An ode to music and my love of vinyls

The subtle crackles of the LP spinning on the record player is something that I love. The monolithic perfection of digital music just doesn’t cut…

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The subtle crackles of the LP spinning on the record player is something that I love. The monolithic perfection of digital music just doesn’t cut it for me. Of course, I still have Spotify on my phone- after all, a record player isn’t exactly travel-friendly. But, having all my music crammed into my iPhone just isn’t the same as listening to a vinyl. The rawness of a vinyl enhances the beauty of the music. Plus, when I’m paying for music, I’d prefer to have something tangible, something that I can hold in my hands, collect and cherish.

The surface noises of LPs fills me with a feeling of warmth. Those slight imperfections are a gentle reminder of the true beauty of hearing music on a vinyl. It’s art that you experience with more than just your sense of hearing. Listening to records is multi-sensory. You don’t just hear the song. You also feel the weight, the ripples and the carefully crafted design of the vinyl. You witness the needle following the grooves of the vinyl, mesmerizingly spinning on the turntable. It’s cathartic.

Compared to many, my collection of 64 records is considered small. But, I don’t mind. My little collection started out as a handful of vinyls that used to belong to my parents. Some are treasures found in charity shops or little independent record stores. Others are more recent purchases from the internet or high-street music stores. Another was given to me by a band I worked with at a music festival. They all hold some kind of sentimental value. But, then again, I am a bit of a hoarder and get easily attached to inanimate objects.

The act of acquiring a new record (whether I buy it, find it or I’m gifted it) always fills me with a warm, happy, fuzzy feeling. I can’t wait to run home and listen to it immediately, probably looking like that lad off Submarine as he woefully lays on his bed, record player spinning and the sound of Alex Turner playing in background. Along with a strong cup of tea and burning candles, a good record is a vital ingredient for the perfect relaxing night.

Yet, I don’t buy vinyls all that often. There are so many out there that I want, but haven’t yet bought. Not for lack of funds. But more because, to me, a new LP is a treat. I feel that if I bought them every week, that warm feeling would slowly fizzle away. It’d become another mundane, routine task and that isn’t something that I want to happen. Maybe, it wouldn’t happen. But either way, I’m happy with my infrequent purchases that keep my love of vinyl young. I’m so happy that vinyls continue to exist in this digital-age that we live in.

“Music pours over the sense
and in a funny way
music sees more than I.
I mean it remember better”
Vinyl ode close up

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