Sometimes, life gets a little bit hectic and in those moments of chaos it can be easy to forget even the most important of occasions. When you feel like your to-do list is getting out of hand, you can rely on Bakerdays help to keep those special occasions special with a letterbox cake.

Bakerdays kindly gifted this cake to me in return for a feature in a blog post.

Between starting a new job, renovating my house and trying to juggle 101 other things, being able to pop online to design and order a birthday cake in a matter of minutes is a blessing in disguise.

The best part? You can even order cake that will be posted through your (or the special person your gifting the cake to) letterbox! This cuts out the stress of having to make sure you’re home to collect your parcel, trusting your neighbour to take your parcel in (and not eat it…) or having to collect it from the nearest depot.


Much like eating a cake, the best way to tackle your to-do list is to break it down into bite-size pieces.

It sounds simple, I know. But despite how simple it sounds, it’s a tactic that we all can so easily overlook when we’re in the thick of it. So whenever I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed by my to-do list, I take a step back, breath and then re-look at my to-do list and how I can make it more manageable.

How do you make your to-do list more manageable?

Simply, take each item and break it down into smaller chunks. Then, tell yourself tat you will only work on one task at a time. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by hopping from task to task. Just focus on one task. By doing this, you will slowly and surely start ticking tasks off that daunting to-do list.

This is a tactic that I apply to my personal life admin and my to-do lists at work. I find that when I am juggling hundreds of tasks at once, this is by far the best way to work through them.


With changing job recently, all of my personal life admin fell by the wayside. My diary was empty, my days blurred into one and I’d completely lost track of making plans with friends or even replying to text messages.

Letterbox Cake from Bakerdays Birthday Presents - Grandiose Days

As a result, when buying Callum’s birthday presents, I’d left it until the last minute. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for online shopping, fast delivery and accidentally signing up for Amazon Prime to make sure all of his birthday presents arrived in good time.

Thankfully, I had already sorted out his surprise birthday cake with Bakerdays which meant I had one less thing to worry about.

How can Bakerdays help keep occasions special during busy times?

The ease of ordering a letterbox cake online really does help take the stress out of special occasions when you’re feeling overwhelmed by your ever-growing to-do list. It allows you to order a thoughtful and personalised cake for your loved one in a matter of minutes.

All you have to do is go online, choose a design, add a message, choose your cake flavour and size then check-out. And voila, in just a matter of minutes, you’ve ordered a thoughtful cake and ticked something off your to-do list.

Naturally, I instantly searched for the cutest possible dog design. However, they have hundreds of designs to choose from, whether you’re shopping my recipient, occasion, age or a theme. You can even upload your own photo or design to make the cake extra special.

Although I am a chocolate fiend, I opted for the traditional vanilla sponge cake and I’m glad I did. It was deliciously fluffy and moist – even when we waited 4 days before we cut into it.

Letterbox Cake from Bakerdays Birthday Presents - Grandiose Days

The letterbox cake is rather small, which you’d expect considering that it has to fit through a letterbox. But, it also means that the slices are bitesize (just like your to do list should be!) making them perfect for pairing with a cup of tea. You can easily get 8 slices out of this 5 inch cake.

The only thing I would say is that it is quite pricey considering the size. So, it’s probably something that I would save for sending to people as a ‘surprise’ gift if you don’t live close to them or for those occasions when you really are too busy and need that extra helping hand.

But, if you really are drowning in your to-do list and looking for a simple way to show someone you care, then a letterbox cake may be just what you need.

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