Barry M Matte Me Up Lipstick Review

Rocking a matte lipstick is still one of my absolute favourite make-up looks. Word on the street is lip glosses are making a come-back this…


Matte Lipstick Matte Me Up Lip Kit Review Barry M

Rocking a matte lipstick is still one of my absolute favourite make-up looks. Word on the street is lip glosses are making a come-back this season but I’m staying loyal to the matte lip. Sticky, glossy lips just don’t do it for me. Matte lipstics on the other hand… The second I coat my lips with a brush of matte lipstick, I feel a million times better. In fact, this isn’t the first time I’ve talked about lipsticks and confidence. Thankfully, Barry M have rushed to my matte lip loving rescue with their new Matte Me Up lip kits.

As soon as I found out that Barry M were bringing out their matte lip kits, I just knew that I had to try them for myself. After trying a few other drugstore liquid lipsticks, I was more than excited to see how these worked out! They launched a few weeks ago so fingers crossed you’ve been lucky enough to get your mitts on one of these bad boys!

I picked up the Matte Lip Kit in shade ‘Runway’. I wanted something that I could wear in the daytime that was a little bit more pizzazz than a safe nude yet not as bold as a daring red. Voila, Runway was that perfect mid-point! This shade is a gorgeous mauve pink, meaning it looks gorgeous for both daytime and evening looks.


For me, the true judge of a good lipstick is how much food and drink it can withstand. Whilst I love wearing lipstick, I love stuffing my face even more…real talk. So it’s important that my lipstick can stand the test of time. Thankfully, the Matte Me Up lip kit gets a shining 10/10 for longevity. Seriously, I can apply it once in the day and it will see me through numerous cups of coffee, peppermint tea and water. That’s not even mentioning the large amount of food I scoff throughout the day. It’s ultra long-wearing, which makes me ultra happy. Yay for finding a matte lipstick that really does stay all day!


Not only am I raving about how great this lipstick is at staying put all day, it also manages to do so without feeling drying. More often than not, matte lipsticks can be very drying. They’ll leave my lips feeling cracked and dehydrated by the end of the day. That honestly is not the case with the Barry M Matte Me Up lip kit though. I think this could be partly down to it having quite a watery formula. When I first applied this lipstick I was concerned by how runny it was! But in matter of fact, I think the light consistency makes it sooo much easier to apply. There’s no having to drag the wand across your lips or re-dip the brush to touch up any uneven patches. It’s a dream to apply and you needn’t worry about it cracking or flaking as the day goes by.

The lip liner is also really creamy. I often find so many lip liners too harsh for my lips and will be instantly drying. This Barry M lip liner is effortless to apply and feels super nourishing too. My lips remain soft to touch and lovely and hydrated throughout the day!


One of my favourite things about the Matte Me Up lip kits (and Barry M in general!) is that they’re cruelty free. I’ll hold my hands up and admit that I’m not the best at keeping tabs on whether my make-up is cruelty free or not. But I really do want to try make more of a conscious effort to support those who don’t test on animals. I truly believe that there is no need to test on animals so if I can do my bit here and there to support cruelty-free brands then you sure as hell can bet I will!

Over all, I truly adored the Barry M Matte Me Up Lip kits. Runway is the perfect berry shade with amazing pigmentation, nourishing feel and worry-free longevity. I’ll most likely be popping back to my local Superdrug to pick up even more of these fabulous matte lipsticks to add to my ever-growing collection.

Let me know what your favourite matte lipsticks are and tell me if there are any brands that I am seriously missing out on!


  1. I’ve been wanting to try these out for ages – I usually have bad experiences with liquid lipsticks being too drying for my lips but these sound amazing, I’ll have to check them out! Z

  2. I often avoid matte lipsticks because my lips are already soo dry and I don’t want them to crack :). But I am excited to hear the Barry M ones don’t do that. Next time I’m in the UK I need to pick one (or more) up! Also, the lip liner sounds fabulous!!

  3. I definitely need to try these!! Love it when drugstore products live up to the high end products ?? Being a matte lipstick kinda gal, this would be perfect for me, especially because I love the kind that aren’t drying!! I eat a lot too, even more of an excuse to find a lipstick that is long wearing ?? great post lovely!! Xxx

  4. It’s a lipstick I will have to try. I know Barry M is vegan and that makes my life easier (I avoid some animal derived ingredients, like cochineal) and I love matte lipsticks.

  5. I picked one up the other day and still yet to use it, waiting for the warmer weather to stop making my lips so chapped! I’m with you on the fact I’m not sure why sticky lipgloss is coming back!!

  6. Ooo these sound so good! The Kylie kits aren’t the best with lasting throughout food, so it’s great to hear we can get a cheaper and more accessible liquid lipstick. The colour looks lovely! And I love a creamy lip liner. Will definitely be checking them out when I’m next in Superdrug! I didn’t realise they were CF either! Fab post girly. Gweni xx

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