Stand up paddle board and trying new things

 Whilst I’ve been breaking free from monotony in my life, I’ve also been applying that rule to my fitness regime. Spending every waking morning in…

stand up paddle board sup lake fitness
stand up paddle board surf sup lake fitness

 Whilst I’ve been breaking free from monotony in my life, I’ve also been applying that rule to my fitness regime. Spending every waking morning in the gym wasn’t doing my health any good. Those spotlights and intense early am workouts were taking a toll on my migraines. So, I’ve been mixing things up and finding fun ways to stay fit and active. Stand up paddleboard (SUP) has quickly stolen my heart.

When i’m out on that lake balancing on a board, I’m at peace. No matter how choppy the water or how fierce the winds, I am calm and content. Balancing takes some serious concentration and core-muscle activation, especially when the water is choppy. After all, you are basically standing on water. Overtime, balancing on the board will become second nature (and your abs will become stronger). Standing on that board in the middle of a lake with the sun glistening off the water is 100% my favourite place to be.

SUP will improve your balance, but more importantly it’ll improve your confidence. I’m like a water baby who is terrified of the water. Okay, terrified is a slight overstatement. But I have 0 confidence. Or at least, I did until I started SUP. Out here, I feel powerful and in control. I’ve always been drawn to the water yet at the same time, always feared it. I once went on a boat cruise to a deserted island. As my friends jumped off the roof into the ocean, I stood by and watched, kicking myself for not taking the plunge. When I went to Egypt with an old boyfriend, I watched as everyone else snorkeled in the Red Sea. Again, kicking myself for not taking the plunge.

Out here, on the lake top, things are different. I’m powerful and happy. The thought of falling in is still kind of scary, but it’s adrenaline-fuelled. The wake park closes it’s doors for winter next week. But when it re-opens in March, I plan to take up wakeboarding. A few months ago, wakeboarding would have been a huge no-go sport. But now, the thought of taking up a new water sport is exciting. It’s fair to say my fear of the water has faded away. Maybe next time I’m on a boat, you’ll catch me jumping off the roof and going snorkeling.

SUP is a fun way to get a full-body workout. Maintaining your balance whilst propelling yourself through the water exercises so many muscles. Your core muscles, legs, chest, back and arms are all involved. By switching up your stance, grip or technique you can put focus on different muscle groups. Have fun with it and set yourself challenges to really test those muscles. Race, lie down and paddle, stand in a surfer stance, do yoga, kneel, paddle backwards…the list is kind of endless. Yet the result is the same- a fun and energising workout.

I 100% urge you to get out on the water and give SUP a try. It’s an easy sport to get into and so much fun. Being out on the water is zen-like yet completely and utterly invigorating. Now, I need to find a new sport for the winter months. Have you recently tried a new sport or done SUP? Tell me all about it!

stand up paddle board sup lake fitness


  1. I've been wanting to try this for ages, but only thought about it when going on holiday abroad. but like you I love the water and the idea, but it also scares me. This has given me the boost to try and find somewhere where live to try this 🙂

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