I just don’t think it’s necessary to take my whole kit on a mini-break. I’m likely to be rushing out the door to see the sights, rather than spending hours on my morning make-up routine. But, if you plan to take a lot of products, try swapping liquid products for powdered cosmetics where possible. There’s no restrictions on powdered cosmetics. So, it’s perfect if you simply can’t strip back your beloved make-up bag!

7. Beauty tools:
As for my cosmetic tools, you can probably guess what I’m doing…yep, keeping it simple. The beauty blender is amazing for applying foundation and concealer. It allows me to get a quick flawless and dewy finish. It’s also a really compact size. This will definitely be coming with me on holiday! For contouring, highlighting and blusher, I use the Real Techniques blusher brush. I find it so easy to use and it’s such a gentle brush. For eye shadow, I’ve stuck to the one shade so it’s a simple shadow brush for a quick sweep of glittering eye shadow before I leave to go exploring. With travel beauty, there’s no need to be taking a huge collection of make-up brushes with you. Keep it minimal and try to use brushes that you know can work for various products and techniques.

8. Buy products out there:
Some products, like pressurised spray cans, are forbidden in hand-luggage. So for products such as deodorant or hairspray. It may be easier to just purchase these whilst your on holiday. Doing this does often cost a little bit more. But if you don’t mind spending the extra pennies to save room in your case, it’s worth doing. I plan to buy my deodorant, hairspray and sun cream whilst on holiday. I’ll just split the costs with a friend and once the holiday is over, leave these products behind. I find this so much easier than trying to find alternatives that are suitable for my hand luggage.

I hope you found this post, somewhat useful! Whilst planning my mini-break, I struggled to find a useful travel beauty post. So, I really do hope that this post comes in handy for other people planning a quick getaway. Now, you can stay fresh-faced, flawless and enjoy a spot of exploring :).


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