Creating an Industrial Effect Feature Wall with Photowall Wall Murals

When it comes to homewares and interior styling, I’m a sucker for anything industrial and a little bit rough around the edges. Maybe, it’s because…


When it comes to homewares and interior styling, I’m a sucker for anything industrial and a little bit rough around the edges. Maybe, it’s because I think it’s a perfect metaphor of who I am as a person or maybe it’s because my own attempts at DIY and decorating are also rough around the edges. Whatever the reason, my love for industrial interiors is strong. I want all the concrete, mixed metals, raw textures and dark, grungy tones you can think of.

As my home-owning journey is proving to be a long (but worthwhile) one, I’ve taken to slowly decorating and ticking off jobs as and when I can. That means I haven’t fully finished a single room yet. Instead there’s little bits here and there which have been done. Last week, I made a start on the spare bedroom with a spot of wallpapering thanks to Photowall. Watching the rooms of my house slowly starting taking shape and transforming from old to new is incredibly exciting.

In my little 2-bed house, I knew that I wanted the second bedroom to be more than just another bedroom. Namely because I have no reason to have 2 bedrooms when there’s just me, two dogs and next-to-no overnight guests. With no necessary requirements for second bedroom, the spare room quickly turned into more of a dressing room. It’s the room where I spend most of my mornings, so it’s important that I turn it into a space that’s perfect for me.

The current sunshine yellow walls adorned with monkeys, trees and giraffes sadly weren’t cutting it for me. Although I’m very much baby-faced, I wanted a room that felt a little more grown up and a lot more me. Rather than a room that told the story of the family who lived in the house before me.

Along with my love of industrial home interiors, comes a love for Venetian plaster. It creates a minimal yet rugged look that, in my opinion, remain timeless. Whilst scrolling through the thousands of wall murals available on Photowall, I constantly had that image of Venetian plaster in the back of my mind. On more than one occasion, I found myself straying and wondering how a Brussels cityscape may look, or a large bloom or jungle print. But I couldn’t help but keep coming back to anything that resembled Venetian plaster. The textures and walls category was filled with amazing concrete, brick and wood patterns. I felt spoilt for choice!

I was seriously impressed with the amount of choice on Photowall and if you can’t find what you’re looking for amongst their 4,000+ strong variety of murals, you can even upload your own image or design. After days spent scrolling and umm-ing and ahh-ing between several murals, I finally settled on the Stone Patina wall mural priced at £29/m2. This wall mural perfectly encapsulated that Venetian plaster, industrial texture that I was lusting for. I quickly measured up the wall I intended to use this on, added 5% extra just in case, popped my dimensions in on the website, hit order and then all I had to do was wait for my order to arrive.

My wall mural arrived a few days later. Does anybody else just love a speedy delivery service? My rolls of wallpaper came in two boxes with a third box containing all the materials I’d need to hang my wall mural. Just like that, I had everything I needed to set to work transforming my spare bedroom from a sunshine yellow jungle to an industrial getting-ready room.

In the wallpaper kit set you’ll find a pasting brush, seam roller, smoothing brush, knife, cutting guide, spirit level, tape measure and pencil. For an extra £18, it really helps take the stress out of hanging wallpaper.

The wallpaper itself is amazing quality and made from a durable, thick material. The walls in my house aren’t of the greatest quality, so I worry standard wallpaper would show all the I’ll likely be looking towards Photowall again when I’m next planning a feature wall. I’ve already got my eye on a few different styles!

When it came to hanging the wallpaper, I dove straight in. I cut the panels which I might add was made very easy with each panel start and end being clearly marked on the roll. For someone like me, who has no concept of maths nor patience for precision, this was somewhat a lifesaver.

My friend and I ordered a pizza and set to work hanging the wallpaper. As each panel went up, we found ourselves getting more and more excited to see the end result. The pattern looked incredible. After a few hours work for two complete wallpapering novices, the job was done. My friend went home and I went to bed feeling seriously accomplished. The next morning, I woke up to find a few of the panels had fallen down. It was slightly soul-crushing but I tried not to let it demotivate me. Instead, I looked at it as a bit of a learning curve.

In hindsight, I probably should have prepped the wall prior to applying the paste. So when it came to my second attempt of wallpapering, I made sure to sand the wall and wash it with sugar soap to get rid of grease or residue, ready for a fresh start. On my second time around, I also applying a thicker layer of paste and made certain that I allowed time for the paste to get slightly tacky before hanging my paper. Being able to apply the paste straight to the wall made re-hanging the fallen panels sooo much easier.

Admittedly, I still haven’t done a perfect job but alas, that’s down to me and my lack of precision. Although, if you have stubborn walls (that’s a thing, right?) and a lack of decorating skills like me, it may be worthwhile considering a more heavy-duty wallpaper paste than the one provided in the kit.

Less than an hour later and my wallpaper was proudly fixed to the wall for the second time and I yet again went to bed feeling accomplished.

Words cannot justify how excited and relieved I was when I walked into the spare room the next morning to find my wallpaper was still hanging. I might have even done a little victory dance in celebration.

A week after finally hanging my wallpaper and I can proudly say, it’s stayed put! I’m thoroughly impressed that I managed to wallpaper, even if it did take two attempts and it’s not the neatest job you’ve seen. You’re probably not going to see me offering out my wallpapering services anytime soon! The stone patina wall mural looks just as incredible as I imagined it could and it really does capture the industrial vibe I’m seeking for my home.

Now, all I need to do is sand and paint the drawers a dark grey, paint the other 3 walls grey and re-carpet. Oh and I should probably invest in a daybed just in case I decide I ever want to open my doors to overnight guests.

I am overjoyed with how my Photowall mural turned out and I’m already picking out which wall murals to buy next. I’ve got my heart set on a jungle print for the kitchen nook and if I ever fit a downstairs toilet, it just might need a bold wall mural. I want my house to be everything but ordinary. A house with character is the kind of place I want to call home.

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