Christmas isn’t something that I ever find easy. This year, filled with determination, I tried getting into the festive spirit. I adorned my house (and myself) in festive accessories, grabbed a Fentimans rose lemonade and promised myself that this year Christmas would be both enjoyable and minimal.

Christmas hasn’t always been a magical time of year for me and because of that, it’s a time of year that I often find tricky. It takes a toll on my emotions and leaves me feeling not quite as small and mighty as I like to think I am.

I kickstarted the festive period with my one year old Christmas tradition of chopping down my own Christmas tree. My friend and I made our way up to the woods (aka I terrified him with my questionable back road driving skills), found the cutest, dumpiest trees we could and proudly carried them back to the car.

Slowly throughout December, I added more and more festive touches to my house. Three days before Christmas, I excited hammered a nail in the front door to proudly hang my first ever wreath. My tree went from naked to finally being fully decorated on Christmas Eve. The scented candles were burning away as the log burner crackled in an attempt to warm my ice-cold home.

This Christmas Day, I was super thankful for two of my friends who reached out to me to check in and invite me into their homes for Christmas. My day went from a meal with the family to driving home feeling deflated and defeated to being welcomed into a friend’s house for a night of Italian bingo and heartwarming laughter. Honestly, that simple gesture meant so much and I couldn’t be happier to have such wonderful friends in my life.

I’m already dreaming of spending next Christmas in a lodge in the middle of nowhere, just me, my dogs and the great outdoors. That’s the kind of minimal Christmas I’m looking for.

Until then, I’ll be keeping my festive spirits high by cosying up in front of the fire with all the fairy lights, candles and a cold glass of Fentimans rose lemonade. As I don’t drink alcohol, making sure my fridge is fully stocked with tasty botanical soft drinks by Fentimans is a necessity.

It also means I always have mixers to hand if any guests want an alcoholic beverage…though they may need to get creative with the cocktail flavour as I can only offer tequila or amaretto to go with their mixer.

Last year I took my festive soft drinks up a notch by making festive mocktails. This year however, staying in keeping with my minimal Christmas theme, I simply added a dash of raspberry syrup to my usual choice of a Fentimans rose lemonade. It’s the kind of drink that I can just curl up with and immediately feel nostalgic, relaxed and refreshed.

Here’s to hoping everyone has had a lovely festive period and spirits are high for the new year ahead!


  • 28th December 2017

    your christmas sounds wonderful! (and i can’t believe i forgot to buy fentimans rose lemonade this christmas! will have to get it for new years, haha!) xx


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