Ad – Gifted: Lace Bralettes, Body Image and Ditching Bras

Being a proud member of the itty bitty titty club means that I can go braless without a care in the world and on days…


Being a proud member of the itty bitty titty club means that I can go braless without a care in the world and on days where I really need to wear a bra, I can simply reach for a delicate barely-there lace bralette. The days of underwired bras are a thing of the past…


As a teenager, I remember the constant niggling worry that I’d have beestings for boobs for the rest of my life. Mainstream media, glossy magazines and snide comments from high-school friends had brainwashed my self-conscious, impressionable 14 year old mind into thinking small boobs weren’t womanly . I was made to feel as though my small and humble breasts were something to be ashamed of.


When you’re a teenager, body image leads to a rollercoaster of emotions. Learning to love your body isn’t a simple, straight-forward journey. Nope… instead, it’s a higgledy-piggledy winding road. But eventually, you’ll get there and you’ll look back shocked at how hard you were on yourself and your bo


Click your fingers and fast-forward to Today. Wiser and much older (*ahem* 26 years old…), I love my small bee-sting boobs and will happily stick a middle finger up to all who ever tried to make me believe I shouldn’t.

Now, I embrace delicate bralettes or going braless instead of religiously wearing underwired bras whilst praying that one day I might fill them out.


I recently had a clear-out in an attempt to work towards having a minimal capsure wardrobe. Part of that clear-out included ditching all of my underwired bras and honestly, it felt freeing. It felt like burning my bra and sticking it to the man. Telling society that can’t control or mould me to fit their societal norms or accepted values.

Though, in light of recent events, I realise it’s going to take a lot more than silently throwing away my bras to stand in solidarity with my sisters being opressed all over the world. Being more conscious of the environment and goings-on around the world is something that I’m trying to get more involved in. I may be just a speck of dust in the giant universe but if any small act or change I do can so much as cause a miniscule ripple, I’ll be satisfied.


As I’ve been living my days either bra-free or wearing lace bralettes, the newly launched Blush Atelier sent me one of their lace bralettes to try. Before even laying eyes upon the bralette, I was won over with the pretty packaging. I’m a sucker for small details and you can almost always count on independent businesses to go that extra mile when it comes to attention to detail.


I carefully brushed the paper confetti aside and gently unfolded the tissue paper to reveal the Ebony bralette. A simple, minimal black lace triangle bra – it may not seem like much but it’s jumped to the top of my list of favourite triangle bras and let’s just say, I own a lot of lace bralettes. With a simple, single hook fastening and non-adjustable straps, this bra oozes simple elegance.


Despite the straps being non-adjustable, the Ebony triangle bra fits like a dream. This bra may come in ‘one size only’ but it’s one size designed to fit those sized between 28AA all the way to 36B/C. So, a pretty versatile bralette, if you ask me!

My favourite thing about the Ebony bra, though, is how undeniably soft it is. I’ve never known a lace bra like it. I banished underwire bras from my daily life a long time ago due to how unbareably uncomfortable they were and recently, i’ve found myself ditching my lace bralettes for going braless more and more often. Honestly, you’re lucky if I wear a bra even once a fortnight, nevermind wearing one daily.

Yet, I have feeling I’lll be reaching for the lace Ebony bralette more often than just once a fortnight. The soft texture is all too enticing and this bralette looks perfect paired with a buttoned-down shirt or peaking through underneath a v-cut playsuit during the summer time.

So, whilst I may have waved goodbye to underwired bras, it seems that bralettes may be staying in my life for a little bit longer.

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  1. I love those little bra-lets, they are so cute! And I love this post, it’s all about being happy and comfortable in your own skin, which admittedly can be difficult at times. I think the older you get, the easier it is. xx

    Jessie |

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