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A holiday in the sun. Right now, it’s something that I’m seriously craving. I want to go on adventures, push my boundaries, explore new places…


A holiday in the sun. Right now, it’s something that I’m seriously craving. I want to go on adventures, push my boundaries, explore new places and try new things. Unluckily for me, I’m on a travel ban until further notice! Or at least, I’m on a travel ban until I happen to book another spontaneous yet cheap trip away. Though I can’t say I’m that unlucky…after all, I have just bought my first home. To keep my spirits high, and my motivation levels even higher, I took a little day trip to Leeds for Blog At The Beach; an IceLolly blog event!

Leeds is a city that I’ve only ever visited twice before and one of those times was for the City Girls blog event. Yet it’s a city that I just know I would absolutely adore if I was given the time to truly explore it. It was a rare sunny day so I donned my leather jacket and braved a skirt (without tights!!) for an inspiration filled day. I’m so thankful that the sun came out for our Ibiza-themed event. After all, it just wouldn’t have felt right if it had been raining!

My life has been quite the whirlwind lately. So much so that all sense of organisation has completely gone out of the window. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that Lily was also heading along to Blog At The Beach. It’s becoming quite the recurring theme for Lily and I to meet in cities far and wide. Whether it’s London for the Go Glam Gala blog event or Hamburg because we both coincidentally booked £2 flights for the same time, our blogger friendship has taken us on some little adventures.

Ice lolly blog at the beach event

The Blog At The Beach event was held in Lambert’s Yard, a sweet event space in the centre of Leeds. I was a huge fan of the interior design. The light and airy space made it the perfect spot for a room full of snap-happy bloggers.

After some welcoming sangria, or a fresh OJ in my case, it was almost time to get started with the Blog At The Beach talks. Rhianna Olivia was first up to chat to us all about Instagram and how to beat that pesky algorithm. Instagram is a hot topic right now but not necessarily for the right reasons!

Almost every blogger and influencer I know is irked by the Instagram changes. As a result, it was a breath of fresh air to hear someone add a positive spin to the current Instagram conversations and tell us that we can boss it. Rhianna had some really good tips and I highly recommend you check out her post all about tips for growing your Instagram, which includes the greatest hashtag hack I’ve ever heard.

Rhianna’s talk gave me a thirst for success but all that knowledge also left me with a hunger for some food. Luckily, the Ice Lolly team were good to us so before the next talk started it was time to fill our tum’s with some tasty food, mingle and complete some Ibiza challenges!

Our next Blog At The Beach talk was led by Jen Lowthrop. Jen’s talk was all things energetic and got the whole room buzzing…and dancing! Jen touched on the fact that for a lot of bloggers life is incredibly chaotic. For most of us blogging is just one of many things we are juggling. With such levels of chaos, it’s easy to be struck by writer’s block. Jen gave a lighthearted talk to help inspire us and provide us with some fun creativity techniques. I loved Jen’s idea of writing in a journal every single day then reading it back for inspiration once it’s full. Her talk was a gentle reminder that sometimes you’ve just got to let go, go wild and try something new!

Last but not least, the lovely Jess from The Travelista hosted a talk all about monetizing your travel blog. This was suuuch an insightful talk. We live in a culture where talking about money is often considered taboo. It’s a topic that people would much rather avoid. There’s no surprise there’s so much confusion in the blogging world about how to monetize your blog when so few people are willing to talk money. This is the main reason why I loved Jess’ talk; she was refreshingly honest. In her talk she touched on things like affiliate links, blogger outreach websites and the importance of a media kit.

After a day filled with laughter and inspiration, I left Leeds with a heart brimming full of happiness and motivation! I always feel grateful whenever I look back over my blogging journey. For something that started out as a fun pastime, it’s grown to be a serious passion of mine. It’s provided me with wonderful opportunities and skills. Not to mention, blogging has brought even more wonderful people into my life and for that I am eternally happy.

The Blog At The Beach event with Ice Lolly was seriously inspiring. IceLolly are a holiday comparison site and are also a company at the front of driving creativity and inspiration, which if you ask me is pretty damn cool (excuse the pun!). It left me wanting to rush home to book another solo trip to explore some place new whilst also do nothing but blog to my heart’s content.

Here’s to hoping there are plenty more IceLolly events on the horizon and hopefully another spontaneous last-minute trip or two!


    1. Eek yes, it was sooo good! Fingers crossed you can make the next one. It sucks that our events are always so far away from one another!xx

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