Five ways to get more active during the work day

Getting more active will not only help you physically, but it is also good for your heart and mental health. You don’t have to make…


Getting more active will not only help you physically, but it is also good for your heart and mental health. You don’t have to make a drastic change and work out 7 days a week; instead, you can adjust your daily routine slightly to incorporate extra steps or physical activity. Getting more active during your working day could help you overcome that mental slump you’re in right now.

Below are five simple ways to get more active during your work day. If you would like to take it that step further, you could also consider getting a health coaching specialist to help with both your diet and fitness routine.

Take the stairs

If you’re office-based, how often do you take the stairs? Whether it’s at the train station, in the car park, or in your office building, opting for the stairs is one simple way to increase your daily steps.

How many times in the office do you get the lift instead of walking up 4 or 5 flights of stairs? Try and make some changes to your routine and take the stair each day one or two times more until you only use the stairs. A small change, like walking up the stairs, will make you more active and help with your overall fitness. The more you do it, the greater the health benefits will be.

When working from home, you might find you spend less time moving. If that’s the case, set yourself a daily habit of standing up and moving about at least once every hour. You could also set yourself the daily goal of walking up and down your stairs during that hourly moment of movement.

5 ways active during work day - grandiose days

Walk on your lunch break

Time spent outdoors has never been as valuable as it feels right now. Instead of staying at your desk on your lunch break, go out. Try and go for a 30-minute walk once or twice a week on your lunch break.

This will not only help with getting more active but also help with your mental health. Having a change of scenery can help you relax and take your mind off the work tasks plaguing your mind for a temporary amount of time. Whether it’s a walk in the park or just a short stroll around the block, those 30 minutes of fresh air can do your phyiscal and mental health a world of good.

Park further away

Heading into the city for a client meeting? It may sound silly but parking your car further away can help get more active during your work day. When driving to the shops, office, or client meeting, don’t choose the nearest spot to the door. Instead park further away, forcing yourself to walk the extra distance. This will help increase your step count and will get your heart rate going.

Although, my personal favourite reason for parking away is that it also minimises the likelihood of you car getting dinged. The further away parking spots are usually less busy. So, as someone who owns a car that’s been hit far too many times, you’ll often find me choosing the furthest possible parking space wherever I go! Alternatively, you could opt to cycle to your destination instead of driving.

Play with your pets

Getting to spend more time with my dogs is arguably one of my favourite things about working from home. Spending an extra 15 minutes a day playing with your pet will undoubtedly get your heart rate pumping. Plus, all that time spent surrounded by your favourite fluff-butts is bound to release some happy endorphins to boost your mood!

The best thing is most of the time; you don’t realise you are being active. Running around with your pet will have you getting active and increasing your heart rate in no time. Plus, your pet will benefit from the increased socialisation and activity. I’ve found my dogs have a naturally calmer temperament now that I’m working from home and able to spend time with them during my lunch break.

Online exercise classes

Open up YouTube and put on a virtual exercise class that you can take part in. Online exercise classes are easily accessible and don’t cost a penny unless you want to take them more seriously.

Not only that, but you can do it in the comfort of your own home without having to go to a gym. No matter your interests, there are many classes you can take part in from yoga and Pilates to more rigorous classes such as HIIT or circuit training. During lockdown I discovered a new-found love for yoga and have been dedicating one morning a week to doing a yoga flow led by Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. This morning yoga flow helps set me up for a positive working day by releasing any tension held in my body and improving my mindset for the day ahead.

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