Go Glam Gala and a Luxe Night in London

Thursday night was the Go Glam Gala in London. If you aren’t 100% sure what the Go Glam Gala is then a) where have you…


Go Glam Gala Dress BloggerGo Glam Gala

Thursday night was the Go Glam Gala in London. If you aren’t 100% sure what the Go Glam Gala is then a) where have you been hiding for the past month?! and b) let me tell you all about it! I was kindly invited to the Go Glam Gala by the wonderful Scarlett London just after Christmas. It’s an event set up by Scarlett London and Go Send. The event was held at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre and the dress code was Red Carpet Luxe. I was super excited to find out some inspirational influencers, such as Victoria (InTheFrow) and Lydia (Lydia Elise Millen) amongst others would be there. The rest of the details were kept under lock and key which made it all even more exciting!

Train Station Suitcase Go Glam Gala

I’ve never been to London for a blog event before but I knew this was an event not to be missed. With the promise of a memorable evening ahead, I made plans for a 24 hour trip to London with Lily (aka one of my blogger partners in crime and fellow Lancashire lass!). No trip is complete without my trusty unicorn luggage tag, it’s a travel must-have and comes with me on all my travels! Plus, it conveniently paired perfectly with my new glittery pumps. Expect to see a little blog post all about what we got up to the day after the Go Glam Gala coming to the blog very soon. I can promise it’ll be filled with photos of London blue skies, food, coffee and selfies.

Go Glam Gala

I searched high and low for a dress for the Go Glam Gala but had zero luck. In the end, I opted for my trusty Jones and Jones dress, which I’d worn for my University Leavers Ball. I guess you could say I kept things real by wearing a dress I already own instead of buying new. Although I don’t think that’s very ‘red carpet’ of me, oops! I love the back detailing on this dress so I adored having the chance to wear it again.

I teamed my dress with an old but favourite Zara white clutch and a pair of silver chunky glitter heel sandals from New Look. Jewellery-wise, I kept things simple with silver, sparkly accessories.

Go Glam Gala Lift Selfie

With outfits sorted, it was time for Lily and I to head to the event. Despite a short drama with Uber, we still arrived fashionably early at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre for the Go Glam Gala. I always like to get to places early. Feeling rushed puts me in a bad mood so it’s nice to save myself the drama and be an early bird, always. Ditching our coats in the cloak room, we made our way upstairs for the grand reveal of the event room.

My jaw hit the floor as we walked into the room. I was not expecting to see a red carpet, gorgeous trees, a flower wall and photographers! There was even a photo booth and one of the brands were snapping polaroid pictuers. Talk about a bloggers paradise! A mouth-watering selection of canapés were constantly available and you can’t complain about an open bar. The Funkin’ Cocktail team were also keeping everyone hydrated with a tasty choice of cocktails or Elderflower mocktails in my case! I could definitely get used to getting glammed up and attending luxe events more often.

Go Glam Gala Blossom Trees

The Go Glam Gala was an absolute blast. I had the most amazing night, I cannot thank (or congratulate) Scarlett enough for putting on such an incredible evening. Seriously, make sure you give ScarlettLEvents a little follow on Twitter to be one of the first to see when she’s next got an event coming up. The Go Glam Gala was one of the best events I’ve ever been too. Scarlett did an amazing job and I’ve got high hopes for her future events. I’ll 110% happily jump on the train to London for another event!

The only downfall is that the night went so quick. We were having so much fun that it was gone 11pm within a blink of the eye. I didn’t get chance to speak to half as many people as I wanted to. Nor did I get chance to snap away in the photobooth but boy did I have fun. I’ve spent the past two nights wishing I could do it all over again.

Go Glam Gala Bloggers Group Selfie

I’ve been in a twitter group chat with some of the girls attending the Go Glam Gala and can I just say, they all looked divine. Just look at some of these babes! If you want to see what went down at the Go Glam Gala, you should catch Beth and Katy’s vlogs.

I always say this but I adore events, mainly because it gives me a chance to chat to other bloggers in real life! Although I admit that I’m a total nightmare when it comes to putting names to faces, sorrrry. Quick soppy moment but I love blogging for allowing me to meet so many fabulous girls and guys. Nothing makes me feel more motivated, confident and positive than being filled with a room full of strong and empowering individuals!

Go Glam Gala InTheFrow

I also got chance to have a little natter with fellow northern girl, Victoria from InTheFrow. Since I started blogging at Grandiose Days, Victoria has been one of my favourite bloggers. She is incredibly hard-working and that just shines through her content which is of such a high calibre. It was fab to finally get to meet her and chat all things bloggy, travel and tattoos. Please excuse to terrible photograph of me – the harsh lighting did zero favours for me.

Go Glam Gala Em Sheldon

Another blogger that I was really glad I got chance to chat with was Em Sheldon from EmTalks. Her travel and fitness blog posts are something I always find myself reading when in need of some inspiration. It was lovely to be able to chat and laugh. She’s honestly so down to earth!

There were a lot of great brands at the Go Glam Gala. This included Cute Nutrition, Aspire Drinks, Candy Kittens, Caolion, Lizzi Zita, Panasonic Beauty Care and Wei. It’s always lovely getting chance to chat with brands at events. I genuinely find it so interesting and it often gives me a chance to discover new things!

The event was hosted with Go Send; an American mail box company. Most beauty bloggers will probably already know all about Go Send. But if you’re not sure, they offer a fab service that helps you to order things from American-based companies without having to pay extortionate shipping fees. If I’m ever in need of a huge Sephora or Bath and Body Works haul, I’ll definitely place my orders via Go Send!

With tired feet and a sore throat from so much laughter and talking, we headed back to the hotel. After a night out, I adore swapping my heels, dress and make-up after a night out for a pair of pjs, fluffy socks and freshly cleansed face! I was absolutely bursting with happiness from my glamorous night at the gala. My heart is brimming with adoration and happiness thanks to the blogosphere.

Go Glam Gala



  1. This post is one of those which leaves you grinning from ear to ear. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful time, it looked amaaaazing.
    Your dress was absolutely divine too – that back detail is beautiful!
    Everyone looked so glam and the event itself was gorgeously decorated!!
    Lovely post!


    1. Ahhh Jade, that’s the sweetest comment ever! Thanks for being so kind. I love dresses with back detailing so it was really lovely to finally get the chance to wear this dress for a second time. Thank you lovely <3! xx

    1. That makes me so sad! I would have loved it if you could attend. Thanks so much lovely, it was really amazing! Hopefully we’ll be able to meet soon at another event – it’s sooo long overdue :)!xx

  2. Oh my gosh you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I wish I could go to a blogging event like this but they’re always in London or during the week, so I miss out… Plus my shyness always get the better of me. Maybe one day we’ll bump into each other if I can pluck up the courage!

    1. Aw Lizzie, thank you! Blogging events can be challenging when you’re shy but it’s always nice knowing we’re all in the same boat! Once you get there and get settled, it’s so much fun :). Fingers crossed we get to meet soon at an event xx

    1. Aw thank you lovely! It was seriously one of the best events I’ve been to, fingers crossed there will be more like this soon :)!

    1. Thank you so much! It’s a such a shame we didn’t chance to chat…there were so many people there! The flower wall and trees were the ultimate blogger interior goals haha xx

    1. No way!! I would have loved it if you and Jemma could come. Hopefully, I’ll see you superrrrr soon at another event up North <3!

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