Finding your Blog Strengths with #BlogAtTheBeach always hold amazing blogger events and the summer 2018 event was filled with inspiration and tips on how to find and grow your blog strengths.


If there’s one thing I’d like to think I am, it’s determined. I always aim to push myself further, try new things and generally just do more. It’s probably why I’m a massive fan of the blog events. are a travel comparison site, helping to to find the perfect holiday, but they also have a great connection with the influencer industry. When it comes to blog events, Ice Lolly manage to encapsulate everything I want and love in an event. With inspirational talks, lorries filled with beach balls and networking with like-minded, lovely people, what more could you want?

The #BlogAtTheBeach events ran by Ice Lolly will be difficult to top. Due to some train issues (if only Ice Lolly did train booking apps…) I was an hour late to the event, but thankfully I didn’t miss out on any of the fun. In fact, I arrived just in time for a talk from Sophie Mei Lan, owner of the blog Mama Mei. In her talk, Sophie discussed the ways in which you can take your blog writing skills and apply them to more traditional, journalist types of media.


Sophie’s talk was a topic that I found fascinating. Writing for a local North-West, Lake District or even Yorkshire publication, is something that I would love to do one day. Even if it is just one little article feature. Hey, what can I say, I’m a Northern adventurer at heart. Sharing your thoughts on your own platforms seems like an entirely different vibe to writing on a public media platform and honestly, the thought of it gives me major imposter syndrome feels. I don’t feel as though my voice is valid enough to be used on any platform other than my own. I mean, why would anyone reading Yorkshire life want to know what little Tasmin from Blackpool thinks?

Sophie’s chat really drove home that actually, we all have something to say that’s worth listening to. With some little activities, we soon all got thinking about what we can bring to the table. It was nice to have that gentle nudge as a reminder that the word-vomit I often save for my blog can be ‘worthy’ of being published elsewhere too.


The world of blogging is saturated. There’s millions of bloggers out there so how you do make sure you stand out? You be yourself, of course. Be, unapologetically, you. Vix Meldrew has an amazing attitude and a brilliant way with words. Her charm shines through in her humour but above all, she’s not afraid to be herself. In her talk at the Ice Lolly event, Vix spoke to us about how to package your brand as a blogger.

We’re up to our eyeballs in bloggers, vloggers and Instagram influencers. So much so that it almost seems impossible to stand out. Vix’s chat was a reminder that instead of focusing on what everyone else is doing, you should be focusing on what you can do. Instead of trying to be someone else, be yourself and own it. By all means, take inspiration from someone else or study what they’re doing right and see how you can apply it to your own platform. But, ultimately, find your own identity and work hard on building that identity and the community that surrounds it.


After some much needed (and might I add, delicious) wood-fired pizza and some hearty hot dogs from Fat Annie’s, it was time for the third blogger talk of the day.

Sabina from Girl Vs Globe spoke to us about how her numbers on YouTube and Instagram grew rapidly over 9 months. From her own experience, Sabina was able to share her insights into things you can do to help increase your followers numbers…even when it seems like the algorithms are against you.

Sabina posted a ‘Instagram hacks’ video to YouTube which saw her YouTube subscriber and Instagram follower numbers grow nicely over the following 8 months as her video picked up traction. Sabina hadn’t done anything magical or out-of-the-ordinary. She simply spoke about a topic that people a) find interesting and b) want to know the answer to.

Whilst I find video content something that is way and truly out of my comfort zone, I found it fascinating to learn about the techniques Sabina has picked up along her YouTube journey. From sharing emotional, relatable content to quick, easy-to-absorb videos, there’s so many avenues you can go down in the world of video creation. You’re also no longer limited to 1 particular platform thanks to the likes of Live video on social media, Instagram stories and the new IGTV.

I found Sabina’s talk really interesting and even though I don’t do video, I found the things she spoke about could be applied to my content anyway.

Side note and not-so fun fun: I briefly gave YouTube a go but found it excruciatingly awkward and ‘not me’ so that was short-lived…who knows, maybe I’ll dabble in video content again one day.


As always, the Icelolly event was incredibly good fun. The team at put on a brilliant event and even gave some great talks about their company and connection with the blog/influencer community. Alongside all of the talks, they hosted brilliant games to give people the opportunity to get involved in something fun and have the opportunity to win a prize.

Above all else, my favourite part of blog events is the chance to chat to my heart’s content. Being able to catch up with friends and talk to new people is always my favourite part of any blog event. I find I always leave with a spring in my step, inspiration in my heart and all the motivation and creativity swirling around my brain.

Fingers crossed, this latest event has given me the motivation I need to steer my blog in the direction I want it to go…

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