How running can improve your productivity

You might not know it but running could actually be beneficial for your career. From improving your productivity to creating space for learning, here’s how running can help you…


If you’re feeling underproductive or under-motivated, you might not think that taking some time out to go running is a productive idea. But if you read this post, you might just be convinced of the opposite.

Honestly, I’ve never been much of a cardio-fan. In fact, I used to actively avoid it. When I was in primary school, I event went so far as to fake a broken arm – complete with fake cast from our local Hospital open day might I add – just to get out of sports day. But in recent months, I’ve started to see the benefits of running. More importantly, I’ve realised how it can be beneficial for more than just your physical health.

running improve productivity

Running is known to improve your problem-solving abilities if you have a difficult work issue, improve your energy and motivation in general, and provide you with an opportunity to learn more and get ahead in your careers. Still not convinced that running can improve your productivity? Keep reading to find out how.

Running improves your problem-solving

We all have troubling life issues and problems with work we wish would somehow vanish: but they don’t vanish; they persist.

If you’re struggling with a work problem or want to improve your problem-solving capabilities, it’s worth considering a running or jogging habit.

One thing I’ve learnt since starting running is that it’s a great way to focus on the present. The movement, coupled with the exertion, is enough to shake you out of any mood and get you concentrating on the task at hand – that is, maintaining your pace and reaching your goal. By diverting your attention in this way, your brain continues to work in the background. While you’re focused on the present task of putting one foot in front of the other, your mind is free to subconsciously find a solution to your problem.

Running increases your motivation

This doesn’t just mean it improves your motivation to run; it also means your motivation, in general, will improve. If you commit to a running schedule, it shows you have a deep motivation to get fit and stay healthy.

Building this healthy habit of running will also help you shift towards a mindset of positivity and motivation. By unlocking your inner drive for running, it may become easier to find your drive for other pursuits and activities. Just like driving in a Corsa Griffin X, you’ll soon find yourself reaching new places in life.

Your motivation will extend far beyond running. Knowing you can hit the road running twice a week will encourage you to take on other tasks that benefit your livelihood.

Running improves your productivity

Running not only improves the body’s condition and gives you more energy to perform daily tasks, but it also improves the mind.

Running releases endorphins, which make you feel good and put you into a relaxed and productive state of mind. When you keep up a running habit, you will notice that after a week or two, you have more energy. You’ll also find the quality of your work is better, and you no longer have an afternoon slump.

Whenever I go for a run before work, I have a new-found laser-focused mind for the working day ahead. That early morning run gives me such a boost of energy and sense of personal achievement that my productivity increases tenfold. I find myself getting through my to-do list faster than on those days where I decide to treat myself to a long lie-in.

It sounds counterintuitive, I know. But if you want to increase your productivity switch on your 6am alarm, lace up your trainers and get outside for a pre-work run.

Running improves your knowledge base

Do you think that running is boring or somehow a waste of time? You’re not alone. Many people do. But think how a 30-minute run twice a week could also improve your career performance and prospects. How is this so? By listening to audiobooks and your favourite podcasts whilst you run, of course!

By using your run as an opportunity to learn about new things or different aspects of your career, you can boost your knowledge along with your endorphins. Instead of a boring run, you now have a fitness regime that doubles as a lesson or workshop. I find that I pace myself better when listening to a podcast whilst running, compared to listening to music. So next time you’re out running, why don’t you look at is as an opportunity to learn something new?

Running builds self-confidence

Self-confidence is so important in the world of businesses and especially in freelancing. To win clients, you need to present the best version of yourself. Doing so can sometimes be challenging, especially when you are not mentally tuned in. Running can help with all that.

By releasing happy endorphins, running will,in turn, make you feel good about yourself. These feelings of self-satisifaction and self-confidence will then translate into better interactions with your colleagues and clients. You might not think that a bit of exercise could have such a powerful effect, but it can be truly transformative. 

Who knew running had so many business benefits? So, next time you’re feeling down and out about your career, take yourself out for a run. You never know, you may come back with a new-found sense of drive for your career, a solution to a niggling work problem, or a laser-focus for your next work task!

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