Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Ninja? Well, thanks to Total Ninja UK in Manchester, you don’t have to wonder anymore! You can put your ninja skills to the test and that’s exactly what I did when they launched in April.

Total Ninja UK Manchester Ninja Park

Granted this post is a little late compared to my first trip to Total Ninja UK, but with summer now in full swing I thought it was the perfect time to talk all about a fun filled day being a ninja! Total Ninja UK is the world’s largest ninja training park and luckily for me, it’s a short drive away in Manchester. That gives me even more reason to hurry up and pass my driving test. Not only is Total Ninja UK the largest ninja training park, it’s also a UK first so that’s pretty damn exciting if you ask me.

Total Ninja UK Manchester Ninja Park

Total Ninja UK will seriously put your fitness skills to the test. No matter what age or ability you’re at, there’s bound to be something for everyone at Total Ninja. With 11 ninja runs ranging from small runs for the little tykes to the largest of runs that resemble something from Ninja Warrior, it’s a day filled with ninja-goodness.

As a girl who loves all things fitness, I was ridiculously excited to head to Total Ninja UK. I love throwing myself in at the deep end and trying new things so a day at the ninja park was the perfect day out for me. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was nervous when I first saw the larger ninja runs. My stomach was filled with butterflies as I eagerly stared at the almost-impossible looking obstacles before me.

Total Ninja UK Manchester Ninja Park

Naturally, we started with the hardest run first, then worked our way backwards to the smaller ‘kids’ ninja park. From rotating logs to a sea of doors and a warped wall, there’s a whole range of obstacles to put your ninja skills to the test. The smaller ninja park is also amazing good fun.

I sucked at it. But that didn’t matter because I had fun regardless of how amazing I was at being a ninja. So I seriously urge anyone to book a trip to Total Ninja UK, whether you’re a dedicated athlete or a happy coach potato! Total Ninja UK is the kind of place that makes you jump out of your comfort zone, push your limits and just let loose and have fun.


If you want a little more of a snapshot into a day at the Total Ninja park, then go ahead and check out my vlog. You can laugh at my fallings and failings. Let me know if you’re thinking of paying a visit to Total Ninja UK!


  • 4th August 2017

    OMG. This place looks like so much fun!

  • 8th August 2017

    Oh wow! This looks like so much fun! I didnt even know such a place existed!


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