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March went by in a blink of an eye. I know we say this every month but seriously – where did March go?! It may…



March went by in a blink of an eye. I know we say this every month but seriously – where did March go?! It may now be April, but I thought I’d take this moment to talk about some of my monthly favourites. From foodie places to other bloggers, here’s what I’ve been loving in March. So grab a brew and some biscuits and settle in for a little recap!


Obviously, when it comes to talking about my favourite things, food is going to be my number one choice of topic. After all, eating is one of my favourite hobbies. So, here goes the top 3 food places I was drooling over in March


I headed to SoLita’s Preston-based restaurant earlier this month with my sister. We were kindly invited along for the launch of their private hire room and got to taste a lot of samples from the menu. Preston is just down the road from me but I definitely don’t explore it enough. I left SoLita absolutely kicking myself that I hadn’t visited sooner. It’ll be high on my to-eat list next time I’m hitting up Preston City Centre. Even if it’s just to eat some more cheeseburger samosa’s (aka the best foodie invention ever) followed by deep-fried cookie dough.

Zouk Tea Bar

Moving on to my favourite nearby city, Zouk Tea Bar in Manchester is up there on my list of favourite food places right now. I’m not usually one to go out for Indian food but when I was invited to the Spring menu launch at Zouk, I quickly realised I’ve been missing out! It was a lovely social evening and the food was unbelievably fresh and tasty. I even attempted my hand at making a Chicken Haleem Masala when I got home…however, after failing to follow the recipe and making it 1000 x too spicy to eat, I think I’ll leave the cooking to the incredible Zouk chefs from now on!


Bringing it back close to home, I headed along to Montagues in Blackpool at the start of this month. This little eatery/bar is based in the digs where I used to hang out as a teenager. Talk about nostalgic. Though back then we cared more for causing havoc on the local park than going to cute food places to talk about life and stuff. It has all the scandi vibes and a delicious menu. Now, I just need to make sure I head back one morning for pancakes (my favourite meal) and for one of their open-mic nights for a chilled social night out with friends.


I could talk for hours about all the different bloggers that I absolutely bloody love. But for now, I’ll keep it short and sweet and give a little cheer for these three bloggers…

Kirby  |

Kirby is one of the sweetest yet inspiring girls I had the pleasure of meeting at the Go Glam Gala back in January. Her blog is perfect for catching up on all things lifestyle. Alongside uni, work and blogging, Kirby is also the girl behind Bloggers Who Brunch. Wow, talk about busy. She’s hosting the launch event on 29th April and I urge you to get signed up because it sounds every bit amazing!

Katy |

Katy is another girl who is absolutely smashing it right now. Her go-get-it attitude and happy vibes are so inspiring. This month I’ve been loving keeping up to date with Katy’s vlogs over on her youtube channel. Just don’t forget to make a big ol’ cup of tea and grab some tasty snacks to enjoy whilst watching! This girl is just going to go on to bigger and better things and I genuinely can’t wait to keep up with her blogging journey.

Lily |

Local(ish) gal Lily has long been one of my favourite bloggers and one who I’d like to consider as a friend too! Lily and I go back a few years in the blogosphere now. We’ve headed to a few events together and even wound up having a spontaneous catch-up in Hamburg. Her writing style is chatty and relatable – a style I love and her content is always of the highest quality. When it comes to all things travel, lifestyle, fitness and keeping it real af, Lily’s my go-to girl. She’s another girl who’s smashing keeping up with blogging and studying at the same time and definitely another blogger to keep your eye on.


A monthly favourites post wouldn’t be complete without a list of some products I’ve been loving. Seeing as I’ve been keeping spending to a minimum this month, you can expect this section to be short but sweet!

Barry M Lip Kit in Runway

Now, I may have bought this back in February but my views still stand. The Barry M lip kit in Runway is still my favourite shade for daytime wear. I’m a huge lover of matte lips and as the days grow lighter, my love for this mauve pink shade is growing stronger!

Caolion Skincare

I’m pretty late to the Korean skincare party and boy, have I been missing out! I was introduced to Caolion at the Go Glam Gala and since trying their products*, I’ve fallen in love. My skin is the best it’s ever been. I won’t say too much on Caolion because I want to write a huge, glowing review post on them. So all I’ll say is…watch this space guys!

Colour Vibe Shampoo

When it comes to hair care, I’m a pretty lazy girl. I don’t use 101 products on my hair and it’s rare if I do more than just quickly run a brush through my hair in the mornings. Since I’m saving for a house, I’ve recently denied myself the luxury (read: necessity) of a trip to the hairdressers. This means that the colour vibe shampoo* has kind of been my saving grace. I’ve been using their Ice Blonde wash-in hair dye with my usual Lush shampoo to keep my hair looking blonde and glossy. I’m pretty happy with the results so far and it’s definitely cheaper than heading to the hairdressers.


Basically, March may have flown by but it’s certainly been an enjoyable one. With major life events like buying my first home, learning to drive and changing job, it’s been a hectic month. So I just wanted to take a step back and appreciate a few of my monthly favourites. Although, I could have gone on forever! There’s so much more in March that I’ve adored from getting a taste of skiing at the Chill Factore to trying my chances at the Crystal Maze in Manchester. When I say it’s been a busy month, I wasn’t lying!

Fingers crossed April will be filled with just as many exciting experiences.



  1. Babe, if I ever come to your area of the world we so need to go discover good foodie places together! You seem like you’d know all the good places to eat!

  2. You really need to stop with all the food, because you are making me so jealous! Haha kidding pal, love it! I really love reading this monthly favourites! Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Amazing Favourites babe. I love finding new blogs to read, but I do read those. Love that you included them. That Zouk Tea Bar looked incredible!! X

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