5 Skills You Learn From Blogging

Like so many millenials, being a digital nomad has long been a dream of mine. To have the freedom to work from wherever I want,…


Like so many millenials, being a digital nomad has long been a dream of mine. To have the freedom to work from wherever I want, not shackled to a desk or a structured 9-5 is something that I lust for. A mobile life rich in adventure sounds far more fulfilling than ticking off the stable job, house and family boxes that society trains you for your whole life.

As someone who’s more of a do-er than a dreamer, how does one become a digital nomad and can blogging help me get there?

Whilst on my quest to support my lifestyle from the comfort of…well, from wherever I fancy calling home that day, I got thinking about all of the ways blogging can help you build skills to support you on the road to everywhere. The blogging community has had a lot of backlash lately, especially in the world of business. Our skills, abilities and power is undermined. Sadly, the influence of bloggers isn’t always taken seriously and neither is the amount of hard work, time and commitment that goes into each and every piece of content we curate.

Take this post as a sweet reminder of some of the ways blogging can be positive for your career and your life.


Naturally, blogging will enhance your writing skills. Writing is a skill that’s useful for so many professions – be that journalism, copywriting, PR outreach, or even just knowing how to formulate emails in the right manner. The more you write, the better you’ll be. I also find reading other posts and engaging in reading more written content reflects well on my own writing style. So immerse yourself in the written world so you can enhance your writing.

Through blogging you’ll refine your grammar and develop your sentencing. But more importantly, you’ll learn to write creatively, to express your feelings and to inspire others with your words. Those skills can then be applied to so many other writing jobs or simply any job that involves aspects of writing.


Having your own domain and hosting will work wonders for your blog. If you want to make your blog your main source of income, getting your own domain is one of the steps that can help you build opportunities and credibility. It will also help you to strengthen your brand.

Don’t worry if you aren’t a whizz with coding, web design or web development just yet, there are so many companies out there that can help. Web design teams like Silky Ocean Studios can take some of the stress away by helping you manage your website for a monthly fee.

You can also personalise the brand of your blog through one of the many lovely blog themes created by Pipdig.

With that said, I strongly urge that you still try to pick-up and develop some web design and development skills. Simple coding skills can go a long way, as can learning how to migrate websites, install WordPress themes and manage your hosting. If you fancy trying your hand at learning coding, there are so many online resources to at your disposal including W3schools.

3. SEO

When blogging, chances are you’re going to want to get your posts out there. You’ll want to promote your posts to the high heavens and reach as many people as possible. There’s many ways that can be done but above all else, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the most important aspect. Essentially, you want your content to be search engine friendly. If you’re clued up on SEO, you’ll have a far better chance of helping your blog become a success and it really isn’t as daunting as it may seem.

Building natural, relevant back-links to your site is one way to enhance the SEO of your site.  Another important element is to pay attention to the meta-content of your blog.

A smooth-running, mobile-responsive and fast-loading site will also work wonders for SEO. Brushing up on your SEO skills can allow you to use those skills to help other brands to improve their website, meaning you’ll be one step closer to that dream digital nomad life.


The world of blogging extends so much further than just writing a blog. Social media plays a huge role in the blogosphere. It’s become more than just being a space where you quickly share a snap of your morning brew or type a fast 5 second status sharing how you feel. Social media has become a space to inspire and engage with other people in as few words or as visually as possible. Today, social media has more power and influence than ever before.

Building a strong social media following opens up so many doors to success. But, although many people may try (*cough* bot drama *cough*), it’s something that should never be faked. If you have scheduling promotional content tweets, engaging your social media followers and sharing captivating Instagram posts down to a T, then  social media marketing could be the job for you. Blogging teaches you how to build those valuable social media skills that are ever-so desirable in today’s digital world. So if you’ve got social media covered and can show that your social media provides results, why not go freelance by offering those social media management skills to help others?


Being able to curate beautiful words is great but photographs really do speak volumes. Sometimes, photographs can tell us so much more than words often cannot. Yet other times, they simply capture the attention of our audience, drawing them in until our words then urge our readers to keep on reading. Photography is something that I personally want to work on. So many bloggers out there produce breathtaking photos to support their blog posts. Reading is a visual experience so make sure you tick all the right boxes and have the perfect photos to accompany your posts. Photography can benefit you in many ways – using them to build the aesthetic Instagram, boosting your social media influence, improving the quality of your posts or even selling your photography to brands, stock image sites or offering photography services to brands and individuals.

I’ve seen a rise in bloggers extending their photography skills to others in the community – offering their services to organise shoots for other bloggers, helping them capture that perfect outfit shot for their next post or Instagram.

The truth is, blogging can help you develop and enhance a treasure trove of skills. You simply just need to see where blogging could take you and then work hard to get there. I know that in 2018, I’m going to be working harder than ever on my blog to push my abilities, further my skills and see where it can take me. Hopefully, one day blogging could help take me to the dream destination of being able to quit the 9-5 and jump into the digital nomad life. Where could blogging take you?


  1. I’ve learnt so much about things like designing a website, html and SEO since I’ve had my blog. I can’t even begin to imagine how much I’ve learnt and how much I probably still am to learn. I love how blogging can give you so many opportunities to learn and develop new skills x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

    1. Ah that makes me so happy! I totally agree that there’s so much left to learn as well. It’s honestly incredible when you think about all the skills you learn whilst blogging…who knew doing something you love could be so educational?!x

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