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We’ve all heard the teatox horror stories, filled with false promises of abs and grusome realities of laxatives. But what if I told you there…


Teagime teatox tea subscription program flatlay

We’ve all heard the teatox horror stories, filled with false promises of abs and grusome realities of laxatives. But what if I told you there was a teatox out there that actually IS good? A teatox with a twist, I suppose. I recently trialed the Teagime teatox and was wonderfully surprised by their lovely brand ethos and tantalising teas.

When I first heard of Teagime I was dubious. I may have even eye-rolled a little. But I 100% take that eye-roll back. Teagime aren’t like those other teatoxes. In fact, they couldn’t be more different.


To get started with my Teagime teatox, I first headed to their website to fill in a quick preferences questionnaire about my health goals and taste preferences. During the questionnaire you can even specify if there’s any certain ingredients that you don’t want. Hooray for picky eaters/drinkers like me! With other teatox programs you’re lumped with one type of tea – regardless of your personal goals or preferences.

With Teagime you essentially get to build your own tea regime based upon various factors including flavour preferences, skin issues, menstrual cycle (if you’re a lady…), caffeine needs and so much more. You’ll get a new box sent out to you every two week and if your preferences or goals ever change, you can simply log in online and make the amendments before your next box is sent out to you. Teagime’s already looking to be more positive than the other tea programs out there!


Okay, that sub-heading was a terrible pun, sorry. But once you’ve filled in your questionnaire, your personalised tea regime is lovingly hand-blended and posted out to you. In your box of tea, you’ll receive 3 teatox blends: one for morning,afternoon and evening. You’ll also receive two tea infusers.

I really appreciated receiving two tea infusers as it meant I could leave one at home whilst taking the other one to work to drink with my afternoon blend. This meant I had no excuses for missing my tasty afternoon tea.


My morning blend was safe, lemongrass and blueberry. This aimed to boost immunity, enhance my mood and alm my mind. At first taste, the sage was slightly overpowering but my tastebuds quickly acclimatised to this. I soon found this to be an enjoyable morning blend which was much lighter on my stomach than my usual strong cup of tea!

The afternoon blend was 100% my favourite blend. I already keep my cupboards fully stocked with peppermint and liquorice tea so when I found out my afternoon teatox drink was peppermint, nettle and honey red tea, I was ecstatic. Peppermint tea was already my go-to mid afternoon drink at work so this worked perfectly for me. I find peppermint tea to be the ideal post-lunch pick me up to  curb cravings and make you feel less sluggish for the rest of the day.

My third and final tea was the evening blend of spearmint, holy basil and passion flower. Having never tried spearmint tea before, I was intrigued. I found the flavours of this tea to be really refreshing. Whilst having a refreshing drink before bed may seem strange, I actually found it to be quite calming. This teatox blend quickly became an evening staple. It aimed to aid digestion, clear skin and reduce stress – 3 very important pre-beauty sleep factors in my opinion!


My favourite thing about Teagime though? t’s their transparency. They’re open about their ingredients and speak out against the toxic quick-fix culture and other popular ‘slimming’ teatoxes.

Your Teagime tea regime comes with a handy booklet which explains why laxatimes are bad and why Teagime swear against them. Yay for not having to go through the ‘colon-cleansing’ horror stories other girls reported from other leading teatox blends.

If you want a teatox that will leave you feeling amazing and doesn’t contain any nasty laxatives then Teagime is the tea for you!

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