My Dream Winter Home for Christmas

With a house that somewhat resembles a building site right now, I’ll be spending the weeks in the run up to Christmas daydreaming about my…


With a house that somewhat resembles a building site right now, I’ll be spending the weeks in the run up to Christmas daydreaming about my perfect winter home. When moving house I was convinced that I’d at least have the front room looking perfect by Christmas time. Fast forward to today and that’s nothing but a festive wish. The chimney breast has finally been plastered (yay!) so once that’s dried, a lick of paint and a new oak beam mantel will mean I’m one step closer to having the perfect hygge home. Despite my house being an unfinished project, spirits are high! It’s slowly coming together and I’m adding touches of homeliness where I can to keep it cosy. But if I could go anywhere for the festive season, what would my dream winter home look like?

Canada has long been on my list of places to visit. But then again, where isn’t on my must-visit list? Canada is one of those places that I imagine being so perfect during the colder months. I dream of opening the balcony doors of a treehouse to be greeted by a winter wonderland view of a snowy forest and icy lakes of Canada. I adore the wilderness and staying in a treehouse in the middle of nowhere sounds like the absolute dream to me. A secret cove hidden between the trees – somewhere you can go and get well and truly lost. That’s the dream location. Somewhere you can choose to relax, soaking in the picturesque scenery or immerse yourself in the nature that engulfs you with a variety of outdoor sports and activities.
Retreating to the front room to start the day with a freshly roasted coffee in front of an open-fire would be the perfect start to Christmas in the dream winter home in Canada. Obviously enjoying the festive season in the Canadian forests is a pipe dream. But hey, a girl’s got to have dreams! If I had the money I’d totally build my own Grand Designs-esque architectural home in the middle of nowhere. It would easily beat the morning view of lots of red-brick houses crammed together on a bleak and tiny street in England. I’m certain one day I’ll make that my reality…even if it’s just for a few days holiday!

I follow a lot of home interior accounts on Instagram and they have me seriously lusting after the moody eclectic styling. Julian Charles offer an incredible range of winter home accessories – from check bedding to scented candles, they have all the homeware my heart yearns for in the colder months. If I ever had a treehouse stay in wilderness, I’d be wanting all those rustic country vibes with check bedding, teddy bear fleece throws and sheepskin rugs. Rough those cosy textures up with distressed wood, concrete, metal touches and dark tones for an element of moodiness. The dark, cozy interior starkly contrasting against a dreamy backdrop of greenery would be incredible. It’s safe to say I have the vision of my perfect winter home all mapped out in my head. Travelling and seeing the world is hugely important to me so I’m certain that I will visit Canada or another equally picturesque and nature-filled destinated sometime in the future for a winter retreat.
Whilst the treehouse in Canada remains a winter dream for now, I’ll be adding touches of cosiness to my own house to make up for it.

Scented candles are a simple way to add cosy character – my current favourite being my Lump of Coal candle by DW home. Festive scented candles are my jam all year round. Speaking of candles, I recently made the rookie error of leaving a candle on top of my log burner one evening, causing the wax to melt down and submerge the wick. On the plus side, now whenever I burn my logburner, the candle melts down again giving off the best rhubarb and fig scent.
Flipping back to the topic of cosy furnishings and creating the ideal winter home, the christmas bedding by George will always have the number one spot for me. They have some of the sweetest twists on traditional styled festive bedding. Fingers crossed I’ll treat myself to at least one set of festive bedding this December, whether it’s by George, Julian Charles, or another homeware store who are killing it on the bedding front without killing my bank balance.
I might not have the treehouse cabin of my dreams this winter but I’ll be doing my bit to make my tiny unfinished home as cosy and christmassy as possible. I’m planning to have the log burner finished on the week of Christmas and I absolutely cannot wait to share the final result (along with the journey from start to finish) with you all!


  1. I love lighting scented candles in the winter. We’ve recently moved home so we’ve been trying to get it looking nice too. I think it’s going to be a long process to get it looking how we would like it to x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

    1. Scented candles are a must, aren’t they? They instantly make it homely and cosy.
      That’s so exciting! I hope the new house is going well. It’s such a long progress but it’s sooo exciting at the same time xx

    1. My house is a very SLOW work in progress – I can’t wait for the day I have flooring downstairs haha. But the thought of it at the end of this year is what gets me through!
      Oh wow that’s amazing that he gets to work there – hopefully you’ll get chance to visit one day too!xx

  2. Canada is top of my travel wishlist! I can’t wait to to visit breathtaking Banff one day. That rhubarb candle sounds dreamy!

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