Summer drinks with House of Broughton Syrups

Can you believe we’re already in the height of summer? I can’t. This year summer seems to just be passing me by. It’s that whole…


Can you believe we’re already in the height of summer? I can’t. This year summer seems to just be passing me by. It’s that whole cliche saying of ‘time flies’ but honestly, it couldn’t be more true right now. I’m hoping the months of August and September will be my months of summer. I have a grand total of 1 holiday day left to use at work so I’ll be making the most of my summer evenings and weekends. I’m always all about making the most of your 5-9 and once my MMA fight is done and dusted (eek 3 weeks time!),  I’ll be more than ready to make the absolute most of the summer. Thankfully, the House of Broughton syrups are already adding a touch of summer to my evenings and weekends.

house of broughton syrups fentimans berry mint

House of Broughton are a brand of simple, natural syrups brought to us by Fentimans – my love for Fentimans is already strong so I was beyond excited for their new range of syrups. Available in 500ml bottles, the House of Broughton syrups come in 6 summer-perfect flavours – raspberry, ginger, cucumber, elderflower, rose and simple syrup. As I don’t drink alcohol, these are perfect for mixing into summer mocktails. With that said, I also can’t wait to host a girls night or summer barbecue and serve up some tasty cocktails using the syrups.

Made with naturally sourced ingredients, these syrups are the perfect addition to my drinks cupboard. I kind of wish I had a bar cart just so I could proudly display them. I’m a sucker for cute packaging and the House of Broughton syrups fulfilled my pretty packaging desires.

house of broughton syrups fentimans bartenders guide

I picked up the trusty bartender’s guide and thumbed through the pages filled with delicious cocktails and mocktails before settling on my drink choice for the evening. My house has a south-facing garden which means I’m lucky enough to still be able to enjoy the sunshine after work.

After a non-stop week at work, I needed to give myself a moment of relaxation. I arrived home for the sun to still be shining over my garden and with that, I reached for the House of Broughton syrups to make my beverage of choice for the evening.

house of broughton syrups fentimans berry mint mocktail

I opted for a twist on the Red Berry Cooler. The recipe for the cooler asked for soda water and lime juice. Being the unorganised rebel that I am, I didn’t have either of these two ingredients. To make up for my lack of organisation, I got creative and swapped these ingredients out for tonic water and a hint of sparkling lemon and lime water. Cocktails are all about creativity so it’s the perfect opportunity for experimenting with flavours and throwing things together to find out what does and doesn’t work. P.s. the flavour profiles of my mishap worked harmoniously!

The raspberry syrup added a sharp depth of berry to my drink, which complemented the refreshing lightness of the mint leaves. The sweet profile of the syrup also balanced out the bitterness of the tonic and hints of citrus.

house of broughton syrups fentimans collection

If you’re a lover of hosting cocktail nights or find yourself wanting to throw barbecues or dinner parties for your friends then I highly recommend you stock up on these syrups. They’ll add definition to your drinks, making you the hostess (or host!) with the mostess.

The House of Broughton syrups have a more concentrated flavour compared to your standard syrups, meaning you only need to use a small amount. This also makes sure that you add the right hint of sweetness to your poison of choice, without oversweetening the drink. After all, there’s nothing worse than having a drink that taste so unnaturally sweet that it makes you wince with every sip. The simple syrup, which I haven’t yet tested, can be used to balance out sour flavours in drinks or to add a touch of sweetness without the need for any other flavours.

house of broughton syrups fentimans wax seal letter

My excitement for my summery evenings and weekends has increased tenfold thanks to these tasty syrups. I’m hoping summer will extend through to the end of September so I can truly make the most of the remaining summery days this year.

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