Caolion Korean Skincare Review

Pamper nights are one of my favourite things and yet it’s something that I don’t do often enough. Why should taking care of yourself be…


Caolion Korean Skincare Products Review

Pamper nights are one of my favourite things and yet it’s something that I don’t do often enough. Why should taking care of yourself be restricted to just one night every blue moon deemed ‘pamper night’? It shouldn’t and that’s why I’ve been treating myself to almost daily pamper nights with Caolion.

In January, I headed along to the amazing Go Glam Gala blog event in London. Whilst there, I met the lovely Caolion team who kindly sent me a few skincare bits in the post. Since then, I’ve upped my skincare game by putting their cleansers, soap, face masks, night and day creams to the test!

Caolion Skincare Charcoal Face Mask Review

Caolion are a Korean skincare brand and having heard sooo many amazing things about Korean skincare, it’s fair to say that I was super excited to give them a try! I take pride in my skincare routine, especially my loyalty to a proper cleansing routine. There are no face wipes here! With such a strong love for skincare, I was giddy to spend my evenings trying out the Caolion skincare products.

My absolute favourite product has to be the Pore Pack Duo face mask. If you’re a sucker for a face mask (c’mon who isn’t?!) then I urge you to give this a try. This mask is more than just a simple face mask – it’s actually a two-stage facemask consisting of a hot steaming face mask and cool tightening mask. Talk about luxury! As a girl who tends to buy single use facemasks, I’ve been seriously spoilt by this Caolion face mask set. I don’t think I can go back to the £1 masks after this!

If you want to join me on a pamper night testing out the Caolion pore pack duo then head to my new (eeek!) YouTube channel to see the masks in action. Honestly, these face masks are incredible. The steaming face mask has a gentle warming effect, opening up your pores and helping to diminish any nasty impurities. the cooling face mask contains menthol and is amazingly refreshing! This mask tightens pores leaving you with flawless looking skin. Together, they’re a total dream for keeping skin troubles at bay.

Caolion holds natural beauty close to the heart of the brand. They want everyone to be confident in their own skin and as an advocate of self-love, that’s something that I can 100% get on board with.

Caolion Skincare Pore Purifying Soap Review

One product that I don’t tend to use on my face is soap. I often find bars of soap way to drying for my sensitive skin so I’ll reach for a nice face wash instead. But the Caolion o2 sparkling soap took me by surprise. Maybe it’s due to it’s 3-in-1 properties or maybe it’s thanks to the natural ingredients; I’m not too sure but all I know is this soap has firmly replaced my face wash for the time being. The o2 sparkling soap promises to cleanse skin, tighten pores and exfoliate without drying. It also contains hyaluronic acide which may have something to do with my skin feeling so fab!

Next up, I tried the hot foaming cleanser. Despite it being a ‘foaming’ cleanser, it’s foaming abilities weren’t all that great. It was more of a lather. But this cleanser did still leave my skin feeling fresh and clean. Be warned though, avoid putting this on your eyes. As it’s a hot foaming cleanser it does have warming properties. You would think most normal people would automatically know to avoid using it on their eyes…oh no, not me. On one too many occasions I got carried away with my cleansing routine and proceeded to deeply rub this cleanser into my eyes :). Sometimes, my own stupidity amazes me. With that said, this cleanser is fab at removing stubborn make-up. Because it’s a heating cleanser it opens up your pores, helping to really dig deep to remove your make-up!

Caolion Skincare Night and Day Cream Review

Moving on to the last product, the Day and Night Glowing Duo. The day cream is one of those incredible bounce creams. These products amaze me, there’s just something so satisfying about them. Plus, knowing that the Caolion bounce cream leaves my skin looking radiant is a serious added bonus. The pore tightening sleeping mask was something I’ve never tried before. Putting a face mask on at night to sleep in is truly something bizarre. But the results are sooo satisfying. It tightens pores over night and hydrates skin. The Caolion skincare range has been perfect for this pesky time between winter and spring when the weather has no idea what it’s doing apart from taking a toll on my skin!

Thanks for joining me on a journey of my first experience trying Korean skincare. Caolion have seriously left me feeling impressed. My skin is the best is has been in years and I truly believe it is done to upping my skincare and trying these new products. I’ve been converted into a fully-fledged Korean skincare lover!

If you have any other recommendations for Korean skincare then please leave me a comment and let me know!


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