Learning to Drive and Maintaining a Car in Your 20s

Along with buying my first house, I’m also trying to tick off another life-changing goal this year. I’m currently learning to drive. If there’s one…


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Along with buying my first house, I’m also trying to tick off another life-changing goal this year. I’m currently learning to drive. If there’s one thing I pride myself on, it’s being wildly independent. For this reason alone, getting my pink driving license in the most important thing to me right now. Yep, potentially even more important than getting my own house…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed of having my own car. Being able to just up sticks and go somewhere, anywhere, whenever I want to. When I was younger my desire for driving was based on the wish to go on spontaneous road trips. Now that I’m older my desire for driving is based on wanting to do adult things like do the big food shops easily and take my dogs on countryside walks.

Okay, I lied…I still have the burning desire to go on spontaneous road trips. I’m a sucker for a solo-trip and love the idea of having the independence to jump in the car whenever I want to.

Why didn’t I learn to drive at age 17?

Most of my peers started driving at the age of 17. Whilst they were getting the keys to their first car, I was still coppering up to get the bus. Although I could have afforded driving lessons, I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford the upkeep of a car once I started driving. So I put off learning to drive.

Little did I know that in the next few years to come, I would be unable to drive due to migraines. The frequency of my migraines, teamed with the debilitating symptoms and the cocktail of tablets I was taking, meant that driving was simply not an option for me.

Looking back, I wish somebody had been there to tell me to just do it when I was 17. Buy hey, shoulda woulda coulda can’t help me now!

Finally learning to drive at age 20

It’s only within the 2 years that I have been in a position where I’ve been able to drive. Yay! Words cannot describe how excited I was knowing that I could finally start my journey of learning to drive. I was also unbelievably nervous for my first lesson behind the wheel. But then again, aren’t we all? I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who wasn’t nervous when learning to drive!

My driving lessons started in February 2016 and since then, they have been fairly sporadic. I try to have a driving lesson at least once a week. But sometimes it just isn’t feasible and I may even go a month without having a lesson! As a result, my experience of learning to drive has been slow-going. But I won’t give up that easily. Learning to drive is such a huge milestone for me that I’m undeniably determined to get my hands on that pink license.

Getting closer to your driving test day

Fast-forward to today and I’m ever so slightly closer to finally waving goodbye to my ‘L’ plates. I passed my theory test back in October and since then I’ve been working on my confidence behind the wheel. Although my actual driving is good, my confidence seems to be holding me back slightly. I originally booked my practical driving test for February this year. After a mock-test induced meltdown, my driving instructor and I decided to push it back until March. With only another 3 lessons between my original test date and my new test date in March, I pushed it back again.

My driving test was then booked in for April. This time, it was cancelled by the driving examiner. I re-booked it again, this time for the beginning of June, as my instructor had a few holidays coming up in May.

It’s been 3 weeks since my last driving lesson and I don’t have another booked in yet. As a result, I’m having to push the date back once more. It seems as though luck hasn’t been on my side. But I’m staying positive. I know that my test day will come soon enough.

Car and tyre maintenance after you pass your test

I already have my eye on the car that I want once I’ve passed my driving test. Having a car in mind definitely helps me keep on track with my goal to pass my driving test. As I have a strong idea of the car I want, I’m determined to take the best care of it. I want my car to last me a good few years and I definitely want to keep that insurance as low as possible. That means I need to make sure there’s no nasty little bumps or scrapes due to poor judgement.

Before going on the inevitable road trips, I’ll be making sure those oil levels are topped up and tyres are in good, driving condition. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt whilst learning to drive, it’s that you’ve got to be prepared. For everything.

Although I love nothing more than a spot of spontaneity, I’m not a fan of stupidity. So, even when driving away on last-minute trips, I’ll still be keeping my sensible head on when it comes to car safety. There’s no doubt that I’ll be double, triple and quadruple checking every aspect of my car before heading off on a long journey.

You can book tyres in Manchester at Point S – who take the fuss out of getting new tyres fitted. Knowing that you can find someone nearby to help with your car checks would certainly set my mind at ease.

Learning to drive to gain independence

More importantly, the biggest driving force (excuse the pun) behind learning to drive is knowing that with passing my test comes gaining my independence. As mentioned earlier, I cannot wait to be have the freedom to just get in my car and drive, whether that is simply driving to run errands or driving to go on fun trips. I really don’t mind, just as long as I have that pink license.

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