5 Top Tricks To Build A Better Home Without Breaking The Bank

Every homeowner strives to improve their property and put their own stamp on the place. So, here are five simple tricks that will help you unlock the potential of your property without causing financial problems.


Every homeowner strives to improve their property. There’s just something about having that dream home and putting your stamp on the place. Sadly, the vast majority of people don’t have the funds needed to complete those dream home upgrades. Seriously, I am forever envious of those who can afford to renovate an entire house in just 6-months! So, finding budget-friendly solutions that improve the look of your home whilst also also aiding your long-term financial situation is vital.

It may sound like a daunting prospect, but it needn’t be as difficult you fear. Here are five simple tricks that will help you unlock the potential of your property without causing financial problems.

Make smarter material choices

It’s easy to fall in love with the aesthetic of a show home… I remember visiting a new build estate and dreamily floating around the show home imagining myself living there. In reality, though, living in a property is far different to showing off its interior design possibilities.

The key to building a pretty-yet-functional home is to seek a modern style while also considering energy efficiency and operational features. For this reason, a PVC wall covering can be a really popular option for updating your bathroom. Compared to tiles, PVC wall coverings provide far better insulation, are more waterproof, more durable and cheaper to install.

Likewise, investments such as thicker windows and better roof insulation may require an initial outlay. However, they will subsequently pay for themselves through reduced utility bills. And increased property value.

Attend to faulty items

We live in an era where adding the latest fancy gimmicks and tech features is deemed the norm. Still, learning to prioritise the small problems around your home will deliver better upgrades in a cost-effective way. So, before you decide to install a new fancy smart fridge, maybe consider working through that list of must-fixes and need-to-be-repaired items first.

This could mean upgrading your lights to LED bulbs, switching to water-saving appliances, or replacing faulty wiring. Some jobs require replacement, while others can be treated with a quick DIY fix courtesy of an online guide. Either way, persisting with faulty or outdated items won’t do.

Focus on storage and floor space

Most people dream of a bigger home. After all, you spend so much time there you don’t want to feel cramped or boxed in. Consequently, then, not utilising the available space to its full potential is the biggest mistake you could ever make. Finding hidden storage spaces can make a world of difference. Particularly when supported by a decluttering session.

Meanwhile, trading bulky display cabinets and TV stands for shelving and wall mounts is another wise decision. I’m currently toying with the idea of putting alcove shelves in our front room as a way to maximise the space in our home. It’ll open up more floor space and offer a neat storage solution. As a result, this will also make the room feel bigger and better in an instant. Small changes often have the biggest impact on the home design, and these cost-effective upgrades are great examples.

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Increase the home security

First and foremost, protecting your property will prevent intrusions and give you peace of mind. On a separate note, though, this step can actively reduce your insurance quotes. Not to mention the savings gained compared to replacing stolen goods.

There are many fantastic modern systems on the market, such as Evo security cameras, to give you 360° protection. For the sake of your finances, assets, and mental health, this is one of the best home upgrades of all. There’s never been a better time to make it.

I love knowing that if I’m ever out, I can always keep an eye on my home by simply opening an app on my phone. It offers great peace of mind. With so many affordable home security options out there, it’s a total no brainer as a way to upgrade your home.

Garden upgrades

If you are fortunate enough to boast a garden, you should make the most of it. Above all else, simple steps like planting flowers is an inexpensive way to transform the atmosphere. Even bigger jobs like creating a deck or adding a summer house are far more affordable than property extensions.

We recently started work upgrading our garden this summer. Although decking was out of our budget, we managed to find a compromise by laying decorative stone chippings instead. We’ve painted our fence panels a modern grey, put up solar panel fairy lights, and given some of the walls and windows a fresh lick of white paint. These simple changes have helped transform our tired garden into a welcoming and refreshing space to relax on summer days.

When used to its full potential, the garden can add a new dimension to the home. The fact it achieves this without breaking the bank is merely a bonus. Besides, it’s the perfect setting for gatherings with friends and family.

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