Four Easy Ways to Make Extra Money At Home

Right now, I’m going through a patch in life where money seems to just be draining out of my bank account. Just like watching water…


Right now, I’m going through a patch in life where money seems to just be draining out of my bank account. Just like watching water drain away down a plug hole, it feels as though someone has left the plug out the metaphorical sink that represents my bank account…. and all I can do is watch as the money goes swirling down the plug hole never to be seen again. From immediate home repairs to having a car crash to sudden vet bills that aren’t covered by pet insurance, there’s a constant stream of out-of-the-blue payments this month. Oh, the joys of being an adult.

Sound familiar? If, like me, you’re in need of some extra money this month, it’s possible that the answers to your money-woes could be sitting in your home. Your home can provide some amazing possibilities on how to save and earn extra money. Or, how to simply free up some extra cash that you’re in serious need of right now. Instead of getting into a wild panic about where to find the money for that emergency bill that just landed on your plate, let’s take a look at four quick and easy ways you could make extra money from the comfort of your own home.

Borrow Money Against Your Home

As a homeowner, you could have thousands of pounds sitting against the value of your home. If an emergency has arose where you need money fast (and lots of it) then borrowing against your house could be the solution for you. Obviously big risks can come with borrowing against your house so you’ll need to seriously weigh up the pros and cons before doing anything. The main risk to this option is that by offering your home as guarantee you are giving the lender the legal rights to your home should you be unable to repay your borrowing for any reason.


With that said, I know plenty of people who have borrowed money against their home at times of desperate need and it’s been somewhat of a lifeline for them – so I didn’t want to completely rule this option out. By borrowing against your home, you are essentially using the equity that you have in your home to your advantage. In order to borrow money against your home, you will need to match some requirements. However, this is also an alternative to borrowing money against your house. The other option available is to get a secured homeowner loan. With secured homeowner loans like the Evolution Money’s homeowner loans you could borrow up to £25,000 over flexible, long-term periods that suit you and your needs. If you need to borrow a large sum of money, whether it’s for home renovations, a new car, or emergency repairs, a homeowner loan could help.

Save Money At Home

There’s always a possibility that you’re paying more for home-related bills than you need to. Not long after moving into my home, I had a smart meter installed. As my home runs on a prepayment meter, I found having a smart meter really helped me to be more green when it came to my gas and electricity usage.

Smart meters allow you to pinpoint the appliances in your home that are costing you the most money. You can then replace those appliances and move towards eco-friendly options. For reference, anything higher than an A grade is advised so be sure to keep a look out for the grading of aplliances when you explore the market for replacements.

Alongside using a smart meter to save money, it also pays to check your utility and broadbank deals on an annual basis. Be sure to check that you’re still receiving a competitive rate. If you find your monthly payments have increased or are consideraly higher than competitors on th market, it might be time to change provider. Whenever I decide to change my utility provider or broadbank package, I always make sure to check QuidCo and see if there’s a potential to earn extra cashback whilst doing so. A few months ago, I cancelled my TV package and swapped to an internet-only deal – y’know, being a netflix-watching millenial and all. By using QuidCo at the time of changing providers, I managed to score a £100 pre-paid card from my new provider, which was a quick and easy financial win simply for doing something I was already planning to do.

Start a Business from Home

This is probably my most favourite way to earn money at home. It’s also the one that I would advise you to follow above all of the others, except maybe saving money… because it’s always a good idea to save money. Starting a business at home is a more proactive and responsible way to use your property to earn some extra cash.

With a love of one day being a digital nomad who works for myself instead of lining someone else’s pocket, I actually started my own small biz! Over at Lone Wolves Club on Etsy, I make handstamped dog tags, keyrings and bracelets. It was a relatively low cost creative venture to get into as I already had some of the materials I needed, meaning the start-up costs weren’t that expensive. I love having a creative outlet so being able to make products for people brings me sooo much joy. Be warned though, I’m nowhere near a millionaire from my Etsy venture. It takes a lot of time and hard work before you start seeing any signs of genuine income. Right now, I’m lucky if I even get 3 sales in any one given month. But that doesn’t change my love for my small business. Plus, I know if I truly put the work in, I can grow my business further.

A popular home business route people go down is e-commerce and drop-shipping. he benefit of doing this is that you don’t have to worry about actually producing the items, yourself. You either buy in bulk, and then sell them on separately for a fair and honest profit. If you opt for drop-shipping, you can ship items direct to the customer without ever holding any stock.

Because you’re here reading this blog post, I’m going to go ahead and assume that you know I write a blog… I mean, you are here after all. Writing a blog is another great way to make an extra income from home. Through blogging, you can receive some great brand opportunities where you will be paid in return for producing great quality content on your blog, social media channels or any other platforms where you might have influence or value to the brand.

Honestly, there’s hundreds of ways to make money at home. By simply doing a quick Google search, you’ll be able to find tons of articles detailing all of the different ways to make money by starting a home business.

Rent a Room in your Home

Finally, another easy way to make money from your home is to rent a room out. I only have a two-bed house but when a friend of mine was in need of somewhere to move to, I happily cleared out my office and made space for her to move into my spare room. Having a friend around the house was great and renting a room out meant I could shave some money off my monthly bills.

If you have quite a large home, you could even think about running this as a type of bed and breakfast or if your home is in a desirable location, you could also think of letting it out as an Air BnB. The benefit of these options is that you can boost your income during busy holiday seasons, without barely having to lift a finger. You just need to make sure that you keep your home comfortable and safe, for both you and your guests.

While you might be wary about letting strangers stay in your home, it’s worth noting that you can vet them. Personally, I really enjoy having my own space and wouldn’t feel overly comfortable on having a stranger in my home. But, if you need the extra money, renting a room out may be one of th only viable options for you. By vetting potential lodgers or guests, you will have complete control over who might be coming to stay.


That’s it! In a nutshell, those are four quick and easy ways you could earn money from your home. I really hope that these have helped offer you some clarity on the money-making options that could be sitting right in front of you. Remember, whatever you choose to do, be financially-responsible and please don’t make any decisions that could leave you in a worse position.

Financial security is a huge worry of mine so it’s something that I’m always cautious about. It also means that months where I’m struggling financially, like this one, really do give a kick up the backside to work on my side hustles and do everything I can to proactively earn and save some extra money.

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