Sitting still for too long leaves me with an overbearing sense of restlessness. I fidget, itching to do something productive. Luckily for me, a multi-level leisure complex is opening in the city next to mine.

When I first heard about Level opening in the Guild Hall, I just knew I had to visit. I couldn’t believe that such a fun-filled venue would be opening so close to home for me.

Despite living in tourist central, I often find all the ‘cool’ places open in Manchester or even further afield so for somewhere to be opening just a short drive away has me feeling super giddy.

The second floor of Level is already open so if like me, you can’t bear to wait any longer, you can go check it out whilst they still develop the other 2 (potentially 3!) floors.

Whilst Level may be a work in progress right now, you can still head along for a night of fun with your friends.

On the second floor you’ll find a sports bar, kitted out with several TVs and a large tv behind the bar. The drinks are reasonably priced with a good choice and you can even grab a bite to eat at Mundo’s street kitchen. The Spanish tapas are a tasty treat, perfect if you’re planning on getting involved in one of the many activities Level will have on offer.

Level also holds a 24 hour license over the weekend, meaning if you get in before 4am you can stay for as long as you like – drinking and playing games. Whilst that may sound like a recipe for disaster, word on the street is the security will be on another level (excuse the pun) and a zero-tolerance policy will be in full force.

On the other side of the sports bar lays the bowling alley. But it’s not any old bowling alley. It’s potentially the nicest bowling alley I’ve ever seen.

When I think of bowling alleys, I think of 80s style patterned carpet that hides a multitude of sins, ripped booths and temperamental systems that crash at the most inconvenient moments.

But this was something else. With illuminated pins, interactive screens and LED lights, it was hands-down the sleekest bowling alley I’ve ever seen. With all those extras, it still cost the same as a standard game of bowling in a dingy, old alley. You really can’t say fairer than that!

It was somewhat of a luxury to be in a shiny, new bowling alley. And yet, that wasn’t even the best part.

Level also has a vip private bowling alley. If your bowling skills are anything like mine (aka absolutely terrible) then a private room sounds perfect.

The Spare Room is even more luxurious than the standard bowling alley. With perfect leather reading chairs, neon lighting and even a personal dance floor, drinks fridge and pool table. You can even stream your own music, which to me, is the most exciting part.

The Spare room is £20 per person but with that you get 2 games of bowling, a drink, nibbles and your very own host for the evening. For an extra £5 you could get arrival Prosecco, beer and a food platter! To me, it sounds well worth it if you’re planning a night out celebrating a birthday or special occasion with friends.

Along with bowling and a sports bar, there’s also a games room on the second floor of Level. In here, you’ll find darts boards, shuffleboard tables and pool tables. Shuffleboard is potentially my new favourite game and from here on out, I demand all pubs have shuffleboard tables.

So, will I be visiting Level again? Definitely! I even got a sneak peek of the crazy golf downstairs and the Daredevil assault course on the higher level and words can’t explain just how excited this girl is to go back and try those out when they open.

Ever since visiting Total Ninja in Manchester, I’ve wanted to do more assault courses – something tells me I’ll be a frequent visitor to Level once the assault course opens!


  • 4th January 2018

    Sounds super fun. I really love your photos too! xxxx


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