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Liverpool was without a doubt my most visited city of 2017. Whether it was for blog events, hospital appointments (with the solo tradition of pre-appointment…


Liverpool was without a doubt my most visited city of 2017. Whether it was for blog events, hospital appointments (with the solo tradition of pre-appointment pancakes and coffee) or catching up with friends, I spent a lot of time in Liverpool. It’s a city that I’ve grown to love – filled with quirks, charm and a sprinkling of sassy, bold characters.

Above all else, the CarnLIVal blog events always leave me feeling excited to head to Liverpool. I say this every single time but I’m always in awe at Katy and Sam’s ability to pull of such fab events. I’m probably pretty biased by every time they manage to get together the loveliest bunch of bloggers for a day full of laughing and catching up.

When it comes to making plans with people, I’m a bit of a nightmare. It’s something I seriously need to work on and yet I feel like constantly making plans and never managing to find a fitting day is also kind of part of being an adult. So whilst I promise to work on making more time for social life, let me just say catching up with the Liverpool girls is always one of my favourite things.

I may be posting about this in January but the event was a Christmas CarnLIVal, aka a small, cosy catchup with the blogging girls! The Lady of Mann pub was the perfect location. Lady of Mann is a traditional looking small pub, tucked down a little alley off Dale Street. It’s cosy, casual and filled with fab wall art.

One thing I love about the CarnLIVal blog events, is how Katy and Sam always go to the effort of organising fun games for everyone to get involved in. The naughty and nice lucky dip has become quite the CarnLIVal tradition – in the naughty and nice dip I won Gingerbread Hot Chocolate, Sassoon hair products, a butt plug (which I may have regifted to someone at Christmas but hey, turns out it makes a great wine stopper!) and some IPA beer which the lovely Holly traded with me for Tropic body butter. I love Tropic skincare so was pretty chuffed with that trade!

The girls also organised a secret santa and I picked the gift Holly put in – can I say girl did good?!

In between swapping stories and telling each other our New Year plans, the girls also ran the raffle. As always, it was full of amazing gifts – including the Naked vault and NYX liquid lipstick vaults!

In the raffle I won a Paul Mitchell Neon haircare set. I probably have the most awkward hair type going, where the only product I can use is the Lush Big sea salt shampoo or else my hair just winds up limp, lifeless and greasy. But, miraculously, the Paul Mitchell Neon Range may be a new favourite. The sugar-base is perfect for my hair type.

The girls had also ran a snowflake creating competition and to my surprise, I won! Well, Katy originally won but apparently winning at your own even isn’t allowed so I felt honoured to be the runner-up ?.

And my prize for having the second cutest snowflake? A beautiful white and rose gold watch by Daisy Dixon. The amazing thing is it even fits my tiny wrists! I can’t wait til summer when I can rock it with a tan as well.

After a day full of laughter and catching up with the Liverpool girls, it was time to wave bye to Liverpool for yet another day!

The drive home was eventful (and by eventful I mean my sat nav misdirected me and sent me in loops across 3 motorways before I got on the right tracks again). So once I eventually got back home, it was time to have a nosey through the gift bag.

The gift bag this time around was a giant santa present sack, so if that doesn’t tell you the gift bags are good I don’t know what will! We were all lucky enough to receive goodies from Kat Von D including the Rock Candy studded kiss lipstick set, Everlasting liquid lipstick and a couple more Studded Kiss lipsticks. Talk about spoilt.

We also received a selection of books from Penguin. I’ve already started reading Hold Back The Stars and cannot wait to feel inspired by the Little Book of Lykke.

Lisa Angel gifted an adorable rose gold snowflake bracelet which didn’t leave my wrist for the entirety of the festive period. It’s definitely my favourite little piece of jewellery, even if it is only suitable for the colder months.

As always, there were a few delightful little beauty and skincare treats in the gift bag. A daring Glitter Lips and bright NYX pigment were amongst the beauty goodies. On the safer side, a couple of NYX lip liners, a perfect pamper collection gift set and a Garnier face mask.

Above all else, we also received some sweet treats. Food is most likely the way to my heart and the personalised Katjes magic candy factory won me over. Katjes can draw or write anything you like in candy and that seriously amazes me.

Choconchoc kindly provided us with some chocolates shaped like everyone’s favourite biscuits. I’ve resisted opening these yet – I’m waiting for the perfect chilled evening so I can tuck in with a hot drink.

Speaking of tucking in…I, for one, can’t wait for the next blog event to get stuck into.

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