Getting Crafty With the Viking Direct Craft Blog Event

If there’s one thing bloggers have in common it’s creativity. Whether they know it or not, there’s some form of creativity rushing through their veins….


Craft Blog Event Manchester King Street Townhouse Terrace ViewManchester King Street Townhouse Terrace View Craft Blog Event
If there’s one thing bloggers have in common it’s creativity. Whether they know it or not, there’s some form of creativity rushing through their veins. It may be the way they formulate their words – piecing letters together to create breath-taking tales. Maybe it’s their photography, mastering the golden ratio and smashing all other photography rules out of the water. Whatever it is, there’s no denying that the one thing is bloggers have in common is that deep down, we’re creative souls. So, what a better way to spend a Saturday than at a craft blog event!

Viking Direct are an office stationery supplies company who kindly invited myself and a few (read: about 30!) other bloggers along to the beautiful King Street Townhouse in Manchester for a day of getting our craft on. It was the perfect day for the #VikingArtyParty.

Craft Blog Event Manchester King St Townhouse Hotel Terrace View

The King Street Townhouse was the most beautiful setting for a craft blog event. It’s a boutique hotel, filled with amazing decor. Our craft blog event was held in their sixth floor south terrace lounge, a light and airy space – perfect for allowing creative minds to run wild and free. My absolute favourite feature though – the terrace. It was a rare blue-skied day in Manchester and I loved nothing more than standing at the edge of that balcony looking out over the city. Does anyone else look at random buildings in the distance and wonder what people are doing or is that just me?

In between our crafty activities, I kept popping outside to make the most of those blue skies.

The first creative challenge I tried my hand at (literally) was calligraphy with Joyce Lee of Artsy Nibs. When I was younger I remember buying a calligraphy set, filled with determination that I would create words that look exquisitely beautiful. Naturally, as with everything when I was younger, I wasn’t very good at it so I quickly gave up and moved onto something else. With that in mind, I was fairly excited to finallllly be able to give calligraphy a chance and this time with a teacher to help me along the way!

King Street Townhouse Craft Blog Event

We used the starter calligraphy set which is complete with 3 different nibs and a little pot of ink. After familiarising ourselves with the golden rules of calligraphy : good posture, breathe and slow down, we set out practicing our calligraphy. We learned the different brush strokes before putting it all together to create words! Obviously, being the clumsy so and so that I am, I spilled my ink pot everywhere. Resulting in me having ink stained hands for a good 3 days. If I want to keep up my calligraphy, I’m going to have to buy more ink!

All that calligraphy was hungry work, so we stopped for a quick bite to eat. Pastries. All the pastries. The food was delicious. It was the tasty boost I needed before cracking on with even more crafty activities.

King Street Townhouse Craft Blog Event Viking Direct

With happy tums, it was time to move on to notebook making with The Crafty Hen. When it comes to creativity and being arty, I’m not very good at making the ideas in my head a reality. When I did art at school, my teacher once told me that I’m good at art but I’m too messy. But hey ho, I gave it my best shot! After all, if you’re at a craft blog event, you’ve got to get stuck in!

Notebooks are a bloggers best friend. Go on, ask any blogger! I bet you they’ll tell you that they have a stack of unused, pretty notebooks at home.

Knowing full well that being artistic isn’t my strong point, I kept my notebook simple. You can easily transform a plain notebook into something beautiful with some coloured paper/card, glue, washi tape and ribbon. You can also create a little pocket inside with extra card- a great idea for business cards and what not!

Viking Direct King Street Townhouse Craft Blog Event

After the notebook making (and another cheeky dash to the terrace to enjoy some sunshine) it was time for our final activity. This time we were stamp-printing. We each made our own rubber stamp design then set to work bringing our stamps to life. Once happy with our designs we went to town printing our new design onto magazine files.

I knew this task wasn’t going to be one I excelled in. So I kept my design simple- two lovely little triangles, which once printed around the border of the file wound up looking like bunting! A very happy little accident indeed. Some of the designs the other girls did were outstandingly beautiful!

Viking Direct Craft Blog Event Manchester Terrace

The above magazine file was the work of the lovely Codie, who you can find blogging over at Codiekinz.

All in all, my crafty blog event with Viking Direct was soooo much fun. I had an incredible time getting my craft on. As I’m currently buying my first house, I’m on a mission to save money at any given opportunity. These cute DIY craft hacks are perfect for me right now! It’s an inexpensive way to give something pre-loved a new lease of life!

Tell me some of your favourite creative hacks so I can stay inspired :)!

Viking Direct Craft Blog Event Manchester TerraceViking Direct Craft Blog Event Manchester Terrace


    1. Thanks lovely! It was soo much fun! I don’t send enough time being creative so I really loved taking time out to get crafty and share creativity with others too :)xx

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