Tips and Tricks for a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is for the weak…or so I used to think when I was younger. Now I realise that, actually, sleep is for the strong. When…


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Sleep is for the weak…or so I used to think when I was younger. Now I realise that, actually, sleep is for the strong. When I was 18 years old I thought it was cool to stay up until 7am, have a quick power nap then start the new day at 9am. Fast forward to now at the (still young) age of 24, the thought of surviving off a mere 2 hours sleep makes me shudder. As I’m running around life trying to do 716 tasks at once, I cherish a good night’s sleep more than ever. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m getting old but I really do love getting cozy for the evening. Especially when I know it means I have a good night’s sleep ahead of me. So many things can help to improve your sleeping pattern from calming an active mind to having an adjustable bed mattress.

So, what are my tips for getting a good’s night sleep?


You know you’re on the path to becoming an adult(ish) when you get excited about writing to-do lists. I swear even my  to-do lists have to-do lists sometimes. Whether those to-do lists are written on paper or hastily typed into the notes app on my phone, it doesn’t matter. It only matters than they are out of my head.

Getting a good night’s sleep is near-impossible if you have 801 thoughts whizzing around your mind. I find that on nights where my mind is in overdrive, it helps if I write those thoughts down. Sometimes it’s ideas for future blog posts and other times it’s my plan of action for the next day. Whatever I’m thinking, the second I’ve written it on paper (or y’know, typed it into an app!) I instantly feel calmer. It’s as though all of the thoughts clouding up my brain magically combust and clear away, allowing me to settle down for some much needed kip.


This is one of the most important tips for making sure you have a good night’s sleep. I’ve realised if I want to wake up feeling refreshed, then I have to have a proper night time routine in place. I’m not strict on my night time routine but having a rough plan in place really does help. For me, my night time routine consists of switching off from work, getting into my cozies, cleansing, having a milky drink and winding down for bed by 10:30pm (give or take!).

If I’ve had a super stressful day then I may bring my night-time routine forward so I start winding down even earlier or I’ll treat myself to a pamper night so I really do feel relaxed. On nights where I completely ignore my night-time routine and stay up until 1am or later, I truly feel the effects the next day. So don’t overlook this simple tip! It may seem tedious but it doesn’t have to be strict, having a vague routine in place can help your body naturally unwind and prepare itself for sleep.


Now, when it comes to mattresses, we’re all different. Some of us like soft and squishy mattresses, others like them firm and some like it to be somewhere in the middle. But there’s no denying that your bed can affect how well you sleep at night. When choosing a mattress, think like Goldilocks and don’t settle for anything less than ‘just right’. Excitingly, mattresses are more advanced than ever from a mattress in a box to an adjustable bed mattress, the choices are endless. Pioneering research and technology goes into creating mattresses like the airflow mattress by Adjustamatic which has many innovative features including the ability to regulate temperature. If you ask me, that sounds perfect if it means I no longer have to stick one leg out of the bed in hopes to balance out my temperature! Talk about being #SleepExperts.


This is so much easier said than done. I’m notorious for telling myself I’ll go to bed at a reasonable hour and then winding up 3 hours deep watching someone’s vlogmas from 2 years ago. But putting your phone down and sticking to the rule will do wonders for your sleeping pattern. Similar to writing down your to-do list before you go to bed, switching off your phone will also help to quieten your mind. It’s so easy to just pick your phone up and endlessly scroll through social media for hours when you know you should be sleeping.

Why not challenge yourself to a digital detox before going to bed one night a week? You’ll be amazed at how much better you sleep and you can rest assured knowing all those notifications will still be there waiting for you at 7am!

Hopefully my 4 simple tips for a good night’s sleep can help you to wake up feeling refreshing in the mornings! I would love to hear what tips and tricks you have :)!


  1. Love this! I was exactly the same when I was younger I’d be awake all night surviving on a couple of hours sleep now I crave more. Totally agree with to-do lists and switching off social media. I try to stay off social media by 10pm so I’ll be asleep before 11pm. A comfy mattress is sooo important too! xx

    1. Glad it’s not just me haha! I can’t hack those late nights any early morning any more, I need sleep! Ahh to-do lists really do help me to switch my mind off at night xx

    1. Aw thanks lovely! It’s sooo easy to pick your phone up and scroll through it at night but I’m trying my best not to do it. I definitely sleep better when I’ve not been mindlessly scrolling insta and twitter haha 🙂 xx

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