CarnLIVal blog event, sex toys and cake

Daytripping to Liverpool for blog events is one of my favourite things and the latest #CarnLIVal lived up to my high expectations. Whenever I go…


Daytripping to Liverpool for blog events is one of my favourite things and the latest #CarnLIVal lived up to my high expectations. Whenever I go to Liverpool for a blog event, I always leave filled with motivation, inspiration and a growing love for blogging.

Since moving into my house I’ve felt pretty out of touch with blogging. My life has been so absorbed by diy and fixing up my little house. As a result, I kind of fell of the radar with all other aspects of my life! But, I’m determined to get my ass back on track and what a better way than doing so with the CarnLIVal blog event?!

Waking up bright and early to catch my trains, I was ready for a fun-filled day catching up with some of my blogger friends. This summers CarnLIVal was held at Yard and Coop. Having previously only visited the Manchester Yard and Coop once on a flying work visit, I was excited to spend some time exploring the Liverpool restaurant. The restaurant was beautifully rustic and industrial with a let’s-bring-the-outdoors-indoors kind of vibe. I was in love with the interior styling and even spied my favourite IKEA chairs set up there – I will own a wingback armchair!

Yard and Coop Liverpool CarnLIVal blog event

If you love chicken and all kinds of fried goodness then you’ll love Yard and Coop! Chicken not your thing? The fried halloumi is heavenly or there’s always ma and cheese balls, deep fried jalapenos or sweet potato fries (amongst lots of other tasty treats!) to get  stuck into. For me, the halloumi was the number one winner without a doubt.

As for the event itself, the girls made sure that CarnLIVal was, as always, filled with fun activities. One thing I adore about CarnLIVal events is that they are always a sex positive environment. We had the usual naughty and nice lucky dip, where I bagged myself some refresher sweeties and a new tote bag courtesy of, pin the camera on the blogger, pass the parcel and a raffle.

Pass the parcel got intense but I was lucky enough to win an adorable Vendula Butterfly bag which will be perfect for the last few days of summer. The bags by Vendula are always so gorgeous so I can’t explain how happy I was to have my very own cute little Vendula piece!

Cake Liverpool CarnLIVal blog event
The raffle was filled with some amazing prizes, as they always are. I totally had my eye on either the vouchers for Gusto (hello, this girl loves food!) or the Wax + Wick Candle but really, the thing I most interested in was the incredible CarnLIVal cake in the middle of the table. Again…I like food, what can I say?

CarnLIVal blog event bathtub selfie
Next to the raffle table was a bathtub filled with balloons and Baylis and Harding treats. I adore Baylis and Harding so getting the chance to handpick a couple of their luxury bath soaks was such a lovely touch. Naturally, I also couldn’t resist making myself comfy in the bath tub on one or two (maybe three…) occasions.

One of my favourite things about blog events like CarnLIVal is that it gives me the opportunity to meet up with so many of my amazing blog friends and meet new ones too! After our event at Yard and Coop, most of the gang headed to play the Escape Room games in Liverpool. Sadly, at this point, I headed towards the train station to go home to see my fur babies, like the responsible dog mum that I am.

CarnLIVal blog event mysteryvibe crescendoCarnLIVal blog event goodie bag reveal
Once home, I was able to have a nosey through the incredible goody bag from CarnLIVal. The goody bag was filled with amazing treats, most of which I’m still yet to try but I can’t wait to give them a go! No doubt, I’ll be sharing my reviews, thoughts and feelings once I’ve given everything a try.

The goodie bag was overflowing with wow-items such as a selection of We Are Tea fresh teas, a Technic colour fix palette, the Crescendo vibrator by MysteryVibe (which looks amazingly luxe), Baylis and Harding bath soaks and an adorable little Nugg face mask. I also can’t wait to find time to settle down and read the lovely Melissa Pimentel book. To see more of the goodie bag, scroll back up and have a little watch of my CarnLIVal vlog!

Until next time CarnLIVal, thank you for a wonderful day with beautiful souls in a city that is capturing my heart!

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