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Moving on from LA with a heavy heart, it was time to explore Las Vegas! We had 5 days to kill and wanted to make it as jam-packed as possible. I’ll admit that Vegas isn’t really my kind of place. Having said that, you’re never short of something to do and will always find a way to have fun in Sin City!

They say that New York is the city that never sleeps. Now, I’ve never been to NYC, but I’m pretty sure Vegas could steal that title. The strip was constantly bustling, with so much to do and see with every step you take.

On our first night in Las Vegas, we met up with a friend who was in Vegas for a Poker tournament with her fiance. Us girls decided to walk along the strip, popping in and out of the hotels along the way to keep cool. Normally, I’m a girl with a hatred for air con but in Vegas’ 42 degree dry heat, I was definitely thankful for it! If you’re a lover of shopping then you’ll adore the hotels in Vegas. We also spent a day at the Outlet mall, where I treated myself to some Kate Spade goodies. But you can read all about my USA shopping in this post later.

heart attack grill neon sign fremont st las vegas

If you’re heading to Las Vegas, make sure you head to Fremont Street for a night! We actually spent two nights in Fremont Street. It’s a neon-light haven, seriously! There’s even a light show on the ceiling of the Fremont Street corridor, complete with classic hits such as Bon Jovi and The Who. There’s live entertainment every night. We had the pleasure of hearing the background noise of an 80s and metal cover band one night and another night our Fremont Street Experience was set to the sound of a DJ. There’s always a huge array of entertainment with a mix of music to (hopefully!) suit everyone.

I 10000% recommend heading to the Heart Attack Grill for food. Whilst it has some questionable marketing, the delicious food and hilarious entertainment definitely makes up for it. If you don’t know about Heart Attack Grill, let me just quickly get you up to speed. It’s a burger joint famous for outrageously allowing anyone who weighs over 350-pounds to eat for free! The restaurant has a medical theme running throughout and a simplistic burger-filled menu. During your fine dining at Heart Attack Grill, you’ll be expected to wear a medical gown at all times. Spirits will be served in pill bottles and wine comes by the IV bag. You can stack your burger up high and order the Octuple Bypass burger (that’s a burger with 8 beef patties on it with all the dressings, chilli and 40 slices of bacon)! Oh and if you don’t finish your meal, expect to get a public-spanking! It’s an entertaining place, that’s for sure. The burgers are also delicious. We all agreed that it was the best burger we ever tasted. Though, our opinions may be bias due to the fear of getting spanked by Lola the midget!

Whilst on the topic of Fremont Street, on our last night in Las Vegas we headed back to Fremont Street to do the 40ft high Zoomline zip wire. It was amazing to get a birds eye view of the street. I actually found that the zip wire went a little bit slow for my liking. But that may have something to do with it being windy and me being under the recommended weight *shrugs*. Either way, the daredevil inside of me wanted it to be higher and faster!

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Seeing as I’m apparently such a thrill seeker, I also spent a day at the shooting range. Our package at the Gun Garage included the M4, MP5 and Uzi for $90. Shooting guns was kind of fun but we also had to wait over 90 minutes because there were a large group of lads in the range before us. Because they kept buying more rounds, the staff were happy to keep making us wait longer and longer for our turn without any explanation. Anyway, it was eventually our turn and we all had so much fun shooting guns. Though, I won’t be rushing off to join the army anytime soon. Turns out I have really bad aim. Plus, I’m awful at following directions. Guess who decided to shoot the gun before being told it was safe to do so? That’s right, me. It’s safe to say that I got shouted at for that. Yeah, shooting guns was fun and it’s another cool thing to tick off the bucket list. But, I think I’ll stick to water pistols or something until I learn to work on my aim.

sprinkles cupcake atm las vegas

A trip to Las Vegas meant I absolutely had to make a visit to a Cupcake ATM. Like seriously, best invention ever. Sprinkles are well-known for their Cupcake ATMs because honestly, what’s more excited than putting your bank card in a hole in the wall and be repaid with cake?

If you’re in Vegas then it’s an absolute given that you’ll end up visiting one of the shows. You’d be insane not to! We watched the Beatles LOVE Cirque du Soleil. It was an incredible, immersive, interactive experience. I don’t want to give too much away but it was absolutely amazing. The acrobatic skills were breathtaking. In fact, the entire show left me in awe, as the music got me singing along and the acting had me smiling from ear to ear. For me, Love was also a tiny bit emotional. In May, I sadly lost a friend in a car accident. Sitting on the 2nd row of the Beatles show filled me with memories and promises with an old friend. I know it was an experience he would have absolutely loved.

Parisian Las Vegas Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Las Vegas may not have been my cup of tea but that’s not to say it won’t be yours. Plus for someone who keeps saying Vegas wasn’t my kind of place, there’s no denying that I had fun.Maybe I’m just in denial and secretly loved Vegas?! I managed to tick so many things off my bucket list, created amazing memories and laughed a lot. I probably wouldn’t jump at the chance to go back to Vegas and there are so many other places in America that I’d like to visit instead. Yet with that said, if there was an event going on in Vegas that tickled my fancy, I’d most certainly be tempted to book a plan ticket out there again!


  • 3rd September 2016

    omg 42 degrees, that's insane! I'm not usually a fan of air con either but I certainly wouldn't mind it in that heat haha!
    OMG the infamous sprinkles cupcake ATM's haha, so jealous!
    Seems like you did manage to pack a lot into your 5 days! I don't think Vegas would be my kind of thing with regards to the party side of things and all the adrenaline haha but I sure wouldn't turn down the oportunity to have a quick visit! xxx

  • 9th September 2016

    This post gave me all the wanderlust feels. Vegas isn't somewhere that's top of my to travel list but I would definitely go just to say I've done it. But oh my God. That burger. I had to double take where it said 40 slices of bacon. Like I didn't even know that was physically possible in one sitting. Hahaha. Sounds like you had an awesome time tho. Super jelly.

    A xo

  • 9th September 2016

    This post gave me all the wanderlust feels. Vegas isn't somewhere that's top of my to travel list but I would definitely go just to say I've done it. But oh my God. That burger. I had to double take where it said 40 slices of bacon. Like I didn't even know that was physically possible in one sitting. Hahaha. Sounds like you had an awesome time tho. Super jelly.

    A xo

  • 23rd September 2016

    I love vegas so much!!! I neeeeeeed to go back! The heat was crazy when i went too! X

  • 24th April 2017

    This is on my bucket list, I would love love to go! Cupcake ATM though, my waist line is quite happy these aren’t around here!! x

    Tamz |


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