Finding My Autumn-Winter Style

When it comes to fashion and style, I’ve never been the go-to girl for finding out the latest fashion trends and must-have pieces. Instead, I’m…


When it comes to fashion and style, I’ve never been the go-to girl for finding out the latest fashion trends and must-have pieces. Instead, I’m the kind of girl who enjoys dressing for herself. I’ll wear the things that make me feel comfortable, confident and happy. You know the saying “you look like you got dressed in the dark?”… Well, sometimes that phrase can be perfectly applied to some of my outfit choices especially in the colder months where I simply want to wear my warmest clothing without a care in the world about whether a bright yellow jumper goes with tartan red leggings or not…


But this year, as I’ve been trying to cut back on how many clothes I own, I’ve been thinking a lot about my sense of style and what clothes I want to wear to ensure I feel and look my best, without having to make a whole load of effort. Since April, I’ve taken 5 full bin-bags of clothes to the charity shop, sold several pieces on Depop and have another bin bag full of clothes to either sell or donate. It sounds like a lot but I’ve still got a long way to go before i’ve really downsized my wardrobe. Does anyone else find they get sentimental over clothes? I have dresses that I haven’t worn for 6 years but can’t bear to get rid of just in case I one day decide I want to go do my weekly food-shop wearing a cinderella-esque ball gown. Oh and don’t even get me started on the jacket that hangs in my wardrobe with my full name and year 7 class scrawled on the label from when I was 12 years old and first heading to High School.

So, how am I trying to find my sense of style for Autumn-Winter?

Long Dresses and Midi Skirts for Autumn

Right now, I’m loving styling long dresses and midi skirts for the Autumn. These are perfect for transitioning your wardrobe from Summer to Autumn.


Throw on your favourite oversized roll-neck jumper and tuck it into your midi-skirt, cinch in your waist with a belt and voila – you’ve created a warm yet chic outfit for Autumn in just 5 minutes. This is one of my favourite style cheats for Autumn fashion. It’s a quick and easy way to look perfectly-put together whilst still wearing something that’s super comfy and cosy for those crisp, cold mornings.

Long dresses are another way to easily achieve an effortlessly stylish look for Autumn-Winter. This beautiful floral midaxi-length shirt dress from AngelEye has become one of my staple wardrobe pieces for this season. I love pairing this dress with a pair of ankle boots and chunky-knit socks for staying toasty on cold days. Add a big, borg coat and scarf when you’re heading outside and you’ll be perfectly cosy and prepared for the winter weather.

Falling in Love with Borg Fleece

I’m always going to choose comfort over style. That’s why borg fleece-everything has become my saviour this season. I’m a sucker for borg fleeces. They’re the epitome of cosy and wearing one feels like you’re being indefinitely hugged by a teddy bear. It’s th ultimate cosy item for your winter wardrobe.


In my wardrobe you’ll find: 2 teddy bear borg jackets, 1 oversized floor-length borg coat, 1 high-neck borg hoodie and 1 cropped borg fleece hoodie. When I say I love borg, I mean it. All of these items are perfect for wearing with jeans or leggings allowing you to wrap up warm for winter days out.

I’ve got the Dr Marten Borg-lined Leonore ankle boots on my Winter wish-list. Alas, I’m trying to be good with my money so instead, I opted for a pair of brown ankle boots from Primark that were 90% cheaper than the Dr Marten boots of my dreams. They may not be fur-lined or as durable and high-quality as the doc martens, but these Primark boots are sturdy enough to see me through plenty of Winter walks with the dogs and brunch catch-ups with friends.

Embellished Dresses for the Evening

I’m going to hold my hands up and admit it… my idea of the perfect Saturday night is being curled up in my pjs watching cheesy hallmark movies in front of the fire at home. That’s it. That’s the perfect night. But Winter is a time for catching up with friends and enjoying moments with all those friends you said you’d see this year but could never settle on a date that suits everyone, until December rolls around and suddenly you’re all adamant that you will see each other before the year is over. So, some of my beloved cosy nights in are replaced with fun nights out with friends and family. And honestly? Once I’m out with everyone, it’s a right laugh. It’s just the getting ready and tearing myself away from my warm and cosy pjyamas that the hard part…


When the temperatures start to fall and the evenings grow darker, I love nothing more than the delicate twinkle of fairy lights. To me, embellished dresses are like festive fairy lights in dress-form… they make me feel so special and happy. It sounds crazy right? But trust me, there’s something about wearing an embellished dress during the festive season that just feels sooo perfect.

If I have any fancy nights out this Winter, I’ll be wearing my favourite embellished dress with heels. But, for those nights out that are a little bit more casual? You bet I’ll still consider wearing an embellished dress. A mid-length tulle embellished dress might be the most feminine and fairytale looking dress imagineable, but pair it with some punk doc martens or biker-style heeled boots and a leather jacket for a dressed-down look.

That’s it, just three simple ways I’m styling my wadrobe for Autumn-Winter to make sure it still ticks all of my boxes for ultimate-comfort whilst looking effortlessly chic and filling me with confidence.

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