Chopping down your own Christmas tree

In a bid to be festive, I headed to a Christmas Tree farm to chop down my own tree. After visiting Hamburg for the Christmas markets…



In a bid to be festive, I headed to a Christmas Tree farm to chop down my own tree. After visiting Hamburg for the Christmas markets last month, I was determined to have a real Christmas tree. Nothing says Christmas quite like a freshly cut Norway Spruce and so I headed to the wilderness (kind of…) to pick and cut down my own tree for the festive season.

Until now, I have never had a real Christmas tree. Though you can certainly count on ‘getting a real tree’ to become my very own festive tradition. Being in that forest was the most Christmassy I have felt in years. When most people think of real Christmas trees they probably imagine awe-inspiring 7ft trees. For me, it’s all about the chubby little trees.

Armed with a trusty (and rusty) saw, festive spirit and a picture in my mind of the perfect Christmas tree, I scoured the forest. The boggy forest floor meant that wellies were a must-wear! It was definitely challenging trying to get unstuck from the mud whilst also trying not to step on any baby Christmas trees. But it was all part of the festive adventure.

Christmas Tree Forest Cutting

Whilst I was on the look-out for the perfect small tree, the forest was alive with families picking their own trees too. Most of them, as I overheard, were going for the biggest and best, wanting no smaller than an 8ft tree (or two trees in one case!). I found it so endearing to overhear families creating such lovely festive memories together.

My sense of direction has never been one of my a strong points. Pair that with being in a maze of Christmas trees and you’ve got some pretty comical viewing. I thought it was a great idea to make a mental note of the trees I liked as I wandered through the forest. After narrowing it down to three possible winners, I decided to retrace my footsteps to chop down one of my favourite three trees to take home.

Unsurprisingly, it’s pretty hard to retrace your footsteps in a forest full of Christmas trees. Who’d have thought it?! As a result, I wound up getting pretty lost. I eventually gave up on finding one of my original 3 favourites and began my search all over again. It didn’t take long until I found another Christmas tree that I adored. So, I quickly set to work cutting it down.

Christmas tree saw action shot

Oh my god. As I rocked the saw back and forth against the trunk of the tree, I felt awful! I genuinely felt a pang of guilt. Mostt people probably don’t feel guilty chopping down trees but I really did feel like a mean Christmas elf; a south pole elf if you must!

Once I got over my sense of guilt, I chopped down my tree, proudly picked it up and carried it back to the forest entrance to be netted. All in all, my grand adventure only cost a wonderfully cheap £15. For such an amazingly low cost, I couldn’t recommend this festive activity enough!

As I walked back to the car I smiled as I saw a small girl excitedly heading towards the forest to pick her own tree with her Dad. My smile quickly turned into a grimace as the young girl stared at my cute little tree in horror before dramatically whining, “Are we getting a big tree, Daddy?!”. My tree is small and cute, I’ll have you know!

Christmas Tree Cutting Activity Selfie

P.S. please ignore my facial expression that resembles that of someone who has just sucked an extremely sour sweet. Clearly, I was too excited to even smile naturally for a photo…

After making a quick pit-stop at the local garden centre, with it’s seriously mesmerising Christmas displays, I headed home to decorate my Christmas tree.

I truly recommend going to a local Christmas tree farm and picking your very own Christmas tree. The whole experience was wonderfully magical. Having the opportunity to wander round the forest and chop down your own tree made it even more special. I can see this being a great activity for couples, families, friends or even on your own! My heart was full of festivity after an afternoon spent surrounded by Christmas trees in the great outdoors.


  1. Look at you cutting down your own tree! I’d never be able to do this myself because I’ve watched Lord of the Rings and seen talking trees! Hahaha! You look stunning in the pictures btw! 😉 xx

    1. Although I haven’t seen Lord of the Rings (sorry!) I still felt pain cutting down the tree! Aw thank you so much Dee :)xx

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