People say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well I say they’re wrong. Brunch is the most important. Brunch is good for the soul (and the stomach). Whether it’s enjoyed with friends, a partner or alone, there’s something deeply satisfying about brunch.

In recent years, brunch has seen quite a spike in social popularity. It’s become more than the hungover girl’s excuse for eating breakfast at 1pm. Now, brunch is a necessary social activity. Breakfast dates and brunch catch-ups are the done thing. Yet for me, the beauty of brunch lies within brunching alone.

Sitting with my fingers loosely entwined around a mug of hot fresh coffee, soaking up all of its warmth, I instantly feel calm. The gentle buzz of people swapping stories and the distant scraping of cutlery against plates creates a cozy atmosphere.


As I settle down to eat brunch, I’m surrounded by tables of people going about their own lives. Whether that’s a couple of girls enjoying a long overdue catch up, a group of lads nursing their hangover with food or a couple stealing a moment of ‘us-time’ over a stack of pancakes. There’s just something I find calming about the background noise of coffee shops and brunch spots.

It’s one of the things I love about brunch. You’re surrounded by a sea of strangers who all have their own story. You can observe from a distance and catch glimpses of their character but you’ll never really know what their story is. So instead you go back to your own stack of pancakes. Even when enjoying brunch with friends, I still love that background chatter.

I’m no stranger to solo brunch dates. In fact, they’ve kind of become a bit of a tradition. When visiting Brussels last year, I loved starting the day with a solo breakfast. Eating alone in public is general frowned upon. Nobody wants to be that loser eating alone. But seriously, nobody really cares. No ones event going to bat an eyelid that you’ve got a table for one. Embrace it. Make the most of having this time alone. Read a book. Write in a notepad (my usual solo brunch activity in case you were wondering…you probably weren’t, were you?), scroll through social media, take photos of your artsy coffee. Do whatever you want to do. After all, you’re brunching alone so you can be selfish and do as you please.


Whether you choose to eat brunch at a cute cafe in town or you dish it up yourself at home, there’s no denying that it’s the meal of gods. Brunch is underrated. It’s the opportunity to celebrate the wonders of breakfast, lunch AND dessert all rolled into one. So why the hell don’t we class this as one of the necessary meals a day? Sure, you’ve got breakfast, lunch and tea (or dinner if you’re not northern). But what about brunch?

Brunch is glorious. You can eat pancakes drowning in syrup and topped with bacon and eggs with no judgement. If savoury is more your thing then cook up some poached eggs or a classic full English breakfast. Whatever you have, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be appreciating breakfast to full capacity, instead of groggily eating a slightly-burnt piece of toast as you run out the door.

There’s no denying that brunch is good for the soul. It’s an act of self-care and it’s one that needs even more recognition than it already gets.

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