Defining Yourself and Wearing Those Labels With Pride

We are all so quick to shoehorn ourselves and others into specific boxes and labels. Take my Instagram bio, for example. In that small box…


We are all so quick to shoehorn ourselves and others into specific boxes and labels. Take my Instagram bio, for example. In that small box before the arrary of photos, I’ve tried to summarise who I am in 5 succinct points:

◦ NW lifestyle blogger ◦ Fan of adventures and the outdoors ◦ Crazy dog mum ◦ First-time homeowner ◦ Digital marketer

grandiose days tasmin instagram

But I’m more than that. So much more than those 5 things. We all are. Yet, I’m happy to label myself as those 5 traits and I will wear them with pride.


I find it hard to explain how happy I am that I started writing away on this little platform. When I first started blogging, I think I started just because I wanted to write something. I had no idea why or what I wanted to write, I just knew I wanted to do it. And just like that, Grandiose Days bloomed.

With the growth of Grandiose Days, I feel as though I’ve also developed as a person. Blogging holds many benefits but for me the most important ones are those affecting my own personal development. Blogging has helped strengthen my copywriting, SEO and marketing skills. It’s enriched my interpersonal skills and forced me to break out of my comfort zone by attending events with complete strangers. Events that now I feel completely confident attending. All the aspects of blogging that seem strange to an outsider are now completely normal to me. It’s something that I love doing and I’m proud to wear the blogger badge.

Yet, as a blogger, I feel as though there can be a lot of undue pressue to fit in. If you want to really make it big then you’re probably going to have look a certain way, wear the latest fashion, eat cakes at Peggy Porschen and get your photo snapped on the streets of London. But, that’s not me. I’m a laidback Northern girl who likes to keep things real and raw.

Thankfully, with stores like Tobi or Shein offering sweet clothing at even sweeter prices, I can still keep my wardrobe looking somewhat presentable. Tobi clothing kindly sent me a few little pieces to freshen up my wardrobe. I’d like to think those pieces captured essences of my personality perfectly.

Tobi Shein fashion workwear grandiose days

This Shein Cat Blouse completely stole my heart whilst these classic black trouser by Tobi tick all the boxes by feeling like pyjamas whilst looking smart.


As a fan of the great outdoors, I’m willing to get stuck into almost anything. I just want to immerse myself in outdoor life as much as I possibly can. I get cabin fever if I’ve been indoors for too long and the idea of meaninglessly watching TV and lazying around for hours on end send shivers down my spine. That’s just not who I am.

I have this ache to explore. To get outdoors and just do things. It’s something that fulfills my sense of adventure, my need for stimulation and my desire to be active. Without sounding too cliché or like a total sap, it just calms my heart.

My love for the outdoors brings me fun-filled weekends and hobbies that I may never have tried if I was complacent with just mulling along in city-life. From trying new skills on activity-filled days in the Lake District to cosy outdoor getaways and recently taking up bouldering, I have my wild heart to thank.

With my outdoors and adventure love comes two life goals:

  1. To experience van life – I would love to one day convert a van and take to living in the van whilst traveling and exploring new places.
  2.  I would also absolutely love to one day build my own micro-home out in the middle of nowhere. Whether it’d be to live there permanently or have it as somewhere to escape to, I just know it’s something I want to experience.


If you know me, then you’ll probably know that I have 2 dogs and I apologise profusely for how much I talk about them. But those two disobedient, challenging and loveable dogs are my fur-babies. I’ll be the first to hold my hands up and say that I am crazy dog mum.

tobi clothing fashion grey jumper grandiose days

If there’s one thing my dogs teach me it’s patience. Patience for all the times they have ripped up my sofa, dug at the carpet, stolen food they shouldn’t have and most recently, decorated my kitchen with white paint paw-prints. They are a huge responsibility but I couldn’t imagine life without my dogs.

In true crazy dog mum fashion, my clothes are often adorned with dog hairs. It’s not a good look but it’s one that I’ve come to accept. As a general rule, I tend to stick to grey. It’s the safest colour but luckily, it’s also a colour that I love to wear. This grey jumper by Tobi is the perfect way to ensure I look effortlessly chic and it suits my dog-mum title well by conveniently hiding any unavoidable dog hairs… what can I say, it’s a glam life.

tobi clothing grandiose days jumper dogs

Most days, I’ll be found wearing these black ripped jeans, trainers and some form of jumper or tee to keep me warm. I like to keep things casual but if I can make that casual a little bit more chic without a ton of effort, then I will do.


In February last year, at the mere age of 23 years old, I placed an offer on a house. Fast-forward 4 months and 2 days and I was moving into my first home. If there is one thing I am proud of, it’s buying my first home. I am incredibly lucky to live in an area where the housing market is relatively cheap. It meant I was able to save and buy a house whilst I’m still young. Yet, that process was still incredibly challenging. And now, even though I love being a homeowner, I am the poorest I have ever been. I struggle to make ends meet but I know that it will all be worthwhile in the end.

After all, I’m on the property ladder and I have a roof over my head that one day I will be able to sell or rent. Since my recent travels to Yorkshire, my Lancashire heart may have been stolen by the white rose and it’s left me dreaming of trading in my tiny two bed for a house out in the Yorkshire countryside. With a £400,000+ price tag, it may be a while before I get there. Yet, as with anything, I am determined that I will one day achieve my dream Yorkshire home.

tobi clothing grey jumper ripped jeans grandiose days

Being a millennial and a homeowner comes with it’s own stereotypes. I’m proud to have bought my own house at the age of 23 mainly because it look a lot of hard work, determination and saving. Whether I did this at 23 or 33, I’d still be proud.

But buying at 23 is a weird age. It’s an age where, instead of being offered help, you’re mocked by mass-media for not being able to afford a house. Then if you do buy a house, you’re immediately shunned by media as they refuse to believe you did it any other way than with Mummy and Daddy’s money. It’s all very odd. Despite all that, I am proud to say I’m a homeowner.


Job titles is normally how we define ourselves. When we meet someone for the first time one of our first questions is always about what they ‘do’. But we’re not asking them what they do for fun. Nope, we don’t care about that. We want to know what they do to pay the bills.

We’re all so caught up in the culture of working to survive that we judge people based on their job title. We use it as a way of measuring who they are as a person.

tobi clothing shein blouse workwear grandiose days

With work taking up the majority of our time, it’s important to be in a job that you love. So, I am happy to be labelled as a Digital Marketer or however else you may name someone who works in Digital Marketing. It’s a job that has brought me many skills. Digital Marketing challenges me daily and keeps me on my toes. I will never be bored in this role and it’s one that I am really happy to call my job.

One day, I would like to take my Digital Marketing profession remote. Whether that’s by working freelance or starting my own business, I want to do things by my own terms and from my own location. Until then, I’ll keep dressing smart-yet-comfy and taking myself into the office. The 9-5 isn’t daunting when it’s a job you enjoy and when you’re also making the most of your 5-9.

Tobi clothing grandiose days lace dress

I’m all about that work-life balance. Though, getting dressed up and going out in the evening isn’t very me. It’s still something that I really enjoy on the odd occasion that I do it. Whether it’s food with family, a date night with the boyfriend or an evening catch-up with the girls, it feels nice to occasionally make the effort.

This dusky pink lace dress by Tobi looks ultimately adorable paired with a blazer. A quick win for taking the blazer from office to evening in just a few seconds.

Tobi Clothing grandiose days lace pink dresstobi clothing grandiose days personality self

So, that’s it! That is me summed up in 5 labels. Being labeled doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You can own your labels and I wear mine with pride. How would you label yourself?

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