Visiting the 30th Everyman Cinema at Holmes Mill, Clitheroe

Everyman Cinema opened their 30th venue at Holmes Mill in Clitheroe. And, it couldn’t be more perfect.


The first time I ever visited an Evermany Cinema was five years ago – back when they used to do free pizza Mondays. I vividly remember feeling genuine excitement. All this time, I’ve been going to cinemas to eat stale popcorn and sit in fold-up chairs that leave you with achy knees and feeling like you’ve aged 50 years as you search endlessly for the non-existent comfy spot. Yet, cinema doesn’t have to be that way. The Everyman Cinema opened my eyes to the possibilities of how cinema could be – wait, scrap that – how cinema should be.

Upon my leaving my first ever visit to an Everyman Cinema, my opinion on cinema had changed. This small chain of boutique cinema theatres is redefining cinema. Theatre and cinema is an art enjoyed by the masses and it’s one that deserves so much more than bland backgrounds, stale snacks and comfort-void seating. Thankfully, Everyman Cinema are challenging that picture with their innovative lifestyle approach to the world of film screenings.

The Opening of the Everyman Cinema in Clitheroe

Almost five years have passed since my first visit to an Everyman Cinema. Since then, they’ve continued to blossom and redefine the world of film. In October 2019, Everyman Cinema opened their 30th venue at Holmes Mill in Clitheroe. And, it couldn’t be more perfect.


Clitheroe holds a part of my heart. Albeit, not for any reason in particular other than the fact that it’s a local Lancashire town overflowing with support for small, independent businesses which all add to it’s small-town charm. It’s somewhere I could happily spend all of my weekends. I probably owe a lot of my love for Clitheroe to James Warburton – the enterpreneur behind charming, personality-led establishments including The Emporium, Bowland Brewery, Holmes Mill and plenty more endearing establishments throughout the Ribble Valley.

Now, Clitheroe marks the spot for Everyman’s 30th cinema venue. Founded in 2000, Everyman is changing the way we view cinema. With venues overflowing with character, wonderfully-themed cinema screens and the cosiest seating, you’d be a fool to miss out.

Visiting the Everyman Cinema in Holmes Mill

Located within the Holmes Mill grounds, the Everyman cinema is a perfect addition to Clitheroe. If you are planning a trip to Clitheroe, make sure you carve out time to watch a film. Everyman offers more than movies though. You’ll also be able to relax in the bar area where you can have a meal or enjoy some pre-movie drinks.

Inside, the Everyman Cinema boasts a large bar area which oozes luxurious-yet-cosy art-deco vibes.

At the bar, you can take your pick from the signature cocktails or if you’re feeling peckish, the Speilburger menu and Sundae list will take your fancy. Once you’ve picked your poison, you can kick-back and relax thanks to their welcoming set-up of sofa seating which adds an inviting touch and almost feels homely. The bar is the perfect spot for a social catch-up with friends before you go through to the screens.

Cosy Up and Unwind in the Boutique Cinema Screens

If the beautiful bar area isn’t enough to win you over, the cinema screens certainly will. You won’t find any notoriously-uncomfortable stall seating you often find at cinemas here. Everyman cinema have thrown out the traditional cinema set-up in favour of comfy sofas that you can sink into.

The art-deco decor of the bar area seamlessly flows through into each of the four cinema screens, adding snug speak-easy vibes to your cinema experience. If you love an intimate cinema experience, then you’ll love screens 1 and 2 which have a humble 31 seats for a truly cosy film viewing. Screen 3 and 4 are the larger screens, with a seating capacity of up to 122 seats, showing that large cinema screens can still have bags of personality. All of the screens have Dolby 7:1 digital sound so you can have confidence knowing you’re not only getting the best seating and the best atmosphere but you’ll also get the best sound.


Fancy some snacks for your cinema trip? Of course you do! At Everyman, you can enjoy the usual cinema snacks of popcorn and chocolate or you can snack on a tub of luxurious nuts (I 100% recommend the honey roasted cashews). If that’s not enough, Everyman offer waiter service meaning you can get delicious food and drink delivered to your seat during the film… pizza and wine, anyone? If you ask me, that is a dream cinema offering.

At the press event, we were lucky enough to get to test out the cinema screens for ourseles and watch one of four films. Naturally, I opted to watch The Aeronauts – a whimsical biographical adventure film retelling the tale of a scientist and aeronaut in their attempt to fly a hot air balloon the highest it’s ever flown, all in the name of science.

That’s as much as I’ll tell you but if you love movies that fill you with a sense of adventure, wonder and possibility then you absolutely need to add The Aeronauts to your must-watch list. Oh, and probably make sure you go to an Everyman to watch it so you can have the ultimate cinema experience.

Keeping Films Alive with Events at Everyman Cinemas

Cinema isn’t dead. In fact, it’s thriving and you’ve partly got Netflix to thank for that. The new age of Netflix has helped refresh the world of film and Everyman fit the bill perfectly by offering the perfect venues to watch the latest releases.

But, there’s more to Everyman than just booking to see the latest Hollywood movie. Everyman offer a dazzling array of mainstream, independent and classic films, along with special events, and a diverse calendar of live broadcasts to ensure there’s something for everyone.

Keep your eye on the Events at Everyman to make sure you don’t miss out on any gems. Here, you wiill find seasonal specials such as Halloween nights to historical celebrations including Black History Month and heart-warming shows with live theatre broadcasts. Everyman offer something unique for everyone.


Cinema is flourishing…

So, the next time you’re thinking of making a trip to the cinema, make it an Everyman trip. With 30 venues across the nation, you deserve to treat yourself to a luxurously comfy cinema visit. And, if you love the cinema, you can join the Everyman membership club where you can get free tickets, discounted food and drink and special incentives throughout the year.

Cinema is flourishing and unique, independent picture houses, such as Everyman are the perfect place to view the latest and greatest movies.

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