5 Tips for Sustainable Fashion

Looking to be more sustainble when you shop? Then read my 5 tips for sustainable fashion, including visiting a local clothes swap!


Clothes Swap

A Clothes Swap is a great way to refresh your wardrobe, whilst giving old clothes to a new home at the same time. You can look for clothes swaps being organised in your local community or you could organise a clothes swap with friends, perfect idea for a fun night in!

The idea of a clothes swap is that you bring some clothes that you no longer wear and get the chance to swap them for some new-to-you clothes.

I always enjoy going to clothes swaps and getting to rummage through all of the clothes (then carefully and neatly put them all back of course). The other week, I showed support to my local community by joining Burnley Social at a Clothes Swap they organised with Viva PR. The clothes swap was held at the local college campus, with clothes kindly donated by Boohoo.

Along with a clothes swap, Burnley Social also were lovely enough to serve some delicious breakfast platters and had local hairdressers, make-up artists and photographers at the event for a wonderful day of refreshing your wardrobe and being pampered.

Burnley Social Clothes Swap Breakfast

I always love seeing events based up North, especially in my home county of Lancashire. With so many events being held in big cities hundreds of miles away (I’m looking at you, London…) it can often make you feel like you’re out of the blogging loop and seriously missing out on the opportunities; all just because of your location. So, to have such a well-hosted event going on just a short trip down the motorway was lovely!

Burnley Social and Viva PR used the event to highlight the importance of ethical fashion and shopping sustainably, you can find out what I had to say on the topic over here:

Don’t Buy Into Fast Fashion

It can be so easy to fall into the trap of wanted the latest trends of the season. Especially now that social media is overflowing with fashion influencers flaunting the hottest new clothes.

Every day there’s a new haul appearing on YouTube and as you refresh Instagram you’ll see an influx of Influencers stood nonchalantly in the middle of a busy city road wearing the cutest new midaxi skirt, effortless tee and perfectly curled hair. As a result, it can be hard not to go running to the shops to spend your rent money on clothes.

But the truth is, in 3-4 months time those clothes will be old news. There’ll be a new trend in town and that Midaxi skirt that you just couldn’t live without will find itself scrunched up at the back of your wadrobe, never to be worn again.

By avoiding the trap of fast-fashion, you can save yourself some pennies whilst also being more sustainable.

Avoiding fast fashion doesn’t mean avoiding shopping altogether. It simply means, shopping smarter. I recently got this gorgeous pink cable knit jumper from NA-KD fashion. I knew the classic chunky knit jumper would be perfect for winters to come whilst that deep pink colour livened up what otherwise would be a very plain jumper.

Build a Capsule Wardrobe

Admittedly, building a capsule wardrobe is something I’m still yet to do. I would absolutely love to have a capsule wardrobe that consists of a minimal number of clothes yet offers a world of outfit options.

Unless you’re lucky enough to be able to bin your existing wardrobe and refresh it all at once, building a capsule wardrobe is best done over time. By filling your wardrobe with easily interchangeable garments, you’ll find yourself never stuck for something to wear.

One thing that holds me back from building my own capsule wardrobe is feeling like I have a lack of style – I’m not sure what works well for me and so, I struggle finding the right outfit to wear. But, I’m determined to slowly build a capsule wardrobe starting with key pieces that I know suit me. Then once I’m confident in my style, I can transition to a full capsule wardrobe.

Re-Wear Outfits

I am a major outfit repeater. And I’m proud to be. There’s nothing wrong with repeating outfits. In fact, it makes even less sense to wear something once then never wear it again. I mean, even the Queen repeats outfits!

Viking Direct Craft Blog Event Manchester Hotel View

If you like something, then wear it to death. I’ve got a pair of leggings that I’ve owned since I was 12 and I love them as much now as I did 13 years ago when I first bought them. In fact, they’re probably one of my most frequently worn pieces. There’s also my favourite black (or rather, now faded grey) Joni Jeans or my go-to yellow jumper and cosy grey leggings that I wear almost weekly. There’s no shame in outfit repeating.

Similarly, if you want to get the most wears out of your clothes then buying higher quality clothes can really help. It may cost a little bit more at first but it’ll soon work out cheaper than having to re-buy the cheaper, lower-quality alternative. Plus, if you can shop smarter and buy something that is higher quality and locally made, you’ll also make sure you’re not supporting Sweatshops or unethical clothing brands.

Although, I will admit, being a size 4-6, I do struggle to find brands that stock my size and use ethical manufacturing practices. in 2019, I vow to try to shop more sustainably and support UK-made brands.

Donate Old Clothes to Charity

When it comes to Charity, I’m normally quite conscious of where my money goes. I want to make sure that I am supporting the greater good and not just stuffing the pockets of a CEO.

Donating clothes to a charity shop is a great way to support a Charity and help someone else pick up a bargain and refresh their wardrobe. I always try to support smaller, local charity over large scale charity operations as you’re often more likely to see the impact of the charity. Donating clothes that otherwise would end up in the bin or gathering dust in your closet is an easy way to show your support.

So that’s it. Five simple ways that you can be more sustainable when it comes to fashion and shopping!

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