Choosing Between Wood and PVC Blinds

Despite being the smallest room in the house, decorating the dog room has been the longest, most labour-intensive, DIY job. Almost four months have passed…


Despite being the smallest room in the house, decorating the dog room has been the longest, most labour-intensive, DIY job. Almost four months have passed since we started decorating the dog room and we’re still not finished.

Last weekend we put new blinds up in the dog room and I couldn’t wait until the room is finished to tell you all about them. Although we aren’t yet finished decorating the dog room, I feel like putting the blinds up has transformed the look of the room to a point where I’m in complete disbelief that it’s the same room!

To disclose, Make My Blinds gifted us a set of blinds of our choice in return for featuring the blinds in our upcoming ‘Dog Room Renovation’ blog post.

For several reasons, we chose PVC faux wood blinds and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to talk through our decision and delve into why we opted for PVC over real wood blinds.

Choosing_Between _Wood_ and _PVC_Blinds

Choosing blinds might seem like an easy feat at first. However, there are hundreds of styles and designs to choose from and suddenly, as you start scrolling through all of the different options it hits you… there are soooo many decisions involved with buying blinds. Do you want vertical or horizontal? Recessed or exact? Wood? PVC? Metal? Honestly, there’s almost too much choice when you’re as indecisive as I am.

When it comes to choosing blinds, it’s important that you get it right. After all, how often do you replace your blinds? Chances are once you’ve installed your chosen blinds you’ll have them for many years to come; potentially until you next move or if you decide to renovate the room again.

We knew we wanted venetian blinds as they’d be the least likely to be damaged by the dogs and the easiest to wipe clean and keep dog hair free. One of the many joys of having dogs is having to put practicality over aesthetic. Thankfully, venetian blinds are

Benefits of Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds have a touch of elegance and sophistication when compared to metal or fabric blinds. There’s just something about them that says they’re more of an investment piece. Maybe it’s to do with the natural material or it could be the sturdiness of them compared to the metal or fabric alternatives, but wood blinds seem to carry an air of prestige that no other blinds can compare to.

Thanks to their neutrality, wood blinds are fairly versatile and can fit seamlessly into almost any environment. The neutral aspect of wooden blinds mean they are equally complementary to old period properties as they are to modern and contemporary new build homes. Wooden blinds also add a cosy element to your home.

As well as being cosy in style, wood blinds can be great for heat control in the Summer and will be far better at protecting your home from chilly draughts than metal venetian blinds or fabric vertical blinds.

Another great feature of wood blinds is that they are durable, making them a cost-effective solution for your home if you’re looking for a set of blinds that you can keep almost indefinitely.

Why We Chose Faux Wood Blinds

Much like the real thing, faux wood blinds have a level of sophistication that metal or fabric blinds somehow don’t quite have. Faux wood blinds are available in a variety of different finishes, offering more choice than real wood blinds. The great thing is, if you really are looking for that wooden style without actually buying wood blinds, faux-wood blinds are also available in a natural wood-grain finish.

The main factor that swayed me to choose faux-wood blinds over real-wood blinds is the durability of pvc blinds. Unlike wood blinds, pvc blinds are waterproof and if you live in an old house that’s prone to damp or condensation, you’re going to want to make sure you choose blinds that are moisturise resistant.

Choosing_Between _Wood_ and _PVC_Blinds

I was concerned that faux wood blinds would be worse for the environment. However, I feel at ease knowing that no trees were cut down to manufacture these blinds and hopefully the durability of these blinds means I won’t be looking to throw them away any time soon. Although, it would be nice to see pvc blinds made from fully-recyclable materials… hopefully, it’s something that we’ll start to see more of in the future!

As we didn’t have the ‘wow’ factor of real wood blinds, we opted to jazz up our plain white blinds by choosing a set of faux wood blinds with tape detailing. To fit with the grey theme of the front room and kitchen, we chose the ultra pure venetial blinds with iron tape. As soon as we installed them, I immediately started thinking about how we’ll need to measure up the bay window in the front room so we can buy a matching set for the front room.

Choosing_Between _Wood_ and _PVC_Blinds

I absolutely adore our new blinds and I know we made the right choice by opting for faux wood material. I’ve already said that when I next move house, these blinds are coming with me… they’re far too nice to generously leave for whoever moves into this house next! I never knew it was possible to get this excited over blinds before but hey, I guess you learn something new every day, right?

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