A safe home with Y-Cam Evo Security Camera

Three facts that you may (or may not) know about me are: 1. I recently bought my first house all on my own (yay!), 2….


Three facts that you may (or may not) know about me are: 1. I recently bought my first house all on my own (yay!), 2. I’m a very proud dog mum and 3. I love to travel whenever possible. Keeping in mind those three very vital snippets of information about myself, I was thrilled to test the Y-Cam Evo home security camera.

Y Cam Evo Home Security Camera Review Dog Cam

I’ve always been quite the lone-wolf so I’m not one of those who feels unsafe when I’m home alone. In fact, I love having the house to myself. All the creaks and groans of the house and whistling of the wind  actually fills me with comfort. But when I’m not home, I like having peace of mind that everything is as it should be. I like knowing that my dogs are safe (and not misbehaving) and that no suspicious strangers are lurking around.

Y Cam Evo Home Security Camera Review Dog Cam

Before moving into my house, I looked into buying a security camera for outside the front of my house. It’s still something I’m looking into but when given the opportunity to test the Y-Cam, I opted for an indoor camera instead. I like that this camera provides much more flexibility in siting than a fixed outdoor cam. I can choose to place it by my front door or if wanted, I can fix it up in the front room to watch the dogs or have it keeping guard on the back door. Really, the siting opportunities are endless!

Y Cam Evo Home Security Camera Review Dog Cam

Setting up the Evo camera was a total breeze too. I expected it to be fiddly but after a quick scan of the instructions all I needed to do was download an app to my phone then sync the two via wi-fi and bluetooth. Easy peasy!

Once it was all set-up, I was seriously impressed by the quality of the camera. I was expected the grainy kind of footage you see on Crimewatchers but it was incredible. With HD resolution and an almost equally impeccable night-mode, you can’t fault it. The sound quality is crystal clear too…I just wish it had the feature to emit sound too. Though, that’s probably just me being a crazy dog-mum wanting to talk to my dogs…

Y Cam Evo Home Security Camera Review Dog Cam

My sister also borrowed the camera whilst she went on a month-long trip round Europe. Herself and her boyfriend were thrilled to know that they could keep check on their house whilst away. They could enjoy a relaxing long break without any niggling thoughts about the house. They were so thrilled by the camera that they’re now planning to buy one themselves!

The Y-Cam Evo records any time motion is detected and will ping a notification to your phone as it happens. This is a great feature meaning you won’t constantly be checking your phone panicking that something may have happened. The recordings are then stored on the app for a 7-day period to be accessed, viewed and saved. If you need more storage options then you can sign up to their Plus programme. I was worried that the app would drain my phone battery but this wasn’t the case at all. It appears that the camera on activates as and when it needs to so internet usage at home and the battery usage of your phone are kept to a minimum.

Y Cam Evo Home Security Camera Review Dog Cam

All of the camera settings are easily controlled through the app. I was amazed to find that you could even set-up location detection so the camera won’t record whilst you are home. This was a perfect feature as it meant the app wasn’t getting clogged up with videos of me walking around the house a.k.a walking to and from the fridge in constant search for food!

Y Cam Evo Home Security Camera Review Dog Cam

If you’re looking to buy a camera for home security reasons or just as a dog-cam, I couldn’t recommend this enough. It’s a versatile little camera that looks the part too. It’s sleek, modern design blends seamlessly into my home and allows me to watch my dogs whenever I’m away from them!

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