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Mothers Day and the days leading up to it can be a difficult time of year for some people. I completely and wholly understand. So,…


Mothers Day and the days leading up to it can be a difficult time of year for some people. I completely and wholly understand. So, if you are someone who finds Mothers Day hard, please scroll on by, make yourself a heart-warming cup of tea and be kind to yourself.

I see Mothers Day as a celebration of all Mums. It’s for sending love to your biological Mum, your adoptive Mother, your Grandma, your Mother-in-law, your best friend who recently entered motherhood, that friend who’s always been the Mum of the group. Damnit, it’s even for the Dad’s who have single-handedly raised children. It’s for anyone and everyone who fits that motherly role or holds those motherly qualities.

The #HeartfeltWithMoonpig Mothers Day Event

I was recently invited to the ever-so-lovely Whitworth Locke in Manchester City Centre for an early Mother’s Day celebration with Moonpig. In true Tasmin fashion, I obviously got lost en-route, drove 12 miles too far down the motorway, and wound up trapped in a ridiculously small private car park when the shutter closed behind up. My boyfriend’s Mum had the pleasure of enduring my catastrophic navigational skills that added 30+ minutes onto our journey… and probably took 5 years off our lives out of fear of being locked in a car park for the rest of eternity. Once we had escaped the car park (which felt like some kind of Crystal Maze Experience activity), we headed to Whitworth Locke to enjoy the Moonpig Mother’s Day event.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching (mark the date in your diary – it’s on the 22nd March!), this event was the perfect opportunity to treat a loved motherly-figure to an evening of fun and pampering, courtesy of Moonpig. So, that’s exactly what I did! I

Having never visited Whitworth Locke before, I was blown away by the location. Think rustic and botanical with a hint of jazz and that’s how I’d describe Whitworth Locke. With exposed brick walls, lots of greenery and bold pops of colour, it was the perfect space to unwind and let your mind to find a moment of calm.

Introducing Moonpig

So, who are Moonpig? I’m sure you all already know the answer to that question but if not – they’re the UK leading online personal gifting, flower and card retailer. If you’ve ever sent or received a personalised birthday card, chances are it was made on Moonpig. I know it’s always my go-to if I ever want to send a unique, personalised card. With over 17 million cards bought in the last year, it’s clear I’m not alone in being a fan of buying cards from Moonpig. In fact, 1 in 3 people have used Moonpig and they receive an incredible 300 orders per minute!

On Moonpig, you’ll find over 10,000 different card designs. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary or simply to say thank you, they have cards to suit every occasion or personality. As well as being able to provide the perfect card in just a few clicks, Moonpig also have an amazing collection of gifts and award-winning flowers. In their Mother’s Day gifting range, Moonpig have an array of wonderfully thoughtful gifts for that mother-figure in your life. From afternoon tea gift experiences to hampers and letterbox pamper packages, you’re bound to find the ideal gift for your Mum with Moonpig.

If you’re used to nipping to your local supermarket or florist to buy flowers then buying flowers online may make you furrow your brow. But, please don’t knock it until you try it. When you buy flowers online from Moonpig, you get to choose a beautiful bouquet that will last far longer than your store-bought flowers meaning the lucky recipient of the flowers can enjoy them for longer too.

At the heart of Moonpig lays personal gifting designed to be enduring, story building and uplifting. That’s exactly what their Mother’s Day event was – an enduring, story-building and uplifting evening to remember.

The Perfect Mothers Day Activities

The message behind the Heartfelt with Moonpig event was that heartfelt can happen anywhere this Mother’s Day. Showing someone you care doesn’t have to be complicated. And with just a couple of clicks, Moonpig makes being thoughtful super easy and convenient.

That message of being heartfelt, thoughtful and convenient rang loud and clear throughout the event. From a glass of fizz (or orange juice for non-drinkers like myself!) to four fun and pampering workshops to get stuck into, we had a relaxed yet fun-filled evening.

Flower arranging and Mother’s Day bouquets

The first activity on our list was flower arranging with the lovely Roxanne, Moonpig’s very own flower expert. I pretty much jumped out of my seat and made a bee-line for the flowers (pun obviously intended) out of sheer excitement to create my own bouquet. Roxanne talked us through a step-by-step guide for creating the perfect flower bouquet for gifting to someone this Mother’s Day. From choosing the right flowers, to layering them correctly to tying them up in decorative paper, I was capitivated by the flower arranging activity.


Don’t be fooled though, flower arranging is not an easy feat. I’m pretty sure my heart rate increased more than it does during cardio as I tried to create the most perfectly put-together bouquet… there is certainly an art to flower arranging and it’s not one I’ll be mastering anytime soon. I thoroughly enjoyed creating my own bouquet and I equally love how rustic mine looked. It was lovely getting to see how everyone else styled their bouquets and what flower arrangements they put together. It’s amazing how many unique yet beautiful variations were around the room by the end of the event!

Creating the perfect heartfelt Mother’s Day card

As soon as we were all done with creating our own flower bouquets, it was time to get stuck into the main event… card making! Callum’s Mum and I made our way to the green screen to get our photo taken, ready for creating a personalised loving Mother’s Day card that I plan to give to her this Mother’s Day.

After choosing an apt background – all the flowers of course – we headed over to the laptop station to browse the tens of thousands of card designs on Moonpig. After some serious scrolling and umm’ing and ahh’ing over all the amazing choices, I finally settled on a personalised card that perfectly captured my appreciation for my boyfriend’s Mum for Mother’s Day. Once happy with the design, I hit checkout and in just a matter of days, the card turned up at my doorstep and looked just as amazing as it did online!

Relaxing conversations and a mini pamper session

After plenty of laughter posing for photos and making a Mother’s Day card, our next activity was far more relaxing. A pamper session is always a failsafe gift idea for Mother’s Day. Everyone appreciates having the opportunity to relax, unwind and be pampered all day long which makes a pamper session the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Especially if you’re buying for someone who considers a 5-minute tea break or locking themselves in the bathroom for a moment of peace and quiet as their me-time moment… honestly, parents have it hard and rarely get time to themselves so I’m sure they’d appreciate a pamper session.

Whilst we may not have had a full luxury spa weekend (which, by the way, Moonpig offer within their Experience Gift Sets), a 10-minute hand massage was an invigorating and relaxing moment of peace.

But, the hand massage wasn’t the finale of the event. After this brief moment of relaxation, we were feeling ready for the next activity.

Ending the evening with cocktail making

Although I don’t drink alcohol, cocktail making was the perfect way to tie up a wonderfully-orchaestrated event. The truth is, you don’t have to be an alcohol-drinker to enjoy cocktail making. With lots of alcohol-free alternatives and delicious mocktail receipes, mixology is open to all. I was really excited to get stuck into cocktail making.


Hosted by Mix and Twist, the mixologists made our cocktail making session seriously good fun as they challenged us to go head-to-head making three different cocktails. This session was really good fun and if I ever host a party at mine, I’ll be sure to use my new-found mixology skills to get everyone making their own cocktails.

Feeling heartfelt with Moonpig

After a fun-filled evening with Moonpig, it was time to head home. Of course, we didn’t leave empty-handed – we left with flowers in hand and a letterbox pamper gift set from Moonpig.

If you are looking for Mother’s Day gifts that come with a message from the heart, are convenient and allow you to truly show how you feel, Moonpig have you covered with their incredible range of personalised cards, gifts and flowers for all occasions.

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