Homeware Wish List

With big plans to buy my first home next year, my homeware wish list is ever-growing. If both money and space were no object, I’d be buying all of the pretty homeware right now. Alas, that isn’t possible. Trying to fit an entire house worth of stuff into one tiny box room just isn’t going to happen, is it? Until I have my own space, I’ll continue buying all the small but 100% necessary homeware pieces and everything else will be added to the dream homeware wish list.

I already have a vision of how my (hopefully very near) future home will look. I want to channel all the minimalistic, cozy, scandi vibes. No doubt I’ll also be throwing in some nordic and shabby chic pieces for good measure. Give me a white home with grey accents and pops of colour. I want a gallery wall, chunky knit throws and cutesy homeware pieces. Basically, I want my future home to look like most other bloggers dream homes. Call me basic, I don’t care. It’s a style that I simply adore. It’s a timeless look that I don’t think I will ever tire of.

Whilst in Belgium, I stumbled across what has now become my favourite ever homeware store. I wandered around the store in absolute awe, wanting to buy almost one of everything. I settled on buying a copper plate, which I now wish I bought more of since discovering they don’t stock it online. The grey knitted stool is a must-have for my future home and I’m determined to find a suitable spot for this sweet pink and grey scandi writing desk. I have no idea how my future home will look and yet I’ve already got all the furniture and decor planned out in my head.

For me, the copper trend is still going strong. It’s a colour that instantaneously adds warmth to a room. I’ve already got a few copper accent pieces but a girl can never have too many, right? Oliver Bonas offers some of the most exquisite homeware pieces, though most of them are waaaay out of my price range. This copper industrial unit is something that I’m happy to make an exception for. I can already picture it filled with vinyls and plants. Homeware perfection.

I’m a firm believer that each room has got to have a key colour. For my future home, that’s probably going to be either white or grey. I’m all for mixing up the shades and throwing in a few other colours but a focal colour to tie it all together is a necessity, in my opinion. I’m currently loving greys, whites and pinks. I feel using furniture and decor of differing shades and textures can add extra elements to the room. So go ahead and add some fur, velvet, chunky knits, metals and wood.  I’m a huge fan of faux fur rugs and love that they can also double up as a chair throw if you don’t fancy laying them on the floor.

By the time you’ve finished reading this post, chances are high that I’ve already bought at least two items from this wish list! But I’m 100% certain that I’ll have also added an extra 87 homeware pieces to the wish list too. Let me know what interior styles you’re loving at the moment.

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