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The blogging community has been a bit of a negative ninny lately, am I right? I have no idea how or why it started but…

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pizza dough bar liverpool blog event
The blogging community has been a bit of a negative ninny lately, am I right? I have no idea how or why it started but everyone just seemed to be feeling all kinds of down and out about blogging. Bearing this in mind, I was beyond excited for the LivHelps event. It was about time we had something to remind us why we blog and why the blogging community is so fucking fab.

So, thanks to Sammy for hosting a wonderful event filled with laughter, thanks to the girls who attended for reminding me why I adore this community and thanks to Dough for supplying drool-worthy pizza and keeping the drinks flowing.

Sammy is basically the queen of blog events. She always smashes it every single time. Despite a couple of brand and event drop-outs, she pulled through and hosted a wonderful event, as always. I admire her skills sooo much.

At the start of the event, Sammy handed everyone an envelope at random. Upon opening our envelopes, we’d either have a note telling us we’d won a prize and to post a selfie on Twitter in order to gain our prize or a forfeit telling us to post a silly selfie and share a fact about ourselves to be in with a chance of still winning something. I was lucky enough to win a hair care kit from Aquishair and OGX Beauty. And even luckier knowing I didn’t have to pull a silly face to get it, phew.

arcade games dough bar liverpool
dough bar liverpool pizza art
Dough bar was the perfect location. It’s laidback aesthetics created a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone knows that blog events can sometimes be a little bit daunting. That moment when you first walk in the room to a sea of faces thinking, ‘Shit, I’ve definitely met her before, what is her name?!’. ‘Hm, she looks like such-a-body from twitter, but is it her?’ and so on. If you’ve ever attended a blog event then you’ll know the score. We all just end up having to say our blog name or twitter handle to spark those lightbulb moments of ‘Ohhhh, I know who you are!’.
Anyway, back to the point…Dough was a fab little place. It was filled with old arcade machines and consoles, which I soooo wanted to have a play on. The menu was unbelievable as well. I’ve never seen so many pizza or loaded fries options. I was beyond impressed. In fact, I was so impressed by the menu, Lily and I ended up ordering two pizzas to share!
blog event raffle prizes

Moving on to the raffle, we managed to sell all 500 of the raffle tickets, with all proceeds going to charity. The raffle was filled with amazing gifts. There were a few items that I was definitely eyeing up. Happiness Planner, Rude Health granola or a Tropic Skincare set, anyone?! I wasn’t a winner but I loved seeing the other girls collect their prizes!

peg board raffle prizespink envelopes blog event
The goody bag was also something pretty special. I loved that this goody bag was different from any others that I’ve received at past blog events. Usually goody bags are filled with beauty products. As someone who lacks beauty talent, these products are often sadly wasted on me. With that said, I do get excited and love playing with new beauty products. Maybe one day I’ll learn how to apply make-up! Until that day comes, it was refreshing to receive a goody bag filled with a wide variety of exciting new products to test out.
flat lay gift bag products

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the little (and not so little) gifts we received at LivHelps: Alpha H liquid gold skin renewal wash, The Diva Cup, Beauticology shower crème and fragrance mist, Franklin & Sons soft drinks, Makeup Geek eye shadows, Portlebay popcorn, Bramley hair products, Foreo cleanser, A Pony Called Steve soap bar, Peridot sunglasses, Love With Food deluxe snack box and a few other sweet pieces!

I had a lovely time at LivHelps and it’s definitely painted a smile on my face. Big love to the blogging girls who went for making me laugh and smile until my cheeks ached.


  1. I'm not really in the blogging community but I've also noticed a little bit of negativity stirring… Hopefully it'll clear up soon!

    I'd love to go to a blog event one day – they look like so much fun!

    Lizzie Bee //

    1. Aw I think it's so sad to see, but I'm with you on hoping it clears soon! I'd love to see you at an event soon, fingers crossed you get one added to the calender soon

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