Admittedly, I’m not the best at remembering to wear jewellery. However, I do love having a small selection of jewellery that will always be my go-to choices. These pieces of jewellery have unsuspectingly grown in sentimental value. The Pandora ring that safely wraps around my left index fingers or the Daniel Wellington watch that despite no longer ticking (one day I’ll replace the battery I swear…) often adorns my wrist are two of those meaningless yet somehow sentimental pieces of jewellery.

Recently, on a work trip to Greece, I lost my Pandora ring. It’s not the first time I’ve lost the ring – when I was in America, I lost it whilst on a camping trip. I then paid over the odds to replace it at JFK airport all because I felt as though I was missing something without that tiny band of metal hugging my finger.

It can become an extension of your personality or a way to express yourself. It’s now been 3 weeks since I lost my Pandora ring (for the second time around) and I still can’t shake that ‘naked’ feeling. Although, I don’t want to spend yet more money on a thin band of silver I’ll no doubt end up replacing that ring for a third time…

Losing my Pandora ring for a second time made me realise that jewellery is more than just a simple decoration. It can become an extension of your personality or a way to express yourself.

Last week I popped along to Peter Jackon Jewellers in Preston after work for a beautifully put together blog event. Peter was there to welcome us as we arrived and was absolutely lovely to chat with. From our short few conversations, his passion for jewellery was clear – it means so much more than just work for him.

Throughout the store, the team had set up a variety of workshops and stations for us to get involved in. From diamond mining to testing your gemstone knowledge all the way through to makeovers and jewellery cleaning, there was plenty of activities going on. 

I fell in love with this Ametrine ring. Honestly, I didn’t even know Ametrine existed until this event but hand on heart, it’s now my favourite stone. This bicolour quartz is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine which creates this gorgeous purple-orange stone.

Peter Jackson actually work closely with their suppliers who create unique custom pieces of jewellery. I never found out the actual price of this gorgeous Ametrine ring but I have a feeling it will have been ever-so slightly out of my price range.

Throughout the night, I browsed some of the beautiful collections in the store. As mentioned at the start of this post, I had never really given much thought to jewellery before now however, after an evening browsing the jewellery at Peter Jacksons I feel as though I’ve been missing out.

There’s so much choice, allowing each and every person to add a touch of their own personality and style through whichever jewellery they choose.

I always just associated Thomas Sabo with charm bracelets but they have so much more to offer than just charm bracelets. I spied a gorgeous Thomas Sabo watch and even some beautifully minimal men’s Thomas Sabo bracelets.

In between browsing, I stopped to have a chat with Hollie whilst she got her Pandora bracelet cleaned up at one of the stations. Whilst watching in amazement as her bracelet was scrubbed up to a sparkling silver, I learnt that it’s actually better to wear silver daily instead of leaving it to rest. Who knew silver was more likely to tarnish the less it’s worn?

Knowing that I wanted to make a conscious effort to add more personal touches of jewellery to my teeny-tiny collection, I was seriously excited to have the opportunity to engrave my own Thomas Sabo charm.

If there’s one thing I am, it’s indecisive. When engraving your own charm you have the option to add a date, one initial or a set of three initials and you can get both sides engraved. Although I wanted something personal and sentimental, I’m not a huge fan of having dates or initials. I wanted something more visual than that. So as soon as I knew that you could also get symbols, I was ecstatic.

I scrolled through the pages of symbols and eventually settled on three symbols that I believe encapsulated my personality: an arrow, a mountain and a lotus flower.

Watching the charm get engraved was so exciting and I couldn’t wait to put it on once I got home.

Since popping along to the Peter Jackson event, my charm bracelet has been firmly fixed to my wrist – even when bouldering. I truly do think it captures my love of adventures and the outdoors.

If you are looking to treat yourself or a loved one to something special, you can get 15% off at Peter Jackson with my discount code: GRANDIOSE18

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