Best Places to Eat in Liverpool City Centre

My love for food challenges my love for the outdoors. Whilst I may be an outdoorsy countryside girl at heart, there’s no denying that you’ll…


My love for food challenges my love for the outdoors. Whilst I may be an outdoorsy countryside girl at heart, there’s no denying that you’ll always find the best selection of food places in the city centre. Sure, the countryside is filled with quaint cafes and traditional pubs but there’s only so many pub classic steak pies a girl can eat before she starts craving something with a little bit more excitement to it.

best liverpool restaurant the florist

Despite always proclaiming that Manchester in my favourite city, I more often than not find myself heading to Liverpool. In fact, Liverpool is probably my most visited city in the last 4 years by a landslide. As my most visited city, I find Liverpool has grown on me on a lot lately. There’s always something going on. Whether it’s blog events, museums or just a day out shopping and eating brunch, you’ll never be short of things to do in Liverpool.

So, what is one of my favourite things to do in Liverpool? Eat food, of course! Whenever I’m visiting Liverpool, I am always beyond exciting for what food or coffee I’ll get to eat once I’m there.


Inside Liverpool ONE, you’ll find a whole world of eating places. From American to Italian to Mexican, French or Chinense… they’ve got even the fussiest of eaters covered. Living in a tiny town that lacks diversity in restaurants, I often find myself craving a barburrito. It’s normally my go-to quick meal when I’m at the Trafford Centre in Manchester but thanks to their being one in Liverpool ONE, it’s also an easy option for whilst exploring the city centre.

Another firm favourite would be Chaophraya. This thai restaurant is somewhere that I’d recommend for an evening meal before you begin the journey back home. The food is cooked to perfection and it’s relaxed atmosphere makes it the ideal way to unwind with a meal after a day of shopping.

If you’re looking for lunch, I’ve got to recommend Yard & Coop. This restaurant pride themselves on being the home of buttermilk fried chicken. Trust me when I say, they can wear that badge with pride. If I’m in the city centre and want something easy, reliable and tasty, Yard & Coop would be one of my go to restaurants.


A post talking about food spots in Liverpool wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Bold Street. Leaf on Bold Street is the first place I think of when I think of brunch in Liverpool. I’ve lost count of the number of times I sat in Leaf happily eating my way through a stack of pancakes whilst sipping on a mocha. Might I add, they do the tastiest mocha ever. It’s by far one of my favourite places for a quiet solo brunch.

If Instagram-worthy is your style, then Love Thy Neighbour should probably be number 1 of your list. I’m yet to visit but I’m forever feeling pangs of jealously whenever I see someone post an Insta shot of themselves stood in front of the ‘Avocado is Bae’ wall mural. With a focus on feel good food, healthy smoothies and unique cocktails, Love Thy Neighbour is by far one of Liverpool’s most instagrammable spots for brunch.

Moving on to the evening, Crust, for me, is a simple pizza joint that never disappoints. Alongside their extensive pizza menu, they also do a range of delicious lemonades. It’s the perfect social hang if you want to catch up with old friends.


What if you just don’t know what you want? You might want to start your day off with brunch, or maybe you want a midday break for food and a drink, or you want to end your day with some good grub before you head back home. Surely, there’s got to be one place that ticks all of those boxes? Luckily for you, there is. The Florist recently opened it’s Liverpool city centre doors and it’s been flourishing ever since (excuse the pun…). With a delicious brunch menu on weekends, followed by what can only be described as the heartiest and dreamiest roast dinner at lunch time to an evening meal full of botanical infused delights, The Florist will be a safe bet for food no matter what time of day.

No matter where you wind up visiting in Liverpool, you’re bound to find tasty food, heart-warming coffee and delicious cocktails! What’s your favourite Liverpool eatery?

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