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 *WARNING: This post will be really photo-heavy and contain an extortionate overuse of the word lovely* Last weekend I went along to #NWmeet, a lovely…

 *WARNING: This post will be really photo-heavy and contain an extortionate overuse of the word lovely*

Last weekend I went along to #NWmeet, a lovely blogger event organised by the even lovelier Katy and Sam. One thing I love about blogging is getting to attend blogger events and meet-ups like this. It means finally meeting bloggers I love talking online in real life; getting to see their creative, beautiful, kind souls in the flesh. It also means chatting to other bloggers I hadn’t yet had the pleasure of meeting online, thus opening my eyes to even more wonderful bloggers and blogs. It’s pretty awesome!

The #NWmeet was held at a top secret location (keep reading and all shall be revealed, don’t worry). All I knew was: get to Liverpool, get to Bank Hall, follow the directions and shout your secret password into an intercom to gain access to the beautiful little event. Sounds kind of straight forward, right?

Well, it was. Except one minor hiccup. When an ATM ate my card. Luckily, after a 10-minute panic and my card being held hostage by Santander, I was reunited with my beloved plastic lifeline and was back on the road to #NWmeet.

Coffee cup in hand, I headed towards the train station. There I met a bunch of other bloggers and we excitedly (in Jemma‘s case VERY excitedly) hopped on the metro to begin our blogger adventure.

There was sooo many of us. It was amazing to turn around and see so many bloggers all together, chatting and laughing as we made our way to the location. Wandering past breweries and weaving through industrial estates we began to question how Sam and Katy even managed to find this place. It’s not exactly the kind of thing you just stumble across per chance. But boy, am I glad they did.


Once inside The Secret Warehouse (mystery location revealed!!) I was blown away by it’s immense character. Pallet-style wooden flooring, telephone boxes and retro cameras adorning the walkways was enough to get us squealing with excitement. The Secret Warehouse is a beautiful, Pinterest-worthy work and event space. It’s home to sleep in rollers and the infamous Scouse Bird Problems. With an event space, roof top garden, hairdressers and meditation room among the offices- it’s fair to say it’s a pretty special place. Honestly, stick a kitchen and bedroom in there and I’d jump at the chance to move in. Pretty decor aside, the Secret Warehouse has a positive vibe and creative ethos all based around bringing passionate souls together.

As we entered the event space, Katy, Sam and Caitlin were all there ready to greet us and play the perfect hosts. We immediately began mingling and exploring.

The kissing wall was a lovely touch. It was potentially my favourite thing! We were asked to pick a W7 lipstick, kiss our paper and sign it with our name and blog. The kiss-marked paper bunting was a beautiful alternative to just wearing a sticker with your name on it!

Once we’d all had chance to settle in to the space, Megan and Marvin gave a talk all about bloggers fave cosmetics brand- Lush! Marvin kindly stepped up to be the glamorous model/assistant and save us bloggers from sacrificing our make-up for a facial! Megan talked us through each of the products, giving us a little insight into the benefits of them all *take note: oil combats oil*. She also talked to us about the Lush Spa, which quite frankly left me pining for a Lush Spa day. They sound AMAZING. Seriously. I need one. They also gave us a Lush bag each filled with beautiful skin care samples. I can’t wait to give these a try and I’m already certain I’ll be going to be full-size products once they’re used up!


In the corner of the room sat a table filled with edible goodies so we could create our own yummy gift bags from a selection of BLK water, Greens and Blacks chocolate, Bee water and Propercorn. Oh and some super cute cupcakes (I snagged the last Malteser one and it was amazing- sorry Rachel!). Now that’s my idea of a balanced lunch!

After having a good nosey around the event space, with beautiful large mirror, exposed brick walls, Buddhas and wall lighting, I was itching to explore the roof top garden and get some fresh air.


The roof-top garden was a tiny corner of sanctuary amidst the industrial chaos. It had plush grass seating, fake blossom tree and a pallet stack table, it was perfect. Made even more perfect by Martha the Frenchie, who I’m pretty sure loved being fussed over, stroked and papped by all us bloggers! Like true bloggers, at one sight of a super-cute pup we were all armed with our cameras waiting to capture the perfect heart-melting shot.

Ready to carry on the meet-up shenanigans, we headed back inside.

The girls ran a competition with Jones and Jones, where you had to guess the number of midget gems. The four closest winners were each won a beautiful Jones and Jones dress!

The girls also ran an raffle to raise money for The Recovery Bag Project. If you haven’t heard of it, this sweet little project is created to help share a little bit of love with those experiencing mental health issues. We managed to raise over £100 for the project, which is incredible! I love that so many blogger events host raffles to raise money for charities. It’s just so heart warming. To find out more about the Recovery Bag Project and to donate to help a mental health sufferer on their journey to recovery, then please check our the Go Fund Me page.

The raffle was unlike any other I’ve attended. Usually raffles are competitive, with ticket bearers turning into wild animals as they race to grab their prize(s) and rub it in the face of those left prizeless, clinging onto their unlucky numbers. Well that’s not how things are done at the NWmeet! Anyone whose number was called up more than once was sweet enough to pass their winning ticket on to someone else who hadn’t yet won. This meant everyone walked away with a smile on their face and a lovely prize in their arms. I managed to snag a couple of weekend tickets for The Good Life Experience festival. It’s the first time I’ve heard of it but after working as an artist liaison at Festival Number Six during its first year, I have a special space in my heart for little boutique festivals in Wales. Watch this space for a blog post all about the festival!

When we thought the event couldn’t get any lovelier, This Material Culture joined us to show off their delightful jewellery line. All of the pieces are hand made. I love how much personality each piece has. it gives the jewellery such a personal touch. I’m now in need of a dinosaur necklace, pizza necklace and love heart ring! Rebecca, one half on the husband and wife team, gave a really helpful talk about what blog collaborations are like from a brand’s perspective. It was so insightful to see how things are form the other side, so thank you!

After some more mingling, selfies, silliness and business card swapping, The girls handed out the jam packed gift bags. These will filled with so many things that I plan to write a post dedicated to the items themselves. This one is already longer any acceptable blog post should be (sorry!).

With a heart filled with happiness and cheeks aching from laughter, it was time to say thank you and goodbye to Katy and Sam. I swear these girls are my favourite blogger couple. They did an amazing job at putting the event together and were even lovelier in person than the internet portrayed (hard to imagine, I know!).

Thank you x 8618 if you’ve made it to the end of this ridiculously long post (please give yourself a pat on the back). There’s just no way I could have express how amazing this event was without rambling on like a fool. I plan to do a follow up post about some of the gifts we received, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!


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