Disneyland Paris Night Time Disney Dreams Show

Last month I visited Disneyland Paris for two days. The one thing that has stuck with me is the magical Night Time Disney Dreams show….


Last month I visited Disneyland Paris for two days. The one
thing that has stuck with me is the magical Night Time Disney Dreams show. Just
thinking about it now gives me butterflies. When you step foot in Disneyland
you’re automatically transported to a whole new world. It’s as if you’re lifted
off earth and dropped straight into the midst of a Disney film. It’s a place
where the impossible because the so very possible. The most enchanting part of
Disneyland is the Night Time Disney Dreams show. Honestly, I am the least soppy
person you can meet but after 20 minutes of watching Disney Dreams my usual
stone cold heart was replaced with all the fuzzy warm feelings in the world.

I would happily return to Disneyland Paris again and again
and again just for the night time show. Fireworks on their own are meh. But
sprinkle some Disney magic into it and wow, simply wow. I was mesmerized. It’s
an experience that I’ll proudly admit, will stay with me forever. It’s also far
more magical than I remember it being when I watched as a child. Though that
may be due to the advance in technology- thank you 21st century.
At ten to ten (perfect cowboy time, yeehaw Woody!) we were
dashing through Central Plaza towards the Sleeping Beauty Castle, spurred on by
our determination to get the perfect spot. We were content with our efforts,
having found a spot amongst the crowd that wasn’t too close or too far. For the
next ten minutes we excitedly chit-chatted like hyperactive 5 year old kids as
we waited for the show to commence.
As the hand of my watch struck 10, then castle began to fill
up with magic. There was an energetic buzz throughout the crowd, butterflies in
my stomach and a crazed smile on my face. The stormy night sky added to the
mystical atmosphere. Once the castle was overflowing with magic Peter Pan
appeared before our very eyes and so the story began. The show immediately sprang
into action as Peter Pan’s shadow escaped and with it the magic spilled out of
the castle. With my jaw to the floor I watched with amazement as Peter Pan set
out on his quest through Disney tales, both old and new, to find his shadow and
restore the magic to the Sleeping Beauty castle. I was bursting with curiosity,
sitting on the edge of my metaphorical seat as I watched the story unfold.
On his adventure through the explosion of lights and colour,
Peter Pan was joined by Disney favourites from classics like Aladdin and Beauty
and the Beast to the modern-day films of Brave and Ratatouille. On so many
occasions I found myself wowing, smiling and giggling to myself as I gazed at
the magic before my eyes.
The show lasted 20 minutes. But I was so captivated by the
show that time itself felt as though it had slowed. In those enchanted 20
minutes, my worries and negativities all melted away. Instead, they were replaced
with a sense of magic and possibility. It sounds silly to say some fireworks,
lights, music, water fountains and projection displays could make me feel such
a way. But, it’s true. In those 20 minutes, I had been turned into the soppiest
person on this planet. I’m not the kind of girl to let my guard down, show my
soft side or even share a hug with someone – seriously, just ask my sister. But
the Disney Dreams show left me with such a happy heart that I could have just
hugged and kissed everyone around me. Though, that would have been wildly
inappropriate. So I resisted the temptation, don’t worry. In my head, I existed
in this beautiful world, where I could achieve anything and have my own happily
ever after.
That’s when I realised. My life can be magical. It can be
anything that I want it to be. We grow up watching Disney movies where the
characters overcome life’s adversities and find their happily ever after. They
lead adventure-filled lives and go on to fulfil all their dreams and desires.
But in the real world, we’re brought up to adhere to the rules of the system. From
day one, society prepares us for a life spent working a 9-5 job and doing not much
else. But I plan to break free from that mould. I want to live a life of happy adventures.
I’m making the choice to not just exist, but to live. The choice to live a life
filled with magic. Your life is the result of the decisions you make and the
way you react to those curve-balls that life throws at you. It’s time to start
acting like the lead character in your own Disney movie. With that in mind, I’m
going to make the most of my life and make my own Disney fairy tale dreams come
So, thank you to Disneyland Paris for bringing magic to my
life and thank you to the blogging world for giving me a spot on the internet
to create my own ‘magical’ world out of my thoughts, feelings and rambling
 ps. for a snippet of the magic, watch my short video below



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