Self-Care Gifts For Anyone Who Needs Some Extra TLC

Self-care is the gift that keeps on giving so when shopping for gifts this holiday season, consider giving your friends and family the gift of…


Self-care is the gift that keeps on giving so when shopping for gifts this holiday season, consider giving your friends and family the gift of TLC with these self-care present ideas. In a society where we’re all feeling a little bit frazzled, taking on too many things at once and at risk of burnout, it’s important that we take time out to look after ourselves. With these self-care gift ideas, you can make sure you are helping your friends take some time out for themselves and their mental health.

Disclaimer: Products marked with an asterix (*) have been gifted but with no obligation to post. All words and opinions are my own.

Raise Their Vibrations With This Affirmation Bracelet*

If you’ve got a friend who often doubts their own abilities or is embarking on a grand adventure in life, this YOU’VE GOT THIS affirmation bracelet by Soul Analyse is the perfect way to let them know they can handle anything life throws at them.


This dainty but strong bracelet is a powerful reminder that can be worn every day. It comes beautifully packaged in a jewellery dust bag and box and you can even choose to have it delivered with a wax-sealed handwritten letter for that extra personal touch. I love the affirmation bracelets by Soul Analyse and think they make the perfect present by offering a thoughtful and heartfelt alternative to normal jewellery. Soul Analyse offer bracelets in gold, silver and rose gold.

Manifest That Sh*t With A Box of Happiness

The Happiness Planner are a brand built upon helping people live a purpose and passion driven life and to find happiness from within. With a brand ethos like that, it’s no surprise that they’ve wound up on this list of self-care gifts. If you’re shopping for a stationery-lover then The Happiness Planners have lots of stationery that revolves around helping people improve their mindset, change their habits and live a full, happy life.

The boxes of happiness collection by The Happiness Planner are the perfect way to help someone on their self-care journey. With a choice of box themes including law of attraction, confidence, growth mindset, self-awareness and purpose, there’s bound to be the perfect Box of Happiness for whoever you’re buying for. In each box you’ll find: a notebook, desk-top motivational cards, printed worksheets, pen, sticker sheet and a 30-day journal containing pre-set questions to work through.

The Law of Attraction box of happiness is the perfect gift for anyone who’s read and loved The Secret or is interested in manifestation. This box helps you gain clarity on the things you want in life and the steps you need to take in order to make your dreams reality. It’s a beautiful gift that’s bound to help brighten their day and get them feeling positive for the future.

Sustainable Self-Care With Shampoo Bars*

Sometimes, self-care can be as simple as the daily necessities. Solid shampoo and conditioner bars make a great small self-care gift for someone trying to be make steps towards leading an eco-conscious life. They’re also a great gift for the digital nomad or wanderlust-filled traveler in your life!


Kind2 make solid shampoo and conditioner bars that are not only kind to your hair but they’re also kind to to the environment. Each shampoo bar is equal to two 250ml bottles or 80 washes meaning they’ll last so much longer and you can cut down on your plastic usage!

These soap-free and plastic-free shampoo bars make such a lovely present idea. The restoring conditioner bar is packed with coconut butter, shea butter combined with argan, macadamia and shea oil to truly pamper and nourish your hair. With a fresh, citrusy and floral scent, this conditioner bar will soon become their new favourite for their morning shower.

Scented Candles For the Perfect Cosy Night In

No cosy night in is complete without candles to help create the perfect ambience for your night in. I’m a sucker for a scented candle. I can often be found perusing the home scents aise in Homesense in a bid to find the perfect scented candle. Yet I always struggle to find a candle that smells anywhere near as good as the candles by Amor Candles.


These scented candles make the perfect present and you can even customise the colour of your candle, choosing to buy it in your friend’s favourite colour or to match the colour scheme of their home.

My absolute favourite scent on offer by Amor Candles has to be the Cherry Vanilla scent with Plum and Rhubarb coming in as a close second. You can shop with Amor Candles through their Facebook page where I’m certain you won’t be disappointed.

Soothing Tea for Expectant Mothers*

If you’re looking to buy a present for a soon-to-be Mum, these soothing teas by Myrtle & Maude are the perfect present idea. Myrtle & Maude specialise in natural products for those on their own pregnancy journey.

The Myrtle & Maude collection of organic herbal teas for pregnancy include the Queasy Days peppermint and ginger tea, the labor day raspberry leaf tea to help ‘tone and strengthen’ uterine muscles in preparation for labour day, and finally, the milk flow tea that contains fenugreek seeds and fennel to help fight fatigue and improve lactation during nursing.

These natural teas are the perfect present for any soon-to-be Mum and will offer them an opportunity to have 5-minutes of self-care in the form of a cup of tea. Knowing that each cup of tea is filled withthe soothing and settling powers of plants and herbs to combat the trials and tribulations of pregnancy, these teas are the perfect self-care treat during pregnancy and early motherhood.


One of my favourite things to do when buying presents for people is to create a small hamper of gifts that I know they will love. If putting together a self-care hamper for a friend, I’ll also add in some extras presents such as a book I think they’ll love, a pair of fluffy socks and a mug with some sweets or hot chocolate to help them create the perfect self-care night.

I don’t know about you, but I try to avoid buying presents that will wind up growing dust on a shelf or be forgotten about in 3 months time. I prefer buying thoughtful gifts that I know will benefit the person I’m buying for. Whether it’s something to help them take care of themself, a present to help them achieve a goal or something that I know they would love but don’t have yet; I always try to put some thought into every present I buy. So, next time you’re shopping for presents, take a moment to think about why they might really want or need, then aim to buy something that fits those parameters!

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