Lime Crime Bloodmoon Velvetines review

Although the festive season is just around the corner, I’m still not ready to swap out my dark autumnal hues for rudolph reds and wintery…


Lime_Crime_Velvetines_BloodMoon Wearing_Lime_Crime_Velvetines_BloodMoon

Although the festive season is just around the corner, I’m still not ready to swap out my dark autumnal hues for rudolph reds and wintery whites. I made my first ever Lime Crime order earlier this month and I am now the proud owner of the Velvetines liquid lipstick in the dreamy shade Bloodmoon.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect deep red matte lipstick for quite some time. Luckily, I found and fell head over heels in love with Bloodmoon. I previously bought the NYX soft matte lip cream in Transylvania but was seriously disappointed. In my opinion, the NYX lip cream was poorly pigmented. It was also unable to withstand any food or drink, leaving me with lipstick smears all over my face, nice.  So my hunt for a gothic red lip continued.

Until my friend rocked up to my house showing off all her Lime Crime goodies before we headed out to watch Circus of Horrors. Quick side note: Circus of Horrors was a-mazing and left me wishing I did silk ropes *major heart eyes emoji*. I cheekily borrowed her Bloodmoon before heading out and instantly knew I had to buy it for myself.

And that, my friends, is how we ended up here. Me chatting away about the darkest of dark red lipsticks on my blog.

I placed an order on the Lime Crime website and was seriously impressed when it turned up in the post 5 days later. The packaging was beautiful as expected. If it has unicorns on it, it’s always going to be a winner in my eyes.

Now, on to the lipstick itself. Please can we take a moment to appreciate the shade? My photos probably don’t do it justice. But it is truly divine. It is the perfect dark burgundy red. I guess you could call it a blood red, fitting for it’s Bloodmoon name. This liquid lipstick is incredibly pigmented. Hopefully my little before and after photo will show just how fab the colour is! When I first saw dark red lipsticks I feared they may be too bold for me. But I love them! I feel fierce and full of confidence when wearing Bloodmoon. Here’s to hoping I never run out. I think I may need to stock up and buy extra, especially as it’s limited edition!

Before_Lime_Crime_Velvetines_BloodMoon Wearing_Lime_Crime_Velvetines_BloodMoon

I found Bloodmoon super easy to apply. Thanks to it being a bit more liquidated than other liquid lipsticks, it glided effortlessly across my lips. Plus I love that I can add a second coat for a deeper tone without having to worry about it going scaly or gross looking. Please excuse the messiness, that’s simply my own fault for having teeny tiny lips combined with unsteady hands. I am basically Kylie Jenner pre-2015 when it comes to my lips.

My favourite thing about Lime Crime Bloodmoon Velvetines has got to be it’s longevity. This bad boy just doesn’t shift. This will be especially perfect in the winter months when I’m downing endless cups of tea/hot chocolate/coffee to keep toasty. Though I should point out that this lipstick can’t quite withstand a big greasy burger. As I sadly found out last weekend when tucking into a mighty tasty burger before a night out! As long as you don’t plan on wearing this to take part in a greasy burger eating competition, you should be fine.

Filled with natural oils, my favourite cleanser works wonders at removing this lipstick. An oil-based make-up remover is a necessity to break down and remove this lipstick. Simply using soap and water won’t cut it and I’ll be surprised if make-up wipes can budge it. In my eyes this just goes to show how fab it is when it comes to longevity!

I have to say the only downside to Bloodmoon is that after a while it begins to feel dry and cracked. Thanfully the lipstick isn’t flaky. Although it feels cracked it doesn’t show. It just feels a little bit odd. which is something I can totally live with for this killer shade.


I will definitely be getting as much wear out of my Lime Crime Bloodmoon Velvetines as humanly possible before I have to switch it out for something more festive. If you have any major Lime Crime recommendations, please throw suggestions my way!


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