As a kid, you have your whole life figured out. You’re going to be wildly rich by the age of 23, married and living in a mansion by the age of 25 and working your dream job all before the age of 30.

Giffgaff game plan event jewellerymaking

Sound familiar? Growing up, we all had some sort of game plan for the future. I was never a kid to dream about getting married, even back then I didn’t go gooey-eyed over wedding dresses or drool over diamond rings.

In fact, I think my game plan consisted of seeing the world, working a cool job and having a house filled with animals (…should have known then that I’d grow up to be a crazy dog lady!).

But for so many of us, life plays out a little differently to how our 7 year old selves envisioned it might.

As we grow up, priorities, aspirations and situations change. Our experiences shape us and as a result our game plan changes too. No matter what your current game plan is, I truly believe that nobody really has their shit together. We’re all just fiercely tapping questions into Google and hoping it has the answer to all our problems in life.


Thankfully, GiffGaff are rolling out a new Game Plan service, where they are committed to helping you figure things out.

Last month I headed to the exquisite Principal in Manchester for the GiffGaff Plan Smart event. Admittedly, when attending an event for GiffGaff, I thought it’d be all about the latest sim cards and mobile phone deals. How wrong I was.

The event couldn’t have been more fitting to me and my current goings-on in life. The event kicked off with a chat all about the GiffGaff Game Plan service.

The aim of Game Plan is to help you manage your personal finance and reach your goals in life. Honestly, it’s a service that would have been perfect when I was in the process of buying my house last year.

Once it’s fully launched, Game Plan will be offering a range of comparison services to help you choose the right credit card, energy supplier, personal loan or car insurance.


GiffGaff Game Plan will also offer a range of learning services to help you make sense of all those ever so important life matters that you never learn in school. In the Goal Hub, you’ll be able to keep track of your current spending and progress and they’ll also help you control your progression by offering help with smart budgeting.

It seems that Game Plan will be full of innovative features to allow you to reachย (and smash) your goals whether that’s buying a house, getting a car, renovating the kitchen or something else entirely.

After all that learning, it’s no surprise that I was feeling peckish. The Colab team always pull out all the stops when it comes to brand events and just like the Viking ArtyParty, the food at the Plan Smart event went above and beyond my expectations.

What could a girl want after lots of tasty food? Even more food, of course!


The next part of my day was all about cooking on a budget. I’m a girl who loves to cook and equally loves to save pennies where I can so a quick masterclass on budget-cooking was perfect for me. We watched in awe as the chef whipped up a delicious and fresh vegan tagine with cous cous.

Despite having never had tagine before, I think it may have jumped onto my list of favourite foods. I’m sold on anything that mixes sweet and savoury so tagine is the perfect dish for me.


The chef also kindly gave us some ready-prepped ingredients to take home and cook up our own meal. This made an ideal easy, tasty and healthy evening meal on the Sunday night before heading to Yorkshire the following morning.


Whilst at the event, we also got to try out hand at something crafty with a bit of jewellery-making.

We were shown how to upcycle old t-shirts to make sweet-looking fabric necklaces. Although I probably won’t be seen wearing the necklace that I’d made, it was really lovely to see that old things can be given a new lease of life with a little bit of creativity.

The final stage of the event was a clothes swap! Thanks to being an awkard size 4, I’ve never had the pleasure of participating in a clothes swap but I’ve always loved the idea of them.


Getting the chance to swap your unwanted clothes for a fresh new piece alway seemed pretty fun. Being a size 4 means I have a lot of unworn, tagged clothes in need of new homes so I donated a pair of FatFace jeans.

It was lovely to see everyone get involved and bring something along – I was eying up a gorgeous Mango coat but sadly, by the rules of the clothes swap, it wasn’t in my category! To be fair, that’s probably a good thing as I already own quite a few coats.

All in all, I had a fun, thrifty day at the Plan Smart event and I’m excited to see what’s in store for GiffGaff Game Plan. There’s no doubt, I’ll be making use of its services as I fumble my way through life as a homeowner.

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